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06/25/2002 Entry: "Amazon.com customer service phone number"

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I'm convinced that it is impossible to find the customer service number for amazon.com. So I had to write them... and then they sent it to me. And once I talked to a live person, they fixed my problem and upgraded my shipping. Yea Amazon. So in case anyone ever needs it:

Phone: (800) 201-7575
Fax: (206) 266-2950

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In Association with Amazon.com

Replies: 936 comments

my yahoo id password i forgot and my id number is lomesh1306@yahoo.co.in and please i want to start it again please send me mail my option id is sunilbrahmbhatt22637@yahoo.com so please send me link for the same i send so many feedback from help line but nobody respond me please start my mail id

Posted by lomeshbrahmbhatt @ 01/10/2010 11:13 AM CST

I am no longer interested in doing biz with a company this large without being able to call customer service. Once I get my refund, I am done. I shouldn't have to Google their number like this. It illustrates that they really don't value my relationship as a consumer.

Posted by m. @ 08/20/2009 02:22 PM CST

Does anyone have the phone # for (bordeebook in Lexington KY?-Amazon claims no responsibility for inadequately packed & damaged goods from 3rd party suppliers) - they are not listed in any phone book

Posted by bordeebook problemsolver @ 05/11/2009 09:43 AM CST

Hey thanks a lot for this number, it saved me a 100 bucks.......just cudnt find it anywhere on the site

Posted by Carlos @ 05/04/2009 06:50 PM CST

I am still waiting for my Amazon order! They said it was shipped out but that was 3 months ago!. I just wrote it off as a loss and went to Wall Mart and got it there.Its still listed as in transit. I will never order from them agan! I could have walked the item to my home and it would have been faster!. And I DID pay for shipping.

Posted by Never got it! @ 03/24/2009 06:02 AM CST

Thanks for posting the number - I ordered a new textbook and had a very USED one sent - I hate bouncing e-mails back and forth, and was extremely glad that someone posted their number. Every time the page tried to load with the customer service number, my window would freeze and would close down. Ironic, isn't it?

Posted by Bubba @ 03/12/2009 08:51 AM CST

The perfect pull up is the best work out ever.

Posted by Alan Miller @ 03/10/2009 03:55 PM CST

Did you know that number only hits a United States telephone pole just to be routed to freaking India? What the hell and why do I always have to spend forever on the phone trying to simplify my problem so that someone who can barely speak English can pretend to understand and further COMPLICATE THINGS!!!!!! Damn, damn, damn!!

Posted by Aileen @ 10/09/2008 05:13 PM CST

I searched help for "contact" it returned with all the contact numbers plus a button I clicked, entered my phone number and within seconds my phone rang with an amazon rep on the line who was very helpful and solved my problem. I guess the cleaned up their act.
no, I do not work for amazon

Posted by Ron @ 01/29/2008 12:20 AM CST

I needed to return a gift I got for Christmas. I used the call back feature which worked great. My problem was in getting to talk to someone that spoke enough English to help me with what I needed.

It took me about 5 times, but once I got someone who spoke English and has ALWAYS spoken English, my issue was resolved very quickly.

So, you may need to try multiple times until you get someone who understands what you are saying.

Posted by Munkey @ 01/02/2008 05:00 PM CST

Any reputable and/or deserving website (supposedly amazon.com) would readily disclose contact details. As for me, amazon refuses to allow me to log on saying I must allow cookies, but nothing in my IE6, firewall or AV is preventing such. Could amazon's so called cookies be spyware and that's why they aren't disclosing how to log on for users who have good AV and anti-malware?

Posted by wguru @ 12/28/2007 02:46 AM CST

Okay, no offense but most of the "errors" you guys think Amazon made are due to your own mistakes. Check your orders carefully. Half the time people think they were 'cheated' was because they didn't notice that their item was out of stock. And before you call Amazon, check the help pages. It's easy to navigate and it answers half of the questions here. Oh, and no, I don't work for Amazon, I just have common sense. And by the way, I have ordered about 10 things from Amazon in the past year and not one of them came any later then 3 days. (And I usually use free shipping except two times)
What I'm trying to say is that don't blame Amazon for your own mistakes. Make sure that it's Amazon's fault. And even when it's not your fault, it could just be the seller's fault. Ever thought of that?

Posted by Amazon Constumer @ 08/27/2007 08:20 AM CST

Amazon have disappointed me. they normally do so well, but just took 15 days (and counting) to deliver a book that was in stock. Customer service couldn't or wouldn't help me in any way, and emails were simply ignored. Must do better! Full details here: http://www.ralpharama.co.uk/item.php?itemid=290

Posted by Ralpharama @ 08/22/2007 05:11 AM CST

THANKYOU SO SO MUCH for the amazon.com number. u are soooooo awsome seriously i had some major problem and i called them and sorted everythin out. ur a GENIUS .. cheers :)

Posted by mina @ 08/16/2007 07:30 PM CST

To the kind man that found Amazon's phone number........... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. YOU WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY!!!!!

Posted by Debi @ 08/12/2007 03:02 PM CST

My own amazon incident.

One day I decided to order a book from amazon.com, and not being the patient type I paid $17 for next day shipping. I ordered on Saturday, got it on Monday, and the book had been damaged! I had the amazon.com web respopnse bit call me, and when I talked to a representative she helped me make a return. I got the new book on tuesay, and sent the old book out the following Monday. When I got my confirmation email, amazon had taken 3.99 off because the return "wan't their fault"! So I called again, and FINALLY got my book in my hands and my money in my pocket. Does anyone know in buy.com is better?

Posted by Maria @ 05/12/2007 07:33 PM CST

When I was not able to change my shipping method on Amazon.com, eventhough their was info. provided, I decided to cancel my order. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a contact no. for them. If it wasn't for Google giving me this website regarding Amazon.com, I would have been @#$% out of luck and with no way of contacting them for a refund. So THANKS... for the info.

Posted by Latreah @ 05/11/2007 04:54 PM CST

I noticed there was some info here also about Yahoo - they DO have an 800 number for both US and Canada. Hope this helps someone.

You can contact Yahoo! customer service at the toll-free contact numbers below:

Toll Free USA & Canada: 1-800-318-0631 / 1-877-722 3755

Another Direct Number: 1-408-349-1572

Yahoo Fax Number: 1-408-349-3301

Posted by purplenoel @ 05/08/2007 07:35 AM CST

Wow, i was able to get a hold of them really easy...I clicked on the help pages and there was this call back feature right there, i put in my number and bam, they called. Doesn't seem that difficult to me, seemed kind of obvious

Posted by Me @ 05/05/2007 03:54 AM CST

not only it's not easy to contact Amazon customer service number but they can't do much!! their ability to help is limited to about what we already can see from the web. The "billing department" is the one who can makes things move, but of course, no phone number, no fax number, nothing.

Posted by tierix @ 05/02/2007 09:19 AM CST

I am not happy with Amazon. I ordered a book which was stated to be "available now" it took over a month to get it. Then I ordered a CD which was also stated to be "available" and would arrive in 3 days. When it didn't come I went to "Where's my stuff" and found it had been lshipped 4 days late but was to arrive by the 16th of April. It's now the 19th and it still isn't here. I am grateful for this sight so I could get the 1-800# and call them. It "might" come today. YUCK!

Posted by Nadine Hightower @ 04/19/2007 11:22 AM CST

Recently I received 2 DVD`s of Bergerac 2. I also had a preorder for Bergerac 4 and I believe this pre-order might have caused the problem. Who needs 2 of the same DVD and I had to pay $7.00 postage to return it, paid $34.52 for it and refunded only $27.95. I was told that I ordered two which would be foolish and I don`t need two of the same DVD.

Posted by Dorothy Bell @ 03/27/2007 07:17 PM CST

God site. Thanks!

Posted by God site. Thanks! @ 03/13/2007 04:37 AM CST

I'm an author with a Blog on my book page. I was having trouble logging in to edit the blog page. It took an hour of sleuthing but I finally found a number for technical support: 877-251-0696. They were very knowledgeable and pleasant. Too bad they make it so hard to find them!

Posted by Jennie @ 01/30/2007 11:16 AM CST

I ordered 2 not 1 but 2 vanity sets for my daughters for Christmas, Order was placed in October 2006....Did not hear anything except for money coming out of my bank account from Amazon so I called in November(found the number) and they said "oh, we are out of stock" so I told them to cancel my order and send a refund I didn't see a check and I didn't hear anything else back from Amazon, I called again January 9th and I was supposed to have a check within 3 - 5 business days - do you think I got my check...NOPE!!!! it will now be 3 - 5 weeks.....will I ever get this money???? Meantime we had to have the vanitys built for my daughters and they had to be built within 2 weeks they are better than I could have received from Amazon but it is not the point I WANT my money!!!!!! And if I dont get these within 5 weeks - what is my next step?????

Posted by Christina Herbert @ 01/24/2007 08:48 AM CST

amazon is a waste of feeking space .full stop .

Posted by tracey ianson @ 01/12/2007 11:31 AM CST

Dear All,

Happy New Year!
WE ordered books with order number 002-4203967-1754437 in October 2006 and we sent a cheque with amount of $706.26 in October 2006 and the amount has been deducted from our account.
Till today we did not receive any books from Amazon.
Can you HELP by sending me the e-mail of Billing Department or any telephone number?

Gamal Karrar
Senior Scientific Officer,
Scientific, Technical & Research Commission (STRC),
African Union
NPA Building 4th Floor,
26/28 Marina, P.M.B. 2359,
Post Code: 101001,
Lagos, Nigeria
Mobile: +234 802269 3683

Gamal Karrar

Posted by Gamal Karrar @ 01/09/2007 04:43 AM CST

my technician sent a email for me telling you why the one jungle boy would not play on any video along with the Id # telling you why the video would not play in any video! my account is uncer charles. yesterday I received a dvd that tells me it will not play in this region. I was sent by dee vee dee-p o b0ox 638-mt laurell, nj 0808058-0638 usa. I am an old lady & read all the iformation before I ordered this. I read some of the complaints you received & how you laughed your heads off. well have a good he ha over this one. the damn dvd says on the screen that it will not play in this area. there should be a law protecting anyone & everyone from people that do this. I have been a good customer but this will not happen to me again! unless there is restitution I will order from blockbuster. I know you don't give one good ___ damn about people like me but at least I have had my say. I mailed the damn thig back so dee vee dee can profit from selling it to some other unsupectein old lady. thanks for nothing. nell zollinger-48 e. 2nd n. rexburg, Id. 83440. I know I did not capetelize anything but I am to damn mad to care so laugh it up!

Posted by nellz@cableone.net @ 11/28/2006 12:03 PM CST

I spent 15 min. looking for Amazon.com customer service number on the Amazon website. I might not have found the number if I did not come to this website.
A company should know that it is common sense to have a customer service number. Don't they want to keep their customers?

Posted by Linda @ 11/10/2006 04:02 PM CST

a bunch of dodos

Posted by lucykayenewman @ 11/10/2006 09:06 AM CST

I applied for the amazon credit account and was approved, made a purchase received the comfirmation email of the order and its description, etc.... order was sch. to be shipped a few days later. when tring to log back in to my amazon account to check the shipping status, window pops up saying email address is not assoc. with any amazon account????? anybody have any input???? emailed them several times no reply.
please reply with advise and comments.


Posted by tina foster @ 10/03/2006 01:37 AM CST

Thank you, thank you for the Amazon phone number. I am in the process of trying to solve my problem now. I bought some star trek dvd's and they haven't arrived yet. I am not full of confidence. Called the phone number you list and got someone to tell me I need to wait 4 more business days and then get my refund. Thanks.

Posted by Joe @ 10/02/2006 05:15 PM CST

PLEASE HELP! Can anyone tell me if there is a phone number for the Amazon Advantage program? I have been banging my head against the wall for about 6 months now trying to get some serious issues straightened out. It's going in cirles and I am at the end of my rope. PLEASE help if anyone has contact info or info, other than writing to their email addy which is fairly useless. Thanks in advance!

Posted by End of Rope Advantage Program Seller @ 09/30/2006 12:23 AM CST

HELp... I got the regular phone number but eas told I need to "e-mail" merchant accounts. WHICH I have done several times but I only receive a form letter in reply stating they are holding my money for 45 days! On top of the 14 days I had to wait to intiate a transfer of funds from books and movies I sold on amazon. I requested a transfer of the balance in my account almost 200 dollars which it stated it did transfer to my bank account. A previous transfer I intiated on a hooliday only took 4 days to arrive in my bank account. Two weeks later my second transfer requested just a day after the first one and the money is NOT in my bank account nor is it in my amazon account. 200.00 poof! Got and not where it shoudl be. It stated the transfer was sent and it HAS NOT BEEN this is very dodgy! They want me to ship things for FREE?!! I need the funds to be able to ship items of course! I've already spend 200.00 in shipping items alone and they keep sending me orders to "SHIP NOW" but with out me being able to transfer any more of my money from the amazon account to my bank account. After all it is MY MONEY and my items being shipped. Is there a number for "merchant accounts" This hold of more than 2 months is in NO way reasonable or acceptable, I certianly couldn't wait two months to ship items to customers!

Posted by someone being given a raw deal! @ 09/14/2006 10:07 PM CST

Just a note that I've left my number at Amazon's customer service site to call me back right away, and they did! Also, I've been able to reach Netflix customer service, and though I was on hold for a long time, the woman that I spoke with was extremely patient, nice, and very helpful.

