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05/17/2005 Entry: "Day 3: IBM zBLC in Montpellier"

Ah... things finally started today. It's pretty neat to see how small of a community the zBLC is. Most customers have been in it for a while so it feels like everyone knows one another. This has been a very rare experience where customer feedback is not only solicited, but expected. I've been rather quiet since a lot of the times I don't know what they are talking about. However, I've had some interesting conversations with people who haven't really understood what I'm talking about. (I have a hard time understanding why IBM executives don't know what ITIL is!)

I finally got internet access at the council. It's working at the hotel now too, but 10 Euros for 2 hours seems a bit spendy. I might catchup before I leave or at the amsterdam airport so I can be all caught up before I get home. I was really nice being offline, but I felt very disconnected from the world. Tomorrow morning I might just surf and figure out what's going on in places.

Had some more OK food. Nothing has been really outstanding yet. The Coke Light tastes a lot like the new dietCoke with Splenda. I bought horrible mineral water for the room. Bleh.

Lots of people where heading to an Irish bar after dinner but I'm pretty tired. It's almost 11.30 here... we didn't finish dinner until about 10.45 or so.

That's it pretty much. I wish that I could write more about what I'm hearing about, but I'm under NDA so I can't really share too much. I've probably shared too much with people back in the office already.

Bonne Nuit.

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