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06/09/2004 Entry: "TiVo Home Media Option now free, but not for DirecTiVo"

TiVo has been very busy this week but the most exciting news has been that the HMO (Home Media Option) is now free. This is very good news, but not for those of us with DirecTV DVRs. I'm still waiting for an HD DirecTiVo with HMO. I will continue to wait.

Unfortunely, DirecTV sold all of their stock in TiVo.

But on the upside, there's a new relationship between Best Buy and TiVo. I don't really get this since three years ago a friend of ours was working on a relationship between the two companies, and nothing really happen. Very cool things, like Best Buy doing upgrades to your TiVo, were supposed to happen.

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