Posted by Ted @ 08/15/2006 06:53 PM CST

I placed an order for two items from Amazon.com. One item I received was incorrect. Then, the fun started.....finding the customer service contact number. Finally I googled it and came to this website. After trying a few different numbers, found that 1.877.896.0038 worked and a very nice man helped me through the problem, with minimal pain. This restored my faith in Amazon.com

Posted by glenn @ 07/29/2006 11:06 PM CST

Customer Service, what a joke. amazon.com customer service did call me back and I explained my situation. Amazon sent an e-mail stating my package was shipped and gave me a tracking number. I tried to track this shipment via UPS as Amazon requested and it cam back as being not a good tracking number. I called UPS and they stated that this number is a reference number from an order over three months ago to a different address. So i called back Amazon.com and spoke to a person reading a script that I could not understand. When asked this person stated he was in India and not the United States. I asked for a U.S. phone number and they were unwilling to give this out. I spoke to a supervisor who again I could not understand and he stated that if I continued to cause a problem he would not help me. So I Asked Jeeves and found the 1-800-896-0038 number and spoke to a nice lady in Washington. She checked her records and found the same problem. She called UPS and got the same answer and it was suggested that I simply must wait to see if this item arrives as no one knows where it is or when it will be delivered. Now mind you this is a 56 inch big screen T.V. that cost several thousand dollars so waiting around to see if it will be delivered when no one including UPS has record of it seems strange. Now we spend many thousand of dollars on toys each year and Amazon.com can rest assured that my money will no longer be used at this site ever again. Lucky for me i used American Express so my charges will be removed until satisfied. Note: dont farm out your customer service to India as although it saves you money in the short run you loose it in the long run. Post an american number on your site for american orders.

Posted by BuckeyeJoe @ 07/27/2006 09:57 AM CST

Amazon.com sucks!!! They stole all my food money. I found a much better website at abellabooks.com

Posted by Quad Wan @ 07/26/2006 01:03 AM CST

just to let you know for all you who waont to report amazon.com to the BBB don't waste your time. The BBB is just as bad as amazon.com. As long as a company pays there membership fees they will have a good report. They don't follow up on reports and don't even verify if you are a real company. You can provide them any information you want and they will list your company in good standing with the BBB.

Go to this link and you wont believe what you read. I know first hand since I work for a company a very short time and they bragged how the BBB is a scam and they use it to show how great they are to customers.

Check it out


Posted by Don @ 06/16/2006 09:44 PM CST

I work for amazon.com, cust servcie rep, and I'm gonna give you all some tips...

the phone numer isnt on the site, there is no law requiring it to be there, you want to talk to one of us by phone, top of the page, there is a button that says "help" that takes you to the help pages, click any category, it doesnt matter which one, any will do, on the next page to the write you will see 2 options contact by email, or by phone, if you click the phone one, put in your phone number we literally call you right back. that is about 5 clicks at the most and takes about 1 minute to pull off, plus while you are at the help pages, you can read about stuff and most the time they can answer your questions, i realize all the time they dont, but a lot more than not they do....

Now some other tips because i'm being conservative in saying that 85 percent of the problems customers have with orders is because they werent paying attention to the provided information...

I get this call about 4 or 5 times a day "All of sudden i got an email saying i had ordered an item, but i didnt?" Sure enough they clicked the 1-click button, which i then have to explain to them that when you click the 1-click order button, it does just what its titled and places the order with 1-click, but somehow thats our fault....

Security, we have to verify it or we get fired, its very important to the company not just a hastle to you, we laugh a lot at how paranoid the company is. So have your email, the name that the site greets you with, your billing address and the last 5, I said 5, digits of your credit card number and the expiration date. No exceptions. They do 5 because its easy to get a hold of peoples last 4 on receipts and stuff, its extra security for you. Also we cant even see your account until we verify it. Note you can find your cc info on the "your account" page under "payment settings" and "edit or delete a payment method"....

Marketplace orders, it tells you when you are looking at the item that its not coming from us, it tells you 3 times in the checkout process, and in your order confirmation email....

You get upset when you cant change an order you placed 5 hours ago, you get mad when your order doesnt ship out right away, you get mad that you got a defective product, you get mad that the product box might have been opened, what i'm trying to say is make up your mind!

Truthfully when you call and say your calling the better business bureau because your 20 dollar order arrived a day late, get a life, if its late most the time we will get your shipping back to you, and most the time is the carriers fault.

To the people who say you think we are going out of business or whatever, your crazy, we move more product than any other internet company in the world, and its only going up....

I'm not trying to be harsh, just letting you know the reality, I'll try to stop in and post helpful tips form time to time, those are just a few that i thought might speed things up for y'all

Posted by Customer service rep @ 05/29/2006 07:57 PM CST

I have the CANADIAN phone number for you (amazon.ca) 1.877.586.3230. The man I spoke to, Scott, was very helpful.

Posted by Chris MacNutt @ 05/23/2006 07:06 PM CST

You should all file complaints with the Better Business Bueral.

Posted by Jose Perez @ 05/23/2006 09:12 AM CST

Why don't you all file complaints with the Better Business Bureau to let them know that Amazon's hide and seek game with their customer service information will no longer be accepted. Here is the big laugh- Theu are a member of the BBB, however, the BBB will have to listen to this many complaints. This is only one of many websites posting the same problems. I already filed my complaint and I am going around to all these different websites to encourage everyone to take a stand.

Posted by Jeff Torres @ 05/17/2006 11:58 AM CST

I also took about 3/4 hr of frustration on the amazon uk site and then surfing the net to find this forum before i could find the amazon uk helpdesk number.

Note that one of the numbers in this forum is incorrect and the guy must be getting fedup with amazon calls !

The helpdesk was very helpfull when i did eventually get through, they corrected my order and cancelled the post charge as a good will jesture!

They e-mailed the follwing contact numbers for use in the uk :

Customer Service can be reached from Monday to Saturday,
8:00 am -- 6:00 pm (GMT)

Phone: 0800 279 6620 (from within the UK)
+44 20 8636 9451 (outside the UK)

Fax: 0800 279 6630 (from within the UK)
+44 20 8636 9401 (outside the UK)

Posted by P Bromley (in the UK) @ 05/12/2006 08:25 AM CST

Yes, it is disagreeable and confounding that I could not find a phone number or a way to contact customer service. How can a major company, such as themselves, not be easily accesible to resolve conflicts of orders? Thank you for filling in the gap by providing their private number for a public service.
usefull and necessary,
many thanks,

Posted by Martin @ 05/07/2006 03:28 AM CST

Finally spoke to a real person there!
To contact Amazon UK 0208 636 4251

Posted by unhappy customer @ 05/04/2006 08:09 AM CST

Thanks for the number it is impossible to get their phone number thru their web site so this was a life saver!! They need to fix this problem as it takes time and effort to handle even the most simple things

Posted by rich @ 04/26/2006 07:56 PM CST

See the Irony...this web page wqhich finally gave me the amazon.com's Cust Care no. is sponsored by amazon.com !


Did you see the link abouve that reads: "Help support this site by visiting a sponsor or by purchasing something from Amazon:"

Posted by VICTOR @ 04/05/2006 06:38 PM CST

If you get kicked of amazon by alliance you can get a new account. They read your IP address you can get a new account but you need to have a different computer and internet service. Never log into your old account the A team will read the cookies. You will need to use different credit card and address as well as bank account. Always collect your payments daily then the A team cannot hold your payment the 90 days. It works great my account seansmarsh was shut down now I am up an running as wowdeals and there is noting they can do about it.

Posted by joemamma @ 04/03/2006 07:16 PM CST

This is where I usually go to get all the Amazon.com contact information as they include a bunch of customer service numbers and even some for Canada along with various email addresses for everyone of importance.


Posted by Contact information @ 03/27/2006 02:52 AM CST

Thanks for the Amazon.ca phone number...

ends up I am doing business w/ Chapters online because easier refund process even it does cost me a few extra bucks at the end.

Posted by [H]ackerK @ 03/23/2006 01:57 PM CST

Yahoo BUSINESS customer service #
toll free 1-866-800-8092

Posted by Disgruntled Yahoo customer @ 03/21/2006 09:10 PM CST

It's amusing how everyone complaining on this website lacks GRAMMER, and the ability to spell...

You said it!

Posted by Haha @ 03/06/2006 12:18 PM CST

It's amusing how everyone complaining on this website lacks grammer, and the ability to spell...

Posted by Amazon Employee @ 03/03/2006 06:01 PM CST

Another Amazon nightmare...
Please an order for several different items. Chose the Super Saver shipping. Order was broken into 2 shipments. Got the first shipment. Wrong item in box. Called Amazon. They claimed they placed a new order free of charge for the correct item. I update my broswer and new order is for the SAME INCORRECT item. I try to cancel the order, but within minutes it was already processed. Called amazon back. RUDE customer service agent stated that I must have ordered wrong item in the first place (even though right item was listed on invoice). He told me to refuse the incorrect package and then place another order for the correct item. Now the order for the correct item is lost somewhere in postal hell and I am out the money for both of them thanks to Amazon. I would rather pay higher book prices in a local store then deal with this...

Posted by AKC @ 02/28/2006 12:32 PM CST

Thanks for the help with Amazon's phone number. They obviously make it very hard to contact them by phone to save time and money.
take care.


Posted by THANKS FOR THE HELP @ 02/14/2006 03:01 PM CST

I stumbled upon this website and now I'm more nervous than a priest at a little league game. I recently placed my first order from any online shopping netwaork and thought things were looking good until now. Order was placed on 1/6/06. Received notification that the order was shipped on 1/11 and was so impressed, I placed another order on 1/12. It is now 1/23 and no sign of the first oder in my mailbox yet. I will do what I must to get my order or my money forthwith. I will not suffer through what a lot of you have gone through. I am not to be fooled with.

Posted by Vorrice Wallace @ 01/23/2006 12:32 AM CST

I sent the following email to both AMAZON.CO.UK GB AND A COPY TO AMAZON.COM ....

There has been 3 fraudulent charges to my credit card and i am not aware of what they represent? I DO NOT HAVE ANY ORDER NUMBERS BECAUSE THESE CHARGES ARE NOT MINE!! PLEASE ADVISE AS TO WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO!!!

1)Jan5,2006 -------- $110.69
01/05/06 AMAZON.CO.UK AMAZON.CO.UK GB 6542451QP003JNL8P $110.69 6542451QP003JNL8P 1.10 62.53 826 1.770190308

2)Jan10, 2006 ------ $139.22
01/10/06 AMAZON.CO.UK AMAZON.CO.UK GB 6542451QW0W1B39VP $139.22 6542451QW0W1B39VP 1.38 78.66 826 1.769895753

3)Jan12, 2006 ------ $120.46
01/12/06 AMAZON.CO.UK AMAZON.CO.UK GB 6542451QY1EMK2ZMK $120.46 6542451QY1EMK2ZMK 1.19 67.60 826 1.781952662

I have always conducted my business with AMAZON.COM IN THE US.



Posted by DAVE KENNEDY dave@5734nano.com @ 01/21/2006 05:05 PM CST

Thanks . I use firefox and I was searching amazons website and google using tabbed browsing . Guess which is faster in finding the service number ? If I was the CEO of amazon , I would be pretty ashamed of the answer to that .

Posted by MaxJ @ 01/13/2006 10:04 PM CST

where in the world are you guys located. how do I contact you if I'am in Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Posted by Steve @ 01/09/2006 06:06 AM CST

Nowadays its better because no one frauds. and i believe that amazon should calm security especially its Christmas!!!!!

Love u amazon

Posted by Ziaul Saddam @ 12/28/2005 10:14 AM CST

I thought everyone here might like to know the the NICE AMAZON.COM is a member of the BBB. Have you filed a complaint??? I for one am.

Here is the link. I hope it works...


Posted by Stacy @ 12/22/2005 03:05 PM CST


Posted by Grateful @ 12/21/2005 08:43 AM CST

I just wanted to thank you for listing the Amazon.com customer service number. This website saved me alot of energy and headache, because I started getting irritated when I could not find the phone number on the Amazon website.

GOD Bless!

Posted by Cassandra Holmes @ 12/17/2005 03:29 PM CST

I can't believe it that it's been three years since your post and the people at amazon have not wisened up at all, and here I am a couple of weeks before the New year, 2006, and after cussing, and cursing, and getting infuriated as hell for not finding a phoneline i could call in and PAY to talk to godamn sales rep, anywhere on the site, and having to plough through endless, mindless faq's and subcategories...maximazing profits Mr. JEFF BEZOS is not about pissing customers off, I know that if you could automate this thing to one single super ai computer and had no need for any employ whatsoever you most certainly would do so, but even in the age of the internet you got to speak to someone to get the job done.

A f***ing disgrace.

Posted by Jackie DEE @ 12/16/2005 11:37 PM CST

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san francisco ca 94119

Posted by bobby perry @ 12/16/2005 04:59 PM CST

Thanks for posting the phone number. I got to talk to a real live person instead of waiting for email responses that did not address my questions.

Posted by Kathy @ 12/15/2005 04:55 PM CST

Thanks a bunch man! I searched for a long time trying to find the number, but its impossible!

