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09/09/2003 Entry: "TiVo vs Time Warner PVR? TiVo, duh."

I need a list of differences between TiVo and the Time Warner PVR so that I could sent it to my boss in my constant effort to get him onto the TiVo bandwagon. So Jim, who is a designer at Target came up with this:

The main difference is the time warner box SUX.
Seriously though.
Tivo "learns". PVR does not.
Tivo makes great suggestions, PVR is an idiot. (Tivo=Malcolm, PVR=Reese.)
Tivo operates by a daily (automatic) dial-in directory update and easy to use name/genre requests
PVR operates (basically) by TV guide style time-and-date selections, and only 6 days out.
Tivo has FAR more intuitive searching and overall functionality..I never had to "learn" how to use Tivo. Best software and UI I have ever seen in a consumer electronics product. And I am a Product Designer.
Tivo prioritizes a LOT better.
Tivo is a much more reliable at actually recording what you want. PVR has about a 75% hit rate. Tops.
PVR has very slow response times and is prone to locking up.
Tivo has better customer service and is a great dollar value.

Tivo RULES, hands down, no question, not even a contest. I know because I have been benchmarking the two against one another for 6 months. People will only like PVR if they've never owned Tivo.

The only true advantages of the PVR for my system:
Less wiring (it's all in one box)
My Tivo has only one tuner, PVR has two.

OK that's all. Let's just say I'd never put a "Time Warner" sticker on the back of my car.


I just want to point out that my DirecTiVo box does have two tuners and I can't honestly recommend getting TiVo without DirecTV... except for the fact that there's no Home Media Option for DirecTiVo.

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Have you tried the panasonic "replay tv" ? It has been out since Tivo. I have a replay and my wife has a Tivo (we had them before we moved in together)
We prefer the replay. We feel the replay has more feature than the Tivo does.

Posted by Erik @ 05/22/2004 09:04 PM CST


More discussion on the same subject...

Posted by Jim @ 09/10/2003 04:09 PM CST

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