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09/09/2003 Entry: "Misc anniversary stuff"

And while I think of it... it was 16 years ago today that the Pink Floyd World Tour started in support of the Momentary Lapse of Reason CD (LP, whatever). The opened the tour with Echoes, and continued to play it until 9/25/87 when David Gilmour decided that it was silly to sing about albatrosses. In a strange bitof irony, less than a month earlier I had decided to get personalized plates for my first car, and I wisely picked Echoes (as seen above) instead of my initials.

Tomorrow, it will be 16 years since I had my first live Pink Floyd-related experience... I saw Roger Waters for the first time... fourth row!

1987... what a great year.

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that show was awesome...i was there too. it was the first day of grade 12

Posted by tim @ 09/15/2003 02:10 PM CST

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