Posted by tommy zhang @ 12/08/2005 11:27 AM CST

You are a life saver....Thank you sooo much for the phone number.

Posted by Meg StJohn @ 12/07/2005 02:16 PM CST

I thought I was going crazy!!! But now I realize I'm part of a huge family. I work for a radio station. Don't worry, I'll spread the word....to EVERYONE!! Ahh...the power of radio.

Posted by Matt @ 12/03/2005 04:51 AM CST

Amazom.com is a nightmare. If you have stock in this company, sell it! I have a feeling that this company will be out of business soon. Also, this is an excellent website for info and a place to vent your frustration. I found it through my internet provider SBC Yahoo in the Sacramento CA area. This company uses their $$ to pay for advertisement instead of using it to provide customer service. Maybe they do not realize that bad word of mouth advertisement is going to put them out of business. They do have an area on their website for feedback. That's where I'm going next. Merry Xmas to all in 2005

Posted by KCJo Donovan/Cheerful @ 11/29/2005 01:03 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number, I do have trouble with Amazon they shutt and the wrost customer service. the one click I did'nt not know it's there on the page. very stuppit.

Posted by Kim form IN. @ 11/22/2005 01:35 PM CST

I, too, have used Amazon and the
"One Click Checkout". We just received a rather large item from Amazon today (which was a correct order that my husband had placed). I went on amazon's website to see what the price was on that item and next thing I know I got an email saying that my order was confirmed. I guess my kids might have clicked Enter while I had stepped away from the computer. After searching 20 minutes on the website for a phone #, I finally found it on Google. I called immediately and they told me that they couldn't stop or cancel the order... It had just been accidentally placed 30 minutes prior to me calling customer service!!!! She told me that best thing to do was leave a large note on my door to tell the shipped that I will not accept the order... POOR customer service!

Posted by Frustated in Frisco, TX @ 11/17/2005 08:42 PM CST

Hello people, greetings from an Ex Amazon.com employee. I HATED that job so much, and I was a Customer Service rep. I know how frusterated you all are about your experiences with Amazon.

As an employee, I ended up being so FED up with all the bullshit that we're supposed to say to the customers. I really felt bad for customers who called in with a marketplace order. AKA a seller on amazon.com. The customer would want us to cancel an order, and we couldn't because we didn't have a tool to do it. Amazon.com was not the people selling the books, but they allow sellers to sell stuff on the website. What they should do is make a seperate website for just people wanting to sell the books so people know that its coming from a seller, and not amazon.com Maybe make the website amazonmarket.com or something like that. That way people will not get so frusterated as to why an item has not been sent to them.

And as far as the phone number issue goes, they told is our training classes that all questions can be answered on the help pages. YEAH RIGHT, thats so f-ing stupid. What kind of company doesn't have any kind of phone number to contact them on their website?

Posted by Jenna @ 11/14/2005 10:05 PM CST

I have a different customer service number for those assholes at Amazon.com

Posted by Amazon.com hater @ 11/08/2005 11:05 AM CST

Thanks for the Yahoo customer service number, which is impossible to get. I've had the worse experience ever with them, they suck BIG time

Posted by silvana @ 11/03/2005 11:27 AM CST

Hello Australia,
I am in NYC and have a bad experience with amazon as well. Any other international people I will assist you as well. Am moving soon so do not call after December 2005.

Posted by Kristyn @ 11/02/2005 09:14 PM CST

Amazon is terrible. Not worth dealing with them even with a phone number.

Posted by Stephanie Murray @ 11/02/2005 01:09 PM CST

Posted Amazon Customer Service number works! Thank you!!

Posted by Georgia Bassen @ 11/01/2005 10:20 AM CST

amazon sucks, they tell you shipping 2-3 days are free but they charged you and it takes more than 2-3 days, mabye 14 days

Posted by chris @ 10/29/2005 02:05 PM CST

I found a web site that lists a lot of these online shopping site's customer service phone numbers. Might come in handy once the shopping season starts -- reachdotcom.com

Amazon.com customer service phone number: 1-800-201-7575
Ebay customer service phone number: 1-888-749-3229
Overstock.com customer service phone number: 1-800-843-2446

Posted by Allen @ 10/27/2005 12:38 PM CST

Amazon.com is arrogant for not posting contact info on thier website. I cancelled my account and will never deal with them again.

Posted by Gad @ 10/21/2005 05:15 PM CST

Thanx for the number

Posted by mahender immadi @ 10/17/2005 04:43 PM CST


Posted by Gaurav awasthi (virginia) @ 10/13/2005 06:23 PM CST


Posted by GAURAV AWASTHI @ 10/13/2005 06:20 PM CST

You rock!!! I tried emailing Amazon.com and I never got a reply. Thanks for the number!!!

Posted by Bob @ 10/12/2005 03:39 PM CST

Yahoo Customer Service # is not toll
free but here it is anyway...

Posted by Just me @ 10/10/2005 06:19 PM CST

Thanks a lot .This number is for real.I wasted 45 mins trying to find it but then i googled it.Thanks again

Posted by Pattu Bose @ 10/10/2005 01:47 PM CST

Thank you so very much for the number, it was very helpful. It is very frustrating that the number is not provided and unbelievable in this day and age of communication. The computer is great when it works and the information is available, but when there is problem there is still nothing like talking to someone to confirm the action necessary.

Posted by cc @ 10/08/2005 12:28 PM CST

I've had a good experience with Amazon until recently. I tried to contact them through e mails on a customer service related matter. So far I've tried six times and all but one have bounced back. No response from the one that went through. Thank you for the number.

Posted by J W Smith @ 10/06/2005 10:42 AM CST

I found this number on Google. Thanks!

Posted by Babylonian @ 10/05/2005 05:14 PM CST

Bless you! This was the only way I could find Amazon's phone number to cancel a fraudulent Amazon order placed by a computer virus of some sort. What a HASSLE!!!
Thanks Again!!!

Posted by Andrew Palmer @ 10/03/2005 03:56 PM CST

If you google it, you can find amazon.com's support page on the net (keywords: amazon.com telephone number call). You'll find their page on the net, where you can request them to CALL YOU right away!

Posted by Lana @ 10/02/2005 08:24 PM CST

I don't know why Amazon took down their number. I remember seeing it posted a few years ago. Now it's gone. There's got to be a law against that.

Posted by Mike @ 10/02/2005 11:02 AM CST

Thanks for the phone #. I hate Amazon's website - only can email, and they never email back - ordered a book that should've take 2 days - it's now october, and ordered it in the middle of August. Well, I cancelled the order - but they still charged me, and until I got the phone # from this site, they weren't going to do anything about it - as they knew I couldn't find a phone # on their website. I am done with amazon - use
http://www.bookfinder.com - they give you plenty of other sources for your books.
thanks again for posting the conglomerate's phone #.

Posted by e @ 10/01/2005 07:05 PM CST

I searched for over an hour on amazon.com for their support number, because all their automated help is crap. I sent an email through their system, with no reply. I finally googled this site called them up and got it sorted out. Thanks SOOOO much!!

Posted by mark palmer @ 09/29/2005 02:11 PM CST

THANKS for posting this number, that helped us out a lot!!!!

Posted by caroandnestor @ 09/26/2005 10:26 PM CST

Below is a letter that I have forwarded to everyone I can think of at Amazon, including Jeff Wilkes, the Chairman of the Board. I went through wayyy more crap than I detailed in the msg. but I tried to keep it as concise as I could.

I can only say this: if you buy from Amazon you buy at your own risk and I for one will not be doing that ever again. As for me,
I will do all my shopping at crucial.com, outpost.com or nuegg.com. Basically ANYWHERE but Amazon.com

My letter and experience are below.
Blessings, CR

Credit Card fraud.
I AM VERY DISSATISFIED. I placed an order on September 12 for a Canon camera and accessories,
including a Sandisk memory card and a 3 year warranty. Amazon.com contacted me the next day
to tell me that the camera was not in stock and they were cancelling the order. I made it
very clear that I wanted the entire order cancelled. But they processed the rest of it anyay!!!
Amazon.com cancelled the CAMERA and the camera bag but charged me for a 3 YEAR WARRANTY for that camera
AND a memory card FOR THAT CAMERA. My card has been charged hundreds of dollars for accessories for a camera that has not and WILL NOT be shipped. I called Amazon and was told to go online and enter my account and choose the cancel order option. I went online and found that there was some snafu/blip in the universe that was causing my order items to show in doubles and that there was no option to cancel available. I called Amazon again and told them and they told me to try again (it was a site malfunction). I did that. I got into the correct option and cancelled the order. I then went back to the order view page and was about to log out when I noticed that no, the order was not cancelled. I called Amazon again and was on hold and then disconnected. Not once. THREE times.

I finally got through to a rep and was more or less told that I am on my own. They told me the best they could do was to give me a number for N.E.W. the company that issued the warranty and hopefully(!) someone there could help me. I called them and was given an email address and a procedure to follow if I was sure I wanted to cancel the order. I followed the procedure (3 times, with no response) and recieved an email confirming my purchase yesterday!

In fact, I have now spoken with N.E.W. several times and have been told it could take at least 8 weeks to rectify this despite the fact that I called them on Sept13 (less than 24 hours after the order was placed) AND wrote 3 emails detailing the situation. I have called repeatedly and have spoken to 3 different reps there, each one of them telling me I need to speak to someone at Amazon.

I have spoken to Amazon and been told everytime that I need to speak to someone at N.E.W. warranty.

And then I received my Sandisk memory card for a camera I don't have.

I have been a very good Amazon.com customer for years and am fed up with this run around.

I WANT ALL MY MONEY BACK. NOW. I want a prepaid UPS return postage lable for this completely unusable memory card and I want AMAZON.com to make that warranty charge go away. Now. Not 8 weeks from now. If this has not been taken care of within the next 24 hours I will contact American Express to discuss what I believe to be a clear case of Credit Card Fraud.

Posted by Cleopatra Rojas @ 09/21/2005 09:50 PM CST

Thank you for providing the Amazon service number. I spent more time than I am willing to admit trying to find a way to contact a customer service representative from the Amazon website.

An order of six textbooks I placed for fall classes was put on hold for over two months because one item couldn't be shipped until October.

After using the phone number you provided, I spoke to a sympathetic person who helped me and waived the shipping fee for the October release item.

She also told me that Amazon will be putting a button on one of the pages that will allow customers to leave a phone number. Then a customer service rep. will call.

That still means customers can't contact the reps. directly, and we have to be (literally)at Amazon's beck and call in order to receive service, but it's a start.

Until they can do better, I suggest at least leaving negative comments about their inaccessibility on Amazon's feedback page.

Posted by R. Smith @ 09/10/2005 01:00 PM CST

thank you so much!!!!

Posted by Juan Andres @ 09/06/2005 03:12 PM CST

You saved my day.....
Thank you very much.

Posted by Jintae @ 08/26/2005 10:25 AM CST

Thank you very much. It was very helpful!!!

Posted by Wissam @ 08/24/2005 04:16 PM CST

ORIGINAL Order Date: July 7, 2005
7 Books ordered - 4 Lost
Order Date: August 11, 2005
4 Books re-sent - 2 Lost
Order Date: August 14, 2005
2 Books re-sent - 1 Lost
MOST RECENT Order Date: August 18, 2005
1 Books re-sent - 1 Lost

In other words they have lost my parcels 4 times in a row!

Thanks for the phone number. Helped a lot I have managed to get a 20 dollar gift voucher. Yet they have just lost my book for the 4th time in a row sending it to some random address in Lexington, Kentucky. I actually live in AUSTRALIA!

Posted by Pissed Off! @ 08/21/2005 05:31 PM CST

Hello, Thank you for the phone number. I don't undestand the company policy. :-(

Posted by Jaromir @ 08/19/2005 07:44 PM CST

Thank you soooooo much for posting this number, it was impossible to find it on their site!!!!

Posted by Laineygirl @ 08/18/2005 08:09 PM CST

Thank you for the customer service phone number. I could NOT find it anywhere in the amazon.com web-site. Thank you very, very much.

Posted by Monica @ 08/18/2005 09:01 AM CST

Thanks to Ellen Hobbs whose webpage I visited earlier for the customer service numbers for Amazon, and many thanks to Marie for her posting on 06/22 for confirming one of the numbers. I sent Amazon three emails in the past three days asking them how I could change my telephone without switching the service from T-mobile, but no response. I dialed 206-266-2992 at 5:30 a.m. (Pacific Time), and was immediately connected to a representative - no intermediary. She then asked me to contact them again at 10, so she could connect me to the phones and phone service department. But after looking around for the phone number for nearly a week, and waiting for a response to my emails, this came as a pleasant suprise. I will be calling them soon, and hope to have my issue resolved. Thanks Marie for the advice about the phone number.

Posted by Aradhna Malik @ 08/15/2005 07:50 AM CST

After six and a half months of email hell, over a book which, at the time of ordering, was ONLY available through Amazon.com, being told numerous times that it was my fault I hadn't received the order for several different reasons, being given several different "estimated" delivery dates, and even a $10 off coupon that will never be used, I am going to wait for their latest "estimated delivery date" to arrive with no book in sight, and then give them a call. This company is never EVER getting another penny of my money.

