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04/16/2005 Entry: "More memories of First Avenue"

Jon Bream wrote an article recently called 35 years of music and memories at First Ave. I was fortunately enough to be at two of his most memorable shows: The first Garbage live performance ever (at the Entry), and the Hovercraft/Foo Fighters/Mike Watt show (where Eddie Vedder played with all three bands and Foo Fighter were just Dave Grohl's new band). I have some other interesting memories:

Public Enemy (8/4/90) Two shows that night. The 21+ show was very late and the stage couldn't handle Professor Griff's marching... all that bouncing caused the turntables to skip

Happy Mondays (4/8/91) Had to leave. They were drunk and coked out.

Daniel Ash (3/22/93) Fell asleep sitting on the floor of the balcony while Daniel just made noise with his guitar at 1am.

Jim Rose Circus Side Show (10/20/93) The first time you see Jim Rose is always the best... and plus Ethyl Meatplow opened!

Lords of Acid (2/28/95) Mark and I stumbled into a scene we no idea existed. What was this? All I know is that by the time we saw them in July the scene was gone. Oh well.

Oasis (3/24/95) Quite possibly at their prime. And Liam walk past us after the show going up to the men's room.

Moby (6/5/95) Right before Moby sold out the techno world to create music for commercials. And it was the hottest I've even seen it in First Ave.

Radiohead (4/3/96) That experience was like seeing Bruce for the first time. I knew that I'd always be fan and want to see them.

Chemical Brothers (4/28/97) I couldn't believe that I was actually going to see them in Minneapolis. I don't care if it was all on DAT, it was amazing!

The Orb (7/16/97) I couldn't believe that I was actually going to see them in Minneapolis. I don't care if it was all on DAT, it was amazing! (yes, same thought!)

Pizzicato Five (9/12/97) Really? I've seen them? I have no memories. But wow! Pizzicato Five!

Garbage (5/10/02) Alex was a little tiny embryo inside Angie, but at least she got to First Ave at an early age. Later that year, she got to see Cher. Fair enough!

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4/3/96 Radiohead remains to this day my favorite show. I was a mild fan of the band until that show. The aural experience was amazing. I still remember being jammed in the crowd waiting for what seemed like forever for them to come out and then hearing the opening tones of "My Iron Lung" and I almost couldn't wait for the concert to end to rave about it.

My only regret was missing David Gray, a no-name to me at the time, but someone I enjoy much now.

Posted by Matt @ 03/07/2009 10:00 AM CST

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