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05/16/2005 Entry: "Day 2: IBM zBLC in Montpellier"

Last night was a blur. I checked into the hotel and bumped into one of my travelling companions immediately. WiFi in the hotel didn't work. Oh well. I'm kind of bummed about it, but hopefully IBM will provide or the weekday staff at the hotel will know what to do.

We walked all around looking for a place to eat and settled in on something rather blah. The dessert was yummy though, and the wine was good.

I slept from Midnight until 1pm! 13 hours of sleep! I woke up just before the front desk called to see if I wanted my room cleaned up. I headed out and wandered around town and oddly enough bumped into my companions who were heading back to see if I was alive. Scored some food from a bar (again, yummy). And we went over to the citadel and aquaduct. We kept walking around for a while.

Went out and had some drinks late in the afternoon and then we out for dinner. We had this very thinly sliced steak dripping in olive oil, butter, and garlic with some of the best fries I've ever had. The house bourdoux was outstanding. LOTS of IBMers and customers starting showing up.

The city is a weird mix of new modern buildings and what you would expect in europe. I'm surprised at how dirty the city is. Everything in the US (even New York) seems to be faily clean. Lots of trash lying around and graffiti everywhere. Prices are a bit higher and then do the euro to dollar conversion. So my dessert for 5 euros seemed pricey, but my water and bread earlier did not.

It's late, no internet, lord knows what's going on the in the world and I actually have stuff to do tomorrow. Besides, I've been up for like 9 hours, it's time to go to bed!

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