Posted by Marti @ 08/13/2005 10:42 AM CST

Order placed Feb. 1, 2004. One of the items ordered listed as shipping in one to two months. Great, no problem, we knew that before ordering. Decided, since we had to wait one to two months anyway, we would do the free shipping. Paid for the item with a money order, as we don't trust listing credit card info on the internet. After about a week and a half, with no change in the order status as to payment being received, I emailed them, only to be told that the status had been held up because we had not paid the full amount. They were, however, giving me a "one time" benefit of lowering the amount of the order and the items would be shipped when available. This was complete BS, as I had the receipt from the post office for the amount of the money order, and had printed up the original order for my records. If that was their game, though, fine. Waited...and waited...the date of the initial "approximate delivery date" arrived. No delivery. Emailed them, said that it was my fault, that I didn't understand what "estimate" meant, but that they had two of the three books ordered, and would send them to me, a "one time" exception to their policy. They then proceeded to give a second "estimated delivery" date for the remaining book, the one that initially had a one to two month wait for delivery. First two books arrived. Waited for the third book. Second date came and went, still no book. Emailed them again, got run around again, with a $10 off coupon for my headaches. Emailed them back saying, what makes you think that helps, as I will never be ordering from you people ever again anyway?. Third estimated delivery date given. Only now, checking back with their page for this particular book, they have changed the estimated delivery date to three to five weeks. We a bit over six months into the stupidity of this transaction, all because, as previous people have suggested, I relied on email to try to resolve the issue. The latest "estimated delivery date" for this item is Aug. 19. For those of you who noted the date at the beginning of this message, that puts it at almost 7 months after I ordered the item that originally "usually ships in one to two months", and now "usually ships in three to five weeks". Oh, I should add that this particular book, at the time of ordering, was printed through and sold by ONLY Amazon.com. After this latest "estimated shipping date" comes and goes, they are definitely getting a call from me. And no, they are NEVER EVER KNOWINGLY getting another penny from me.

Posted by Marti @ 08/13/2005 10:36 AM CST

Thanks for this very helpful post. I looked everywhere for a phone number for them.

Posted by Butterdragon @ 08/03/2005 11:55 AM CST

Thank you guys.That's a fabulous job

Posted by Raman @ 07/23/2005 05:49 PM CST

Hi all
I wish all happy and healthy
Your's with Bdest wishes

Posted by kyawthuya/kty @ 07/01/2005 11:42 AM CST

I am a seller on Amazon and had a bogus claim against my account, for which Amazon deducted from me. I have painstakenly, searched for a phone number for their AtoZ Claims department. This "buyer/seller" is no longer on Amazon (thank goodness), but Amazon has penalized me for their dishonesty. Does anyone have a name or phone number for this specific department? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Brenda @ 06/29/2005 11:52 AM CST

I received a damaged book from a seller on Amazon. I wrote to tell them and they said to write the seller. I did and got no response within the 3 day period recommended. They then emailed me and said to contact them again. I can't find out where. I'm turning to you for help.

Posted by Joan M Marx @ 06/26/2005 12:47 PM CST

May you be always happy and healthy

Posted by kyawthuya @ 06/24/2005 05:06 AM CST

So you don't have to read all these blogs......If in the US, I called (206) 266-2992 and was immediately connected with an Amazon.com customer service representative. FYI - there was not even any garbage regarding "Press 1 for...." just straight to a live person.

Posted by Marie @ 06/22/2005 10:32 AM CST

I've had problem after problem with the customer service not being very helpful and telling me the same information every time I contact them. Even when I call the 1-800 customer service number, I find myself speaking to an individual outsourced either in India or Canada. They're as clueless as the customers and don't know what to do except apologize a billion times (which doesn't make the matter better). I found that calling the headquarters and asking to make a complaint will they then route your call to someone actually in the U.S. They were much more helpful.

Posted by Hannah @ 06/20/2005 01:32 PM CST

Who is this guy "M @ 04/29/2005" who tells people to stop whining. Low prices from Amazon doesn't justify poor service, or incorrect delivery of goods. CALL THEM if you are dissatified! But it is true, buy local if you want to be looked after.

Posted by AW @ 06/12/2005 01:38 AM CST

Amazon is amazing I have been debating with them over simply releasing funds owed to me for sales on their site and they refuse to send the money. I emailed support and everytime get a canned response that makes me think they didn't even read the email in the first place.

Finally they stated they paid me the truth was if they had on the date they said they did the bank account had been closed for a month already so was impossible.

They continued for 9 months stating they would transfer the funds if I give them more account information well they lied once I told them to send me a check and I wasnt going to give Amazon any of my banking information as they had no need for that info. Again 3 months later and nothing.

I then sent emails to everyone in my email list to their scam, sent an email to all the members of their board of directors figureing if they are a publicaly traded company maybe they should see how their support handles irrate customers and all I got back was an email from another support rep saying please don't contact all the board members.

Then I filed in small claims and they come back and tell the courts we need to do use their own mediation in Reno which we go back and do again and it costs around 700 so Amazon says they are now willing to use our court system to mediate rather than pay the fees to use their own service. Acting like they didn't know they were going to charge money wasting more time at the courts.

Now awaiting the next and final court date so will hopefully have good news some day soon.

Posted by Tyson @ 05/02/2005 03:40 AM CST

Stop complaining

You order from Amazon becuase their prices are decently low.

Their prices are decently low because they cut corners. Phone support is one of the most expensive expenses in any business.

If you want good service go to your local independently-owned bookstore. You'll pay for a few middlemen, but you'll get the service you want.

Stop whining and make a choice.

Posted by M @ 04/29/2005 06:19 PM CST

I was perusing Amazon.com April 26th or so, 2005, making a Wishlist of books for my classroom I was thinking of purchasing. I started to enter one book I wanted when the severe thunder and lightning storm blew out my computer. I never had the chance to submit my order of one book. Imagine my surprise when all the books on my Wishlist plus the one book I had showed up on my doorstep within two days. doorstep! I am certain this is illegal. I was CHARGED shipping and handling for all of these books which qualified for FREE SHIPPING. I immediately emailed Customer Service & my message was returned, "Mail Not Delivered." There is something very wrong with Amazon.com. Thank you for supplying the phone number. I hope I have better luck getting a reply speaking to a live body.

Posted by RG @ 04/29/2005 12:31 PM CST

I cannot believe they care so little about their customers and so blatantly exhibit it in so many ways. Jumping through hoops to get issues resolved is no way to choose to spend your money. I bought a gift certificate for my sister for her 50th birthday, she had trouble redeeming it, and continued to order from Amazon anyway. Then it expired. Amazon does not seem to care that they've taken both money and time from us! I'm quite confused and concerned. Aren't there laws about theft? Isn't this theft of one sort or another??

Posted by Mary Anne VanderLaan @ 04/20/2005 09:23 PM CST



Posted by DN @ 04/17/2005 10:09 PM CST

I was trying to cancel this order and
amazon.com won't let me cancel it.

Order of events:

Feb 23, 2005:
Placed order for a S66 cellphone and Cingular
Product status was available to be shipped in

Feb 25th, 2005:
Order status changed to shipping process(CANNOT BE

Wait for order shipment confirmation. Nothing. Can't
wait any longer.

March 4th:
Contacted customer service to cancel the order.
The lady said she will pass on the message to
cellphone dept.
Sent an email later just to be sure.

March 5th:
Recevied a email saying I can't cancel this
"at the time I placed the order, the item was

It was available, but not shipped.

March 6th:
Magic happens. ORDER SHIPPED. What is shipped?
The plan, SIM card, but not the phone. How am I
going to
use the SIM card without phone. How come the
order with a
SIM card shipped on a Sunday? Why didn't ship on
Feb 25th?
How come shipping became so efficient all of a

March 7th morning:
Contacted the cutsomer service to cancel the
order again
becuase the phone is not shipped and the SIM
card is
useless for me. I have been told that package
includes phone also.

March 7th morning:
Received a mail saying phone is not shipped

March 7th afternoon:
Talked to cellphone dept team-lead(who was more
to cancel my order again. Also came to know
that my
SIM card is already going to be activated to be
soon(automatic process?)
and I need to contact Cingular to cancel it.
Hope amazon.com will bear the activation
cancellation charges.
Also team-lead told me she will help to to
cancel the phone shipment.
I need to return the sim card once USPS
delivers that
to me by writing "Return to the Sender"

>>>>>>>>one of amazon.com's replies
(March 7th)
Greetings from Amazon.com.

After researching your order further, we have found that there was a
technical error while processing it. Unfortunately your order will
now arrive in two shipments. The first will contain your new SIM
card and paperwork, while the second shipment that will shipping
soon will contain the phone itself once we have received inventory
from Cingular.

>>>>>>>>>>(March 5th)
Unfortunately, we did not receive your e-mail indicating you wished
to cancel your order until this order had been shipped.

"Siemens S66 Phone" was listed on our web site with the following
availability estimate: "This item usually ships within 24 hours."
This item was in our inventory and it entered the shipping process
immediately after you placed your order. You should receive an e-
mail confirming this shipment shortly, if you haven't already.

Posted by Withheld @ 03/07/2005 06:31 PM CST

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to those great folks in Googles too!

Posted by Diana @ 03/05/2005 02:23 PM CST

Has anyone got the UK contact telephone number ?

Amazon are fine until something goes wrong - then, as I've just found out, they are terrible !
They charged my daughters card for an item which she ordered, and are denying they took the money. Her statement shows Amazon have taken the monies & her card issuer confirms. Amazon wont do anything until she faxes her statement to them - which she wont do .. who in their right mind would fax a credit card statement to a company that doesnt have the decency to allow 2 way communication?!
So today we've instructed the card issuer to start Chargeback proceedings against Amazon.

Would I use Amazon again .... NEVER!!

So for the rant - just needed to have a shout .. seeing as I cant direct it directly at Amazon :o(

Posted by Dave @ 03/01/2005 08:29 AM CST

Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail:
To contact Customer Service by e-mail with your return or refund questions, click the button below. Please note that, for security reasons, we can only modify orders or send account information when the request comes from the e-mail address that is associated with your Amazon.com account.
Click for call-back:
If you feel your question is more easily answered over the phone, click the button below. You'll be asked to provide a phone number where you can be reached and a Customer Service Associate will call to assist you in a few minutes. (note: this feature is currently available for customers in the U.S. and Canada only).

This link is actually on the web site and there is a button that you click, and you are called back immediately, but it took me like all day to come up with it. I did not think to goggle them though. I am not yet satisfied with amazan, and will end up not using them again. They charged my Visa for an order I did not place, and says that I have to refuse the shipment, and then wait 14 days after the item is received in the warehouse for a refund.

Posted by Tecia @ 02/28/2005 09:36 AM CST


Posted by dkb @ 02/19/2005 06:35 PM CST

I bought a book from amazon. They said it will be delivered within 2-3 days, it has been 12 days and its not there.
I sent them 4 emails, but ended up receiving promotional advets from them as replies.

Can anyone provide me with their UK phone number please.

Posted by Aiman @ 02/16/2005 09:53 AM CST

I applied an Amazon credit card for $30 credit on the first purchase. First, the $30 credit didn't applied on my first order. Second, when I called, they told me they can only give me $25 credit despite that it said $30 on the website.

Posted by Jason @ 02/15/2005 07:06 AM CST

1. I click the option call "1-Click ordering" by accident; the "abebooks" seller charge me immediately, see below I copied the transaction.

2, I emailed no one reply. They charged my money over 20 days, still no book shows.

3, I just want everyone be careful with the "1-Click ordering", it is track, I never signed up. But I can turn off after I learn from that track.

4, Be careful with ABEBOOKS. I found out many customer had problem with them(see the rate)

5, I called Amazon customer service many times and they always asked me contact the seller, but the seller have only email with electronic reply, no one take your problems.

6.Can someone help me? Thank you very much.

From Amazon
From Pending Buyer Payment 25-Jan-2005 10:41:10
Payment Submitted 25-Jan-2005 10:41:10
Processing Payment 25-Jan-2005 10:41:41
Completed 25-Jan-2005 10:42:30

Posted by JinYan @ 02/14/2005 08:45 PM CST

THANK YOU for posting the Amazon.com Customer Service phone #!!! I was getting all annoyed looking for it on their website and finally just googled "amazon.com phone number" and got it from you.

Posted by Laurel Dugan @ 02/14/2005 07:13 AM CST

Thank you so much for posting Amazon.com's phone number! I had a SPECIAL problem (don't we all).
Amazon.com sent me an email because the book I had order for Christmas was STILL not available on the 13th of February and they wanted to know if I would approve or disapprove the wait. Unfortunately, the only possible responses on the email were "make changes" or "continue shopping". I clicked all over the place not really knowing whether they could tell that I was approving the wait. Thank goodness you posted the phone number so I could speak with a real live person who politely and quickly took care of the problem.

Posted by Mike McHugh @ 02/13/2005 09:59 PM CST

Funny - I called it, it said I can change things online, and hung up on me!

Posted by Rosewood @ 02/13/2005 06:06 PM CST

Thanks a ton....
I don't know when will amazon understand that all one has to do is go on google and get the # they are shamelessly trying to hide...

