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09/18/2002 Entry: "Notes while flying"

Things I like part one
(While flying 7:51 PM September 17, 2002)

After spending years away from Usenet, I figured out that people are point SHNs to alt.binaries.music.shn. So I've been exploiting our DSL and catching up on all sorts of shows. I've even been lucky enough to just listen to some shows that I really wouldn't burn to disc. So then finally I discovered that people are also posting shows to alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs. Wow... what a goldmine. Scored a recent Stones show, a White Stripes UK festival show, and some Van Halen show from 1978. I'd never keep these lying around, but sure... I'll listen to it. I also found on alt.binaries.music.mp3.2000s a new Clapton live disc (that I'm listening to right now). I had no idea there was one, and last years Bentley Rhythm Ace release. Sweet. No wonder the music industry is claiming low sales.

Things I like part two
(While flying 7:57 PM September 17, 2002)

Years of flying with a laptop and it never quite dawned on me that I could be listening to tunes off it at the same time. Doh.

On my way to Chicago
(While flying 7:58 PM September 17, 2002)

I'm off to Chicago for business. How odd. I haven't been there for business since 1993. I'm going to an IBM workshop for two days. Something about developing and deploying portels for WebSphere Portal Server. Should be interesting. We're staying in (what I hope is) a way cool hotel: Hotel Monaco. It's pet friendly and they will even give us goldfish to keep us company while we are there. Neat!

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