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10/12/2004 Entry: "Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum: Day 1"

Greetings from Microsoft's internal network. They are kind enough to let me use it... I'm pretty sure that my hacking skills are not good enough to get on their network. So far this is quite the event. It's like a wedding with the amount of food and servers. They've also got complimentary cappucinos, complimentary shoe shines (next to part of the Berlin wall), and I got very nice big faux-leather binder... oh, and a place holder with my name on it in this big plexiglass structure.

Tomorrow we get to meet with billg! :)

There are architects here from around the world and some pretty serious companies and governments. I actually feel like small potatoes. Although, most of the conversation hits topics that we (me and my Enterprise Architecture friends at work) have come across.

Two more sessons to go to this afternoon and then tonight I'm off with some architects from Microsoft for dinner.

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