Posted by Ash @ 02/11/2005 10:23 AM CST

I'm sure this has stung a few of you out there - I use the Wish List to simplify shopping for my family, which is spread across the globe. Unfortunately it is quite easy to purchase something off of the wish list, but not have it removed from the wish list. Due to this oversight in the Wish List's design, I have received several duplicate gifts over the last couple of years.
I went to the online customer service portion of Amazon, and filled in the return information. Unfortunately they did not have the return reason "The Wish List confused gift givers, and so I received multiple copies of the same thing." I selected reason "Other" and proceeded. At the end, the auto-response told me that since it was not Amazon's fault, they will deduct the return shipping from my refund. This is petty, but I don't believe I should be penalized for what I believe is a fault in their system.
Long story short, the online customer service gave me the run around, so I tracked down the number and problem solved.
I did learn that I will be handling my wish list outside of Amazon from now on. Thanks for posting the number, it is a true service to folks.

Posted by Wish List my *** @ 02/09/2005 02:52 PM CST

Thank you for posting this. I have been all over their site and was getting very frustrated that I could not find it.

Posted by Wade @ 02/04/2005 05:21 PM CST

Hey Amazon.com , finally I got your phone number man. The problem is , they said my item has been delivered and I didn't got it. Thanks for the Posting the amazon number. Instead of searching anything on anywebsite , better search on google , it will definitely get you... long live gooooooooooggggle..........

Posted by SivaSundaram @ 02/02/2005 03:34 PM CST

I use google all the time and luckily I thought of doing so tonight in order to get a phone # in order to return a recent order I received from amazon.com. I, too, couldn't believe how they really discourage people from trying to contact via the telephone. Thanks for setting up this webpage with their phone number.

Posted by Karen Andrews @ 02/01/2005 08:50 PM CST

Amazon is the wost rund company ever! I was stolen more than 450 dlls because an order was place with no authorization. The company deny reinsbursement.

TO H*** with amazon!

Posted by -- @ 02/01/2005 06:50 PM CST

chi, was your order MARKETPLACE...which does NOT come from Amazon.com??? if so, don't blame Amazon.com, blame yourself for probably buying the book at the last minute from a seller. and if it was from a seller, maybe you should check their ratings....
if it did come from amazon, sorry your book was late...did you ever think that maybe it's UPS, FedEx, USPS's fault??? everyone's so quick to blame the retailer these days.

Posted by DJ @ 01/29/2005 08:35 PM CST

A million thanks for posting the #. I wish I would've had the opportunity to read everyone's Amazon.com experiences before I placed my own order b/c I would've NEVER ordered with them. I too have yet to receive my order had a guaranteed shipping date. It was a textbook for school. Now I'm forced to fail my first quiz! What a way to begin the semester.

Posted by chi @ 01/28/2005 01:08 PM CST

Thank you so much for this web site. I spent about an hour looking for the customer service phone number, it wasn't there. So thank you again so much for this web site. I hope more people can find this site when they are dealing with Amazon.com

Posted by PSX @ 01/26/2005 09:35 PM CST

I placed my order on August 30,2004, paid for it with a check #9074 in the emount of $20.93, you cashed my check months ago and I am still waiting for my order # 102-8618734-3146533. the book The Legend Of Mammy Jane now you have had almost 5 months to get my order to me, I want it now, not another 4 or 5 months from now, I WANT IT NOW, geraldine (jeri)Chavis .

Posted by Geraldine (Jeri ) Chavis @ 01/25/2005 12:45 PM CST

Items vanished from my order when I went to place the final step... which them caused me to have to pay shipping. Without you publishing this number I would have never found them! Thanks.

PS I'm selling my stock in this company today!

Posted by Jack @ 01/24/2005 03:26 PM CST

Amazon must intentionally make it very difficult to return an item. I did the return thing through their website which supposedly was going to allow me to print out a return mailing label - got an error message instead, then emailed customer service. Got a very apologetic email back from the "you cannot reply back" email source saying I would now get a return label in the mail in 7-14 days. Nothing about who to contact if I don't. Now, 15 days later, no mailing label, so I call the mystery phone number gotten thru this site to get the address to mail the sucker back to. What on earth is the big secret? Why on earth do they not put their return address on the invoice that comes with the item? Sheesh!

Posted by Heidi @ 01/21/2005 08:02 PM CST


Posted by tasha @ 01/20/2005 02:57 PM CST

We are having a TERRIBLE time with Amazon. They charged us twice for the same item and have been terrible about clearing up the error they made! I am going to CALL them now that I have the customer service number thanks to ASK JEEVES!

Posted by Jodi Suzanne @ 01/14/2005 12:26 PM CST

I wasted about an hour looking for the direct phone number to customer service ("It HAS to be here, somewhere?!?"), finally found it through this website. Of course, when I got through, the cell phone help desk was closed for the night (only open 10am - 7pm, I forgot to ask which time zone that was). Still, your webpage saved me even more grief. Thanks, Echoes!

p.s. I just got off the phone with the amazon.com customer service, and in all fairness to them, they were polite, professional, and solved my problem in minutes. For such a great service, why don't we make them more readily available? Then again, maybe that's why they're so good (best kept secret and all)... ;)

Posted by Klax @ 01/13/2005 09:55 AM CST

Unbelievable. I hit this site in two seconds after spending half an hour on Amazon's site going in circles looking for a number. Thanks for your common sense.


Posted by David @ 01/12/2005 10:04 PM CST

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the number...it's absolutely ludicrous that a company as immense as this one could possibly treat its customers with so little respect as to not even have a phone number located anywhere on the website...thanks again.

Posted by dustin @ 01/10/2005 06:41 PM CST

Thanks very much to all of Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jim McG @ 01/07/2005 11:32 PM CST

Thank-you for the number. I can't believe they do not have their number on their site.

Posted by Eusheia Living @ 01/05/2005 03:13 PM CST

Thanks alot!!

Posted by Me @ 12/30/2004 10:05 PM CST

Andrew, you're proving my point! Read the other posts will you. Most people on here talk about how they got the phone number from google. And how this site is listed #1 on the google list. If it's just too hard for you to form the thought in your mind -"amazon customer service phone number"- then *you* are one of the people that should just turn your computer off and sell the thing. All you did was prove my point. Some people shouldn't be online. Oh, I sure was impressed by your proctologist joke. Does your mommy know you're on her computer?

Posted by Shaking my head at andrew this time...... @ 12/29/2004 07:48 AM CST

Just a heads up, calling 800-201-7575 from the US gives an interminable number of automated options, with no way to speak to a regular representative. Calling 206-266-2992, supposedly for international customers only, immediately takes you to a real, honest to god person.

Posted by Jamie @ 12/28/2004 11:48 AM CST

HEY Amazon4me and the other twit(Shaking my head at the stupidity of some people) you two stupidity share holders say look in goggle for phone numbers for yahoo and use the help desk at customer service don't you think the 700 odd people who have left comments haven't tried that?? Or are you two the only intelligent people out their? #1 the customer service email is a joke it returns your email marked unable to deliver, and NO, their is NO. I repeat NO phone number anywhere on the yahoo site or goggle search. May i ask what brought you to this particular site? Would it be that you yourself needed the phone number?Or are you so intelligent that you have no friends and just sit and surf the net aimlessly looking for cheap thrills?? By the way the proctologist called ,,,,,,,he said he found your heads!!!!

Posted by andrew @ 12/28/2004 02:37 AM CST

Thank you for posting this phone number. I searched and searched the site, but found no number. Thanks, I really appreciate it because I had an order that was suppposed to be guarenteed by Christmas, and it never came.

Posted by LaQuanda @ 12/27/2004 05:39 PM CST

It's amazing with all the whining that any of these posters was actually capable of placing an order on Amazon!

Have any of you ever bothered to look at the Amazon "Help" pages? The contact information is right there- Left Side in Plain View....it says "Contact Customer Service"
- no they don't post their phone number....this is the internet... remember....e-mail???
And if you're smart enough to place an order...you should be smart enough to Google...
Maybe if you read the order form BEFORE you pressed that "place your order button" or read the promotional offer details or god forbid, actually checked your shipping address or credit card details...you wouldn't be looking to blame Amazon for your mistakes.
Granted, they are huge, they make mistakes, but they didn't place your order...you did and they have to fix the messes you made.....and when they can't they tell you why.... So take some responsibility for what you do- and stop blaming them....

Posted by Amazon4me @ 12/26/2004 08:52 PM CST

As someone else said in another post on this page: this is hiliarious. Look at how many people will search for "hours" or "days", or as one person even said "till I almost died". Or how about the people that call banks, credit card companies, or even their credit union? Come on people, if it takes you that long to think of doing a Google search, you shouldn't be doing anything on the internet. Especially ordering from an online store. Get real people! You have to be able to think to use the internet, it's obvious that most of the posters on this site have no idea of how to do that. I will say thanks for putting the number on this site though. It should be out there somewhere for the people that really do need it.

Posted by Shaking my head at the stupidity of some people. @ 12/25/2004 08:51 AM CST

Thanks for posting this! The Christmas present ordered for my dad 2-day shipping paid ($20) and ordered on 12/16 still hasn't shipped. This baby's getting cancelled! Merry Christmas :)

Posted by magda @ 12/24/2004 02:56 PM CST

You know I just cant believe that a company that makes so much money hand over fist would be so ignorant as to not have a company phone number available to the general public and its members. Shame on you Amazon!
Has anyone else tried the customer support email? I keep getting a returned email notice in my in box whenever I try. Strange that the email wont work but the corporate vacuum cleaner sure can suck the cash out of my bank account faster than you can say double click! Trying to get a hold of a real person is like applying for parole in Texas while on death row in a election year. Anyway I would just like to say to the guy who put up this phone number BRAVO!!!!! Thank you very much.

Posted by Andrew strelley @ 12/23/2004 02:50 PM CST

Thank you so much for posting the number. It helped me a lot to follow up on my order. They lack information on their customer support. Thanks a lot!!!

Posted by ikm0y @ 12/22/2004 09:07 PM CST

you rock thank you so MUCH!!

Posted by kate @ 12/21/2004 05:40 PM CST

Amazons website is down for the count. Bet theyre dying losing all the money

Posted by David @ 12/21/2004 05:26 PM CST

Thank you very much i wasted alot of time looking for the number on their webpage.

Posted by Fernando @ 12/20/2004 07:45 PM CST

The customer service at amazon is lacking . . . They have been reviewing my replacement order on my phone for week, and still haven't shipped it??

Posted by Chris @ 12/18/2004 02:39 PM CST

You comment posting rejects are a dissappointment to the human race. You are the reason that a conglomerate such as Amazon.com can flurish so deviously. Have you nothing better to do than waste an hour searching for a contact number! Had I nothing better to do I would comment on the idolization of the godlike wonderous Amazon number poster!! For those of you who don't know what 'idolization' means why don't you google it! For those of you whom are offended by this, I implore you to attempt to catch me soaring through cyber-space while your wife prays on my god-like membrane! Go Amazon!! Where can I apply!?

Posted by DatPhaAssKat @ 12/16/2004 02:25 PM CST

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Celeste @ 12/16/2004 01:28 PM CST

This was so helpful. I was incredibly frustrated with Amazon because their website was absolutely no help. I still think it's ridiculous that they don't post a phone number or e-mail address but I ended up having a good experience with the phone customer service. It's clear that they outsource customer service to India so I was annoyed at first that I couldn't understand the person on the other line. BUT, he ended up being extremely nice and upgraded my shipping for free.

Posted by Erin @ 12/16/2004 12:50 PM CST

Thank you so much please keep this number out there for others like us who needed to talk to a REAL person to fix the problem instead of a computer. It's a good thing I saved my email from them saying I had placed an order because when I signed in it was telling me I had no shipments or orders EVER placed with them!!!! I cant believe they didn't have the number on their web page and when I sent the email from their web page asking for help I didn't get a reply...BUT they dont hesitate to sennd me advertisements offering me their stuff....it will be my last order to them!!!

Posted by HatintheAmazon @ 12/16/2004 12:10 PM CST

thank you for the yahoo customer service #. It keeps rejecting my set up for an e-mail account and i need to talk to someone to find out why.

Posted by mary @ 12/15/2004 10:24 AM CST

Amazon.com is full of it. They are a bunch of crooks. Don't trust them. How can a company not post a phone number nor email address. Something is mighty fishy! Thanks for the number.

Posted by Cookie @ 12/14/2004 02:32 PM CST

I can't believe you can't find a number for Amazon.com. Thanks for keeping it posted!

Posted by I couldn't find it either! @ 12/14/2004 02:13 PM CST

I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it - thanks so much for posting this!

Posted by CMN @ 12/13/2004 05:19 PM CST

Thanks for the Amazon number, it worked well. Shame on Amazon for hiding it so.

Posted by Fyodor @ 12/11/2004 02:28 AM CST


Posted by Tom @ 12/10/2004 09:13 PM CST

thanks for the amazon number. i searched until i found it here. thanks so much. it's dumb that they dont list their number on the site for obvious reasons. but it's irritating if you have placed an order and want to contact them. thanks to you for doing the leg work for us and helping all of us out. will save the number for future ref.


Posted by Jannki Mithaiwala @ 12/10/2004 01:52 PM CST

I just wish I had thought to search google before I spent 30 minutes scouring the Amazon.com website for a contact phone #. Thank you so much for posting this number.

Posted by Barbara @ 12/10/2004 01:01 PM CST

All I can say is... I agree..... very poor customer service... makes one wonder if they are hoping to get away with things. I commend you for keeping your page up and current, I see you've been at it awhile. Like others, this is the ONLY place I could find their number, and you are the first in the google search. Pretty pathetic on Amazon's part, I would say.

