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01/07/2004 Entry: "CES: HD DirecTiVo!!!"

Although on Tuesday it looked like the mini-iPod was going to be the most exciting thing from this years Consumer Electronics show, it appears if tomorrow TiVo and DirecTV are going to announce their high definition DirecTiVo unit.

It should have two tuners, HD capable, 250 gig hard drive which can store up to 30 hours of HD programming, or 200 hours of normal stuff, or any mix of the two.

I can't wait... much more exciting than the mini-iPod, which is $150 too much and can't play back SHNs.

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Dude, you're such the SHNob! Rumor has it the iPod Mini will be $199 in a couple of months.

Posted by Jim @ 01/08/2004 10:36 AM CST

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