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10/13/2004 Entry: "Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum: Day 2"

Today a definate theme emerged: If you get a bunch of architects together from a bunch of different industries, they will not be able to agree on terms like: service, management, and the like. And unfortunately the Microsofties did not offer up definitions to cut short the disconnects. Oh well. We did get a session with Bill Gates. That was rather interesting. He just walked on stage with an SVP, fielded questions for about 80 minutes, and then left. No intro, no thanks for coming to visit with us, just Q&A. After lunch I visited the Microsoft Company Store where I picked up some swag for the family, and the Microsoft Museum, which really didn't have as much cool stuff as I would have imagined. At least there was a Microsoft Bob box. That made me feel better.

I wandered over to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I generally don't like eating at chains when I'm out of town, but I wanted something simple since I've been kind of thrown off all day. Then i went to the mall, where the girls did very well. I hope they like what I found for them.

Tomorrow is just half day and then home, finally. Two weeks out has been way too difficult on me (mentally and physically) as well as the family. But hopefully the girls like what I got them... although Ariel didn't get anything. Hmm... I'll have to see if I can find cat stuff for her and Cymbaline before I leave.

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