Posted by Vicki @ 12/08/2004 03:52 PM CST

Thanks for the number!! Amazon is full of a bunch of crooks...they need to pay.

Posted by Whitney @ 12/06/2004 09:40 PM CST

go to www.lostcustomer.com

Posted by helpful site @ 12/05/2004 11:53 PM CST

You are a life saver .....

Posted by KD @ 12/03/2004 05:41 PM CST

Thanks a bunch. I wasted so much time. Looking. Everything can not be done at Amazon's site. Thanks again.

Posted by David Ochoa @ 12/03/2004 11:54 AM CST

Thanks a million......couldn't have asked for more!

Posted by Ketan @ 12/01/2004 12:18 AM CST

Didn't call on time to cancell my amazon order BUT thanxs anyway...i was going CRAZIE looking and looking for the number.

Posted by Diana @ 11/30/2004 07:41 PM CST

Thank you sooooo much for this #. They sent me an order confirmation for a one touch order that I did not even know that I placed (by accident) and when I tried to go online and cancel their system was down and would not let me, and when it finally came back up it was too late to cancel. I found this site and called them and they fixed it for me (at least they said they will?!) Hallelujah! and thanks again

Posted by Bruce @ 11/30/2004 03:39 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number. It works and the wait time is almost 0!

Posted by Abhi @ 11/27/2004 04:08 PM CST

Thanks a lot for posting the telephone number. I called that and got the .CA number from the person who answered. Later I found that you already have it in one of your comments. I will write it here again. Amazon.CA 1-877-586-3230.

Posted by Atul Ratra @ 11/25/2004 08:40 AM CST

Guess what - they no longer answer the phone number

Posted by Phil Vaile @ 11/24/2004 04:35 PM CST

Thanks for the Amazon number, I am a seller, and I have not been able to contact them about taking too much commission... That is just not right! THANK YOU YOU ROCK!!
You are still the first on the search!

Posted by Lisa @ 11/22/2004 02:24 AM CST

first hit for amazon customer service phone number on google. thank you :)

Posted by wylie @ 11/18/2004 11:36 PM CST

thank you so much they handled my problem. the upsetting thing is that my sister used to work at amazon and now they're one of THOSE companies who has shipped our good paying jobs to india. shame on them. these people don't pay taxes or put money back into our economy and you wonder why our economy is in the tank. the BA encourages companies to do this they get tax breaks. SUCKS! united states of india.

Posted by nichole @ 11/17/2004 03:44 PM CST

I'm in the military and i use a gov. credit card regularly and i had a mix up on an order with government money after seeing the number here you saved my day and possibly my career. Thank you.

Posted by PFC Johnson @ 11/15/2004 05:23 AM CST

After talking to Amazon for about 25 minutes, they finally solved my problem. THANK YOU!!

Posted by J-Horn @ 11/13/2004 08:24 PM CST

Think really hard before spending 125-150.00 for a Braun Synchro shaver. They are really nice until you need something for them.. Then you will wait for about a month (not Joking) for them to reply to your e-mail, then when you get someone after you will find you have the wrong phone number (which is the one they gave you).. Then you will wait on hold forever and if the person doesn't like you they hang up in your face.. But after you buy the shaver if you need a 25 cent part you must send it to an authorized service center with a check for 65.00 and they will install this 25 cent part.. But you can not purchase it anywhere.. Braun nor any of their service centers will sell it to you even if it just snaps on.. Or for 48.00 they will sell you a refurbished razor/shaver and from the reviews they suck too.. So beware before buying anything Braun.. You cannot get service after the sell... Just a lot of Hell!

Posted by Phil @ 10/04/2004 06:33 PM CST

Well, you people are nerds galore!


Posted by Stinky @ 10/04/2004 08:44 AM CST

Very smart and generous posting.

Posted by Omer @ 10/03/2004 09:50 AM CST

One word: godsend.

Posted by T.R. @ 10/02/2004 10:26 PM CST

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was going crazy trying to find their phone number. I found their service HORRIBLE. I ended up looking up in "yahoo" their phone number and came up with your reference. Thank you again!

Posted by rachelle @ 10/01/2004 09:12 AM CST

Just like the hundreds of other people on this site, I, too, would like to thank you very much. I was not getting any responses to my email for an item that I had returned and was not being credited. I talked to a "live" person this morning and she was very helpful! Thank you again.

Posted by Maggie @ 10/01/2004 09:03 AM CST

That worked a treat!
Nice people too at the end of the phone. In a perverse way, I am happy the way it is that at least you don't have to wait to talk to some one.

Posted by Vinod @ 09/30/2004 02:31 AM CST

thank you!!! you are a god!!

Posted by tracy poindexter @ 09/29/2004 09:49 PM CST

Thanks Loads! Amazon's number now resides in my cell phone.
PS. this page is hilarious!

Posted by Kim @ 09/29/2004 07:27 PM CST

thanks, was impossible to find it on their site

Posted by mottie @ 09/29/2004 10:42 AM CST

Thank you! FYI, if you're calling from the UK, you need to dial 001 first as it's a United States number. I'm still on hold (8 mins so far) so if I ever get through I'll let you know how helpful/crap they are. I suspect the latter.

Posted by Saran Sahemi @ 09/29/2004 06:23 AM CST

Man u r God!
Do u know your link it´s the first hit when u google to "Amazon.com Phone Number"
Thanks man...

Posted by Langus @ 09/28/2004 11:37 PM CST

Thank you so much for the number, my shippment was over a week late and the information on the website did not tell me anything. I also found out that if you don't press any options when calling customer service you get a live person. (just to save you some time)

Posted by michelle @ 09/28/2004 04:12 PM CST

Thanks for the number, I was going nuts looking for it!!!!

Posted by Denise @ 09/28/2004 11:20 AM CST

Thanks a billion.... That was very kind of you to put the amazon CS phone no on web. As u see, it has helped so many of us... once again... thank you...

Posted by Karthik @ 09/26/2004 09:53 AM CST

I need this number badly help.

Posted by wattie @ 09/26/2004 08:49 AM CST

Thanks so much ... I too was in the endless loop of Amazon automation and this number is what I needed!

Posted by Kevin K @ 09/23/2004 02:17 AM CST

A million thanks! The number got the job done in two minutes. Thanks to you and google!

Posted by Carol S. @ 09/21/2004 07:17 PM CST

beware of Olivia on Amazon.com she misrepresents books that she sells. She listed the book that I wanted under the 6th edition page and put "4 questions e-mail me". She explained to me that the #4 above was for the edition #. She refused to give me a refund and I had to call amazon in order to get my money back. Thanks a ton for the phone # now I'm getting my money back and I can buy the proper book for my class.

Posted by doughnuts484 @ 09/21/2004 02:30 PM CST

you kick ass, man! thank you!

Posted by sammi brady @ 09/20/2004 07:45 PM CST

Yet another very happy person to have found the Amazon.com customer service phone number online. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Posted by Jeff Howard @ 09/20/2004 02:35 PM CST

You are a God send, thanks a million. I needed Amazon.com Customer Service Number to ask a very important question regarding shipping that was not included in their information and I could not find one. They only list a request info. email address and no one ever respond to your email request.

Posted by Juliet @ 09/20/2004 02:34 PM CST

Mega THANKS! You saved the day for me.

Posted by Charlie @ 09/20/2004 01:17 PM CST

Thanks a ton Im from India and was completly lost on my 350$ order and 350$ is good for living expenses for 1 month here

Posted by Aatish Babani @ 09/20/2004 10:51 AM CST

Thank you soooo much. This will help me spread my propaganda

Posted by Ann Coulter @ 09/17/2004 05:02 PM CST

You are so wonderful for listing their phone number. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to jump from one "help" link to another only to find yourself back where you started.

Posted by soraya grieser @ 09/16/2004 11:46 AM CST

I too have spent days emailing their customer service and have yet to receive a reply. Thank you giving out this info. I was shocked to see how many other people are as frustrated as I am.

Posted by Rita @ 09/16/2004 10:30 AM CST

Thank you so much for having this information available! It's two years later and the phone number is still nowhere to be found on the website!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer @ 09/15/2004 04:00 PM CST

thank you so much! this is the most incredibly helpful thing since the steam engine!

Posted by friend or foe @ 09/14/2004 06:09 PM CST

Thanks for posting the Toll Free number to Amazon.com. I asked the Rep. who answered my call why the number wasn't posted on the site and he said that they were getting too many calls that had nothing to do with service issues. So I guess the rest of us had to suffer for that...shame on Amazon.com. Kudos to the CS Rep. though who was so very kind and helpful.

Posted by Sam-025 @ 09/13/2004 08:35 PM CST

We kiss you. The Earth you walk on, it is Holy. Your service to Mankind & Womankind is kind beyond measure, and we appreciate you posting the Amazon number.Peace

Posted by Happy Camper @ 09/09/2004 09:06 PM CST

Thank-you so very much for posting the phone number for amazon.com.
I have been searching every where. I even called our credit union to see if they had a contact number.Thank-you!!
Jennifer Lopez

Posted by Jennifer Lopez @ 09/09/2004 11:17 AM CST

You're a god-send for posting the Amazon Customer Service Number. I cannot believe a company would not post a contact number. How's that for customer service?

Posted by S @ 09/08/2004 03:08 PM CST

This is the greatest, Thank You SO MUCH........

Posted by Jay @ 09/08/2004 12:03 PM CST

Thank you so very much. I spent hours going through web sites, calling banks, etc. and was unable to find a contact after they charged us for something that we had no knowledge what it was. I couldn't believe it when I decided to type in phone number for amazon.com on google and there it was. I can't thank you enough....and yes, amazon has some customer relations issues....I e-mailed them several times too and no response!

Posted by Karen Penfold @ 09/08/2004 08:50 AM CST

I have to agree with many people here , suddenly amazon is beginning to suck. How the hell do they not provide a customer service number? "Contact Us" ???? They are not even very helpful. I emailed them several times and never got any responses. They are getting a really bad rep. I will join the pool of unhappy customers and not buy anything from them again!

Posted by Someone Special @ 09/06/2004 02:09 PM CST

You are a god!

Posted by Jeffrey @ 09/06/2004 12:55 PM CST

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I thought it was just me. I searched the Amazon.com site for a phone number and couldn't find it. I am so appreciate of your web page!!!

Posted by Ami @ 09/04/2004 07:34 PM CST

Thanks for posting this number b/c I looked for this number for so long and it's like they are hiding it from us. My order is taking forever to get here so I see why they'd hide it.

Posted by John @ 09/04/2004 06:27 PM CST

You guys who complain about Amazon.com don't follow directions. It is the easiest website if you follow directions. Most of you have your head so far up you a-- that you overlook things. If you ask a complete question they help you in an email. Read the da-- website. It has step by step instructions. I have had perfect orders from Amazon.com and never had to use the phone number. There are alot of computer classes out there take a course.......

Posted by ray @ 09/02/2004 08:17 PM CST

Amazon has given me nothing but hell!

Posted by I 'd like to joing the club! @ 09/02/2004 03:24 PM CST

Many phone/e-mail/fax numbers at:


Posted by E Hoard @ 09/02/2004 09:31 AM CST

thank you for posting this number!! now i hope we will get the problem resolved.

Posted by karlar @ 09/01/2004 04:40 PM CST

I want to thank to who ever posted this amazon phone number on the web. I have been searching this phone number for weeks and was not easy finding it. Again, I want to say thank you so much for your big help buddy!!!

Posted by hamdi @ 09/01/2004 02:41 PM CST

Thanks man.
I tried almost till i die ,I wanted to get my order cancel and i was not able to get ohone no.
thanks whoever has created this.

Posted by jay @ 09/01/2004 12:02 AM CST

I understand why Amazon hides their number, and I don't mind the fact that it requires half a brain to search the web for it rather than their website. Of course, that would still be useless if you had not so generously gone to the effort of created and maintaining this webpage. Since I am leaving for Burning Man in two days, I wanted to get this matter resolved ASAP, not wait 24 hours for an e-mailed reply.

I have nothing but kind things to say about their customer service however. Heather rocks!

Posted by Sam Lavanaway @ 08/28/2004 06:46 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number for Amazon, but BEWARE...The following tale:
I did not want to order with a credit card on Amazon's supposedly absoulutely secure website so I clicked the option to call in my credit card but never received the promised prompt with a number. As the days passed and I struggled to find the contact info, I decided to order another book and combine it with the order that was seemingly frozen in cyberspace.
Suddenly, upon sending this title to my shopping cart, Amazon announced that the additional book had been shipped ! BUT I HAD NEVER FILLED IN THE PAYMENT INFORMATION!!! I found this number. I called and discovered that a credit card HAD been charged: BUT NOT MINE!!! and that now the item was irrevocably in the shipping system...with perhaps YOUR CARD PAYING FOR IT!!!!!YIKES
Good luck. sd

Posted by sd @ 08/27/2004 04:21 PM CST

Does anyone have a customer service number for Yahoo?

Posted by Gary @ 08/26/2004 05:04 PM CST

Amazing. I spent untold minutes searching the amazon site for a freakin phone number. Thanks.

Posted by Mike Trivisonno @ 08/26/2004 06:28 AM CST

what is the deal with amazon not posting their number?? thanks so much for this site.

Posted by Cara @ 08/24/2004 07:12 PM CST

I was looking for amazons number for some time until i decided to search google... and low-and-behold.. here I am. Thanks you very much for the help. A note to anyone who tried calling and just wants to speak to a human being... stay on the line, don't select any of the numbers, and you will be directed to a CSR who can hopefully, help you out! Thanks again!

Posted by Kristi Trimble @ 08/23/2004 11:43 AM CST

Thank God for this website..I needed to call Amazon about an order that was processing..I search google and low and behold this site pops up...Very nice people at Amazon.com..it's just too bad they don't want any phone calls...I asked the guy why they have no number and he said that there is no number on the website and you must email them asking for it. Just for future reference, if anyone wants the number without the search. Thanks again for posting the number.

Posted by Mark @ 08/20/2004 03:03 PM CST

I searched everywhere for this studpid number. Thank you SO much for posting this for all of us. You are a real gem!!!

Posted by sarah @ 08/20/2004 02:13 PM CST

Thank you very much.

Posted by Kenny C. @ 08/20/2004 03:29 AM CST

Thanks so much!!!!!!!This was a major stress reducer since I was unable to get a response by email and the phone rep was a super help. Great phone customer support! Thanks for the phone number.

Posted by lucia_p @ 08/19/2004 06:46 PM CST

I'm a librarian...and couldn't find this number until I found your site!! Thank you so much. If Karma is real, something very nice should be happening to you everytime someone calls!!


Posted by matthew @ 08/19/2004 08:26 AM CST

Thanks so much! Seems kind of sketchy of Amazon not to publish their customer service number on their website. But at least when I called using this number, I didn't have to be on hold for a half an hour!

Posted by Katie @ 08/18/2004 04:36 PM CST

thank you I was looking all over the amazon customer service page for this number. you saved me

Posted by Gregory Gill @ 08/18/2004 11:35 AM CST

dude you are the man. amazon eats shit sometimes.

Posted by pzy @ 08/17/2004 11:53 AM CST

You're an absolute gem! Thanks darl, has taken me bloody ages to try and find their number on their website....left a sour taste in my mouth down here in Oz.

Posted by Miranda - Australia @ 08/16/2004 09:50 PM CST

.co.uk 44-208-636-9451
.de 49-941-788-788
.fr 33-16-108-1234
.co.jp 81-11-808-3210
.ca (us and ca) 877-586-3230
.ca (intl) 206-266-2882
Target 800-591-3869
.com (us) 800-201-7575
.com (intl) 206-266-2992

Posted by Kirk @ 08/14/2004 08:19 PM CST

amazon.co.uk phone number:


Posted by aimee @ 08/14/2004 08:38 AM CST

Dude, you're DA MAN!!!! Just saved my a*s bro...... Thanks for the number!

Posted by Will @ 08/13/2004 04:16 PM CST

Would anyone be kind wnough to give me the UK amazon address, i oredered an item 4 weeks ago and i have not yet recieved it...


Posted by Chris @ 08/12/2004 02:03 PM CST

You have made me so happy!!! I searched and searched on the Amazon.com website (kept trying to send an email through their form but it wouldnt process!) and, one hit on Google later, your website showed up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Posted by Laura @ 08/12/2004 12:25 PM CST

Dude, You rock! I was messing with the site for 20 minutes trying to change information for an order I had placed and kept on hitting brick walls. I called the number and some guy fixed it for me in 20 seconds!

Posted by sam @ 08/11/2004 08:33 PM CST

I hate Amazon..

Posted by Cat @ 08/11/2004 08:25 AM CST

I thought that I was the only one that could not find the number to amazon.com. They were quick and fast with me, being that I only had one question, and they were nice. However, I wonder why they tend to hide there number so that people will not call them? Thats not good how they hide there number. I could not even find it on the website. Thanks for the number, eventhough I did not get it from this site. But I still thank you just for posting it up, for the rest of us who feel like its unfair. I thought this was some kind of scam at first. But anyway, thanks :-)

Posted by Tasheena @ 08/10/2004 09:23 AM CST

AMAZING! Amazon has "800" number...

AMAZING! Amazon has been noticed by this link that people have been striving to find their customer services number since July 30,2002 and they have not taken any action to meet customers' expectations.

As of August 9, 2004, the comments posted have already reached 710. Hello... does a big wig in the Amazon see all these 710 complains??? Are you guys still searching a right solution or waiting for a big numbers to break a record?


My story is 10 minutes later I have placed my order, I realized that it was a wrong book. And I immediately started searching customer service contact number which took me more than a hour. Finanlly, I talked to a "real" person named Fiane who told me that it was impossible to cancel since it had been entered into shipping processing. (10 minutes ago) However, she promised me to give a full refund when I would return my item.

So I have to wait my full refund until my item is delivered to me and returned to them. See what happens! I'm now crossing my fingers and even my toes.

Posted by Sara Tserenchimed @ 08/09/2004 03:07 PM CST

thank you. I dont have any fingers to dial the phone number and I have a turnicate over my neck. What can I do? Please respond with stupid comments. Thank you

Posted by loom @ 08/09/2004 01:44 PM CST

Thanks, This is a great site. Amazon.com should just list it OR add this link to thier site.

Posted by Bertha @ 08/06/2004 10:59 AM CST

Thanks for listing Amazon.com's #! It was a pain in the a$$ searching for their it on their own site until I decided to do a search on google for it!! Thanks once again!

Posted by Dre @ 08/05/2004 08:48 AM CST

Thank you so much! So I am not the ONLY ONE going crazy on their website looking for a customer service number! I am okay now!

Posted by Julie Moore @ 07/29/2004 06:58 AM CST

Cool!! I just sent off an email and decided to do a google search to see if I could find a phone #. This was the very first link I clicked on. Two minutes later - PROBLEM SOLVED!!

The number is now safely tucked away in my Rolodex!!

Posted by Kellye @ 07/28/2004 10:46 AM CST

It's very kind of you to make this effort for all of us. I've spent couple of hours on looking for an email address or 800 # of Amazon customer services.

Posted by Tiger Lee @ 07/22/2004 04:59 PM CST

THE NUMBER WORKED!!! And within about 2 minutes, problem solved. They were nice, courteous and quick...


Posted by Rev. Mark Charlton @ 07/20/2004 04:00 PM CST

I am glad that I found the Number. BTW isn't it required by federal law or some authority to put your phone number at front of the page. I mean where the poor consumer goes if they lost their stuff or they need a refund. Talking to Amazon.com via email forms takes for ever. I wish we all should challenge amazon.com to put their cutomer service number on their website, but Alas you can not mess with a billion dollar evil empire or do you?

Posted by RJ @ 07/20/2004 10:11 AM CST

Thank you, my life has new meaning, now how about a number for Elvis?

Posted by Steve @ 07/19/2004 03:25 PM CST

Thank you for listing the 800#. I wasted several hours trying to resolve password due to e-mail glitch. Human interaction finally fixed it.

Posted by spkwok @ 07/19/2004 02:58 PM CST

Thank you so much.... I needed that number.. You are wonderful!

Posted by Cathy @ 07/19/2004 08:11 AM CST


I updated my email address, and I ended up typing it in wrong. I didn't realize it until I logged out of amazon.ca, after placing a $60 order, and I couldn'tg et back in!! I spend forever looking for the customer service number, and couldn't find it, but finally found it on this site!! They fixed everything up for me in .5 seconds! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Posted by Dolly @ 07/18/2004 05:54 PM CST


I spent 20 minutes frustratingly looking for a number on their site, then I google-searched and got you.


Posted by J Cantley @ 07/17/2004 10:27 AM CST

For several years, I have been a steady impulse buyer from Amazon.com, happily paying their higher prices under the assumption that their superior customer support policies justified the extra expense. Indeed, several years ago, I discovered a minor problem with their website and reported it. They quickly thanked me for the information, fixed the problem quickly, and gave me dollars-off coupon in gratitude for my efforts. From that point on, the bulk of my disposable income went their way. I'm a sucker for quality customer support.

I recently discovered another minor error in their website. In the course of trying to report it, I discovered some major problems with the way Amazon.com currently operates their customer service department. Here is the story.

I found the minor technical problem shortly after Amazon.com added some new features. One feature was that order confirmations no longer arrived in my inbox in a plain text format. Instead, they arrived in a much prettier .html format. I did not have any real problems with this, but since the .html messages took up more than 16 times more disk space, I would have preferred the text format. Fortunately, Amazon.com included a way to change my personal settings accordingly. This was wonderful! Unfortunately, changing this setting didn't always work. I would make the change, but receive order confirmations in the unwanted .html form several days later.

Given that I was working with a company with a good reputation for customer support, I was not very concerned.

I proceeded to try to report this to their customer service department. This is where things started to go downhill. First, their old email address support@amazon.com, was no longer valid. The only way to contact them was to go through several layers in their website to fill out a form. I did manage to convey my message. I described, step-by-step, the procedure I undertook in an attempt to change my settings so that I would receive messages from them in text rather than in .html. I asked if I had done the procedure correctly and whether there were any known problems with changing the user settings.

I expected to receive either a correction to the the procedure I descrived or at least a request for a copy of one of the .html order confirmation message so that the problem could be debugged from their end.

Instead, I received a message that spent most of its time trying to convince me that .html is better than plain text. The remainder of the message gave me an extremely condensed description of how to change the settings. There was nothing in this condensed description that contradicted what I had already described as doing on my own.

This rubbed me the wrong way. I still held on to the belief that Amazon.com had an outstanding customer support department, but was starting to have a few doubts. Perhaps this misguided response was just an aberration. I certainly hoped so.

So I sent a follow-up message describing why the first response was inadequate. The second response seemed a little more helpful. A different customer service person said that she went ahead and changed my settings from where she was and that I shouldn't have the problem again.

I was encouraged, and resumed my impulse buying.

Unfortunately, a few days later, another order confirmation came into my inbox as .html rather than as text. So I went to the website, jumped through all the appropriate hoops, and tried to explain my situation. In addtion to some meaningless apologies, the response was that my message was reported to the programming department.

I asked to be notified when the problem was found and fixed.

At this point, allow me to stop and provide a little information about Amazon.com's website. It is a marvel in the way it uses database technology. When I go to their website, it knows every purchase I have ever made. It makes reasonable guesses as to which other products I would like to buy. It knows which genres of entertainment I prefer. If I want a product that is currently unavailable, it will tell me when it IS available. Given this amazing technology they have at their disposal, one would think that a customer could notified when requested improvements have been made.

One would think this. One would be wrong.

It appears that Amazon.com has at least three different departments: The marketing department, the technical department, and the customer service department. The marketing department seems to receive the bulk of the funding and the technical department is encouraged to do more work for the marketing department than for the customer service department. It is the customer service department that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to funding, personnel, and access to the talents of the technical department.

Thus, I was told that the technical department had "been informed" of my report. Notifying me when the problem got fixed was out of the question.

So I called the toll-free number that was so generously provided on this website.

After a few unpleasant words, I managed to convince the person on the phone to be sure to inform me when the problem got fixed. I went to Amazon.com's website and followed up by reminding them of the promise made to me over the phone.

This is when I was introduced to Cathy Ceely from Amazon.com's "resolution" department. As I soon discovered, the customer service department fixes problems. Cathy Ceely resolves problems. The two aren't always the same.

Cathy Ceely has two tools at her disposal: She can offer a dollars-off coupon to disgruntled customers and she can write polite flowery email letters that tell an annoying customer to go away and stop bothering Amazon.com (thus "resolving" the issue). She also seems to think that she knows how to offer sincere apologies. To me, a sincere apology is one that demonstrates that you know what you did wrong and includes a promise to do better next time. To Ms. Ceely, a sincere apology is one that includes the word "sincerely" or "deeply" before the word "apologize". She told me that it was impossible to inform when the problem finally got fixed.

If I were completely sane and normal, I would have dropped Amazon.com entirely at this point. Many of my friends would agree that I am NOT entirely sane. I still held out hope that somehow Amazon.com had a good solid customer service policy buried under all the smoke and mirrors.

I compromised. I cancelled several still-unshipped Amazon.com orders. I wrote a snail mail to their corporate office, explaining my situation, promising to cancel the remaining orders unless they could find a way of providing me with timely feedback on the fixing of the problem I reported.

I was successful!

A programmer named Russell Dicker looked into my problem. He sent me an email asking me for the header information on the order confirmations that incorrectly came in as .html. He seemed to be honestly working on the problem. He was certainly asking the right questions.

I took adavantage of Ms. Ceely's coupon and resumed my impulse buying, though at an admittedly slower rate than before. As soon as Mr. Dicker can find and fix this problem, I told myself, I will continue to be a rabid consumer of Amazon.com goods.

On May 27, 2004, Mr. Dicker indicated that they were closing in on the problem and would give me an update "early next week". I took a short vacation after this and pretty much forgot about his promise.

I was spending most of my disposable income elsewhere, but went back to Amazon.com only for hard-to-find items. One of my order confirmations came to me in .html rather than in plain text. This was in July. I sent this confirmation to Mr. Dicker, replete with all of the header information. He did not reply. I reminded him of his month-and-a-half old promise to provide me with an update "early next week". Nothing. I reported this to Cathy Ceely and she, in flowery polite language, told me to go away and stop bothering Amazon.com. (But she did assure me that I am a valuable customer and that I should feel free to order more stuff.) I didn't heed her words. I reminded her of Mr. Dicker's broken promise and insisted that he give me a reply. She "sincerely" apologized that Mr. Dicker "did not have an opportunity" to reply to me. I tried to call up Amazon.com to complain about this. I was told that only Cathy Ceely could handle this issue. I very forcefully expressed my displeasure at this particular policy and hung up.

The next day I got an email message from Russell Dicker.

It employed a very uncharacteristic writing style. Mr. Dicker never wrote messages to me that were more than two lines long. He was very straight forward and to the point. This message contained three paragraphs of very wordy sentences. Unlike all of his other messages, this one provided no information at all. It was full of "sincere" apologies and advised me, in a very flowery polite manner, to go away and stop bothering Amazon.com's customer support. If he signed his messages at all, it was with "russ". This message was signed "Russell Dicker".

Many people that know me will tell you that I may be a little unstable. These same people will also tell you that I am NOT stupid. I went back through the old email messages from Russell Dicker and checked the header information and made a note of the originating IP address. I similarly examined the most recent message I received from Cathy Ceely and saw that it came from a completely different IP address. I then looked at the originating IP address from the recent flowery "go screw yourself" messsage allegedly from Russell Dicker. I was not very surprised to find that it originated from Cathy Ceely's address.

I had a good laugh about that one!!!

I will never again, of course, order anything from Amazon.com.

Posted by John MacKendrick @ 07/14/2004 01:42 PM CST


Posted by Srinivas @ 07/13/2004 07:53 PM CST

It looks like there is more to savings when you lose the "brick and mortar" storefronts. Losing customer service is not far behind.

My story is that I ordered a camera. The tracking info said it shipped but the tracking just kept saying "Billing Information Received". The detail said, "UPS has received shipper's billing information electronically. Billing information received does not indicate shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more details."

I confirmed with UPS that they had not picked up the item. I contact the customer service at Amazon 4 times, each time I got a different person with a different story. None of them appeared to look into the account notes to see what was going on. 1 of them did agree that the item looked lost and for me to verify the address by clicking the link and they'd start the resend process. When I gave them this info, I got another person that told me sorry but wait another week. That's when I started looking for the 800 number posted here. 5 minutes later my problem appears to be solved.

Is outsourcing the answer? It is my belief that Amazon knows none of their CS reps speaks very good English - Dell got screwed on this - so Amazon's solution? Don't let anyone talk with them! That way only the really persistent customers will find the 800 number and speak to their samll group of non-outsourced CS techs. CS will always be online's merchants biggest issue.


Posted by Robert C @ 07/13/2004 01:08 PM CST

That was very thoughtful of you to post Amazon's customer service phone no. Thanks a ton.

Posted by Manju @ 07/12/2004 09:30 PM CST

Guess I'm one of the thousands who have to say Thanks for providing the Amazon.Com Phone #. Have been stewing for 2 weeks looking at the Norelco shaver I ordered and refusing to open it until I resolved the matter of a missing $30 coupon that was to have accompanied the shaver. Spoke with Customer Service who resolved the matter by issuing a credit on my credit card. Glad it's resolved BUT STILL FEEL ANGRY BECAUSE I COULDN'T RESOLVE IT QUICKER SINCE I WROTE 3 TIMES WITHOUT GETTING ANY RESPONSE. Can't understand why they can't have a telephone number available when attempts via email to resolve issues have failed.
Thanks again! BarryL

Posted by Barry L @ 07/10/2004 10:45 AM CST

Thanks for the phone number. I ordered something from amazon.com merchant, they said free shipping for order of $75 and up, but at the checkout, they are charging $7.96 for shipping and handling. I need to call them to credit my account for the shipping amount. And I am on the phone now with a customer service! Very fast! Thanks a lot!

Posted by Mei K @ 07/10/2004 02:18 AM CST

Thanks for the Amazon.com number. It doesn't exist anywhere that's connected to the company. Once I got the number and called, they solved my problem quickly.

Posted by Rob @ 07/08/2004 10:18 PM CST

thanks, I think Amazon doesn want any phone contacts!!!!! But sometimes you still have to do things the "old" fashion way (lol)

Posted by andrea @ 07/08/2004 01:07 PM CST

Thanks for amazon.com ph#

Posted by Nik @ 07/04/2004 04:16 PM CST

I knew that I would not find their customer service number on the amazon.com website. I found the number on this page in a minute. That saved me a trip to home or a 8 hour wait.
Thanks a lot for posting it here !!

Posted by Asim Salam @ 07/02/2004 11:54 AM CST

I can't thank you enough for posting the Amazon.com's 800#. Way to go!!!

Posted by Blackbeard865 @ 07/01/2004 09:24 AM CST

Keep this page and Alex pics forever. It's the two things I always check out on the site.

Posted by Jamie B @ 06/30/2004 10:43 PM CST

I ordered some items on amazon.com on 24th of June and I waited until 28th to see if just the items are shipped but they are not even looking at them. After writing and clicking no everytime they reply for my e-mail, they shipped 1/3 of the order and atlast they say this " Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters. -- Best regards,
Lalit Saldhi, Amazon.com Customer Service ". How can they put products online for purchase and make us wait for so many days for processing the order, is this because they have already got a good reputation and they don't care for new customers.

Posted by Raghava @ 06/28/2004 05:09 PM CST

Thank you so much for the phone #. I couldn't find it anywhere on their site and was getting infuriated!

Posted by Jen @ 06/28/2004 09:04 AM CST

Amazon's corporate offices are in what used to be a Public Health Service hospital in Seattle, on Beacon Hill. My father was a doctor there prior to 1971....I tried to visit the facility once, I was treated like a criminal. One security guy was relatively nice but urged me to sign in as a cellular service rep (!!)... I was grilled asking why I was there, how long I would be and which floors did I want to see (and was clearly told which floors I could NOT go to....with a guard at my side, OF COURSE). No customer service # posted? Not surprised at all!

Posted by Lee Cain @ 06/26/2004 01:15 PM CST

Dude, you are a genius. I'm crying at my inferiority to your mad skills at tracking down their phone number. :]

Posted by Alex Horgen @ 06/25/2004 06:25 PM CST

Thanks for posting the Amazon.com phone number. After searching the Amazon.com site for a reason for wanting to return an item, I couldn't find the correct reason. I wanted to return a 5-disc Various Artists set because the songs were done by a cover band. Yuck! I was able to contact Amazon.com and was reassured that I would get a full refund. The CSR even said he would write up some notes on the item, since there is no indication on the Web page that these songs were not those of the original artists. I am very disappointed in the CD. I was so looking forward to listening to it this weekend!

Posted by Janet @ 06/25/2004 03:56 PM CST

Thank you so much for providing this number! Luckily I didn't have to look very hard. After not finding it on their site I simply typed in "Amazon Customer Service Phone Number" in the Google Search box and this came up right away.

I was able to call Amazon after placing an order yesterday and it showing that the product wasn't going to be delivered until September (it's June now). They were able to tell me that it must have been an error in the confirmation e-mail and the my product was shipped today.

Whew...that was a close one since I had purchased the item to re-sell (and had already re-sold it on eBay). LOL!

Anyway....Thanks a million!

Posted by Amber @ Amber's Bargain Bin @ 06/24/2004 02:07 PM CST

Yay! Thank you so much for sharing the #.

In the end, it didn't help*,
but they were nice,
so kudos to them.

*Lesson Learned: Orders ship in many shipments, and you can not un-expidite
shipping on less urgent parts of the order.
(1 paperback + $14 shipping! @$%##*!!

Posted by Ben Zilla! @ 06/24/2004 02:19 AM CST

YOU ROCK!!!!!!
PS if you yell out bad words in frustration it hangs up on you

Posted by Andria @ 06/23/2004 06:58 PM CST

YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Posted by Andria @ 06/23/2004 06:56 PM CST

Thanks for the Amazon customer service number. I was of a real help. There should be some regulatory athority that insists all the web sites to provide a customer service/contact number.

Posted by John @ 06/23/2004 08:47 AM CST

Thanks so much for the number. I have searched for almost an hour before I found this site with the 1-800 number. You have saved me so much more time and stress.

Posted by Dana @ 06/22/2004 06:27 PM CST

I placed an order from third party vendors on amazon. I forgot to change my recent adress. I can not change it now. Thanks, I got the number from your site. The answer I got is, the vendor must needs to deliver to the adress specified in the order for security reasons. Not blaming amazon, but be careful in the correctness of all fields. I needed to call vendor, but that can cause more problems as some of you have faced. so I am hoping that atleast USPS would help me.

Posted by ml @ 06/22/2004 03:30 AM CST

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know of a 800 # for yahoo????? Please email me at shannkeat@aol.com and let me know.

Posted by Shannon @ 06/16/2004 06:46 PM CST

Hi, can anyone help me find some kind of customer service number for Yahoo?? Thank so much!

Posted by Katie Thomas @ 06/16/2004 03:08 PM CST

thank you for posting amazon customer service number

Posted by rehan @ 06/16/2004 10:54 AM CST

I placed an order using a gift certificate. Its was wireless plan and phone. Amazon.com cannot pass my credit check. I have a good credit standing.

Since they cannot verify my credit, I had to cancel my order. So, upon cancellation, I lost my gift certificate. I emailed them and one told me that there is $20 balance which i CANNOT find and another guy told me that it has expired, expiry date is 2005.

They are really stupid. CAUTION: Do not use gift certificates if you are not sure about the order or itme.

They ate up my $25

Posted by Vishal @ 06/15/2004 11:23 AM CST

Thank you for the Phone #

Posted by Greg @ 06/09/2004 02:02 PM CST

try goggle.com and type in "800 phone number directory", you'll get them all....

Posted by bev @ 06/09/2004 10:56 AM CST

I found the Yahoo general customer service number - 1-408-349-1572

It is useless. I went through 5 minutes of automated menus before an actual person finally picked up the phone. At numerous times, it tries to deflect you back to the website and email.

After being transferred between 3 people, they finally told me that the issue was the store's fault (while the store told me it was Yahoo's fault) and basically pointed me back to the email process.

Yahoo sucks. . . .

Posted by pipardoojoe @ 06/08/2004 02:57 PM CST

I am so glad to have found you through Google in order to find Amazon.com. If I ever get out of this silly deal with them, never again will I shop with them. I have been trying to return a large item that UPS has to pick up and they just keep sending me in circles and saying that I have only " -- days left to return before they double bill me". Thanks again for your help.

Posted by Karen Mallaber @ 06/05/2004 05:48 AM CST

Thanks for posting amazon phone number. I went to amazon web site, I cannot find the phone number.

Posted by Barber @ 06/01/2004 09:50 AM CST

Thank you. I for one will never use Amazon.com again. It should not take 30 hours to download and e-book! I called them and canceled my order and then went to simonsays.com and ordered the same thing for 2 dollars cheaper and the download was instantaneous.

Like most Seattle internet companies, Amazon appears to be big on hype and self promotion and small on actually following through with the goods.

Thanks for the heads up.

Posted by B. Meadows @ 05/29/2004 07:03 PM CST

i need help amazon has my money in there account an my account is closed i cant get in an they say they tried to disburse in my checking routing number is wrong so i fax all in fo now no body awsners me an i called amazon an they said i have to email alliance amazon.com i cant call they say there is no number bull i email no reply help how can i get my money

Posted by bob @ 05/27/2004 06:57 PM CST

I placed a order it the thing said I did not and I should have got the things I had orderd ond did not recive them

Posted by Gabriel @ 05/26/2004 09:41 PM CST

As these other people said, thank you for posting this number. I decided after only a few minutes of looking that it probably wasn't on their site and googled it. Thanks again! :O)

Posted by Duncan Turner @ 05/26/2004 04:05 PM CST

Just spent an hour on the Amazon website before I thought to search the web for their phone number. Thank you so much. I haven't ever had problems with Amazon like some of the folks here have noted, but need to resolve a billing issue before the end of the fiscal year.

Posted by Sharon Browne @ 05/25/2004 09:39 PM CST

I had given up on finding a phone number for Amazon.com. Thank goodness I decided to 'google' for it. Thank you!

Posted by Fran Bickley @ 05/25/2004 08:52 PM CST

Oh my god! Double-check your gift certificate balances -- you never know when they might magically disappear! After redeeming some new gift certificates and placing an order, only a portion of my gift certificate balance was applied to the order and the rest of the balance went to zero, even though the order amount was less than the original gift certificate balance. I emailed Amazon and got no response, and finally found the 1-800 number via Google. It took them one day to resolve the problem after calling, with the reply below. Luckily I had redeemed the certificates right before placing the order, so I knew what the balance should have been. But what about in a few months? If all or part of my gift certificate balance disappears again, will I remember what it was supposed to be or even notice it? I can't believe a company like Amazon can't hire engineers to create a system that doesn't mess up something so important as your cash balance with them!

"After researching your account, I have found that there was a
technical problem regarding the gift certificate funds on your
account. I apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.

We have corrected the error and your current gift certificate
balance is $67.78."

Posted by Gus @ 05/24/2004 06:16 PM CST


Posted by kundan @ 05/24/2004 05:50 PM CST

Thank you!! After an hour trying to resolve the problem on the website.. and looking for their number to no avail. I googled it, thinking others would have had the same problem. Sure enough.

Once I had a human on the other end, which took a few minutes, the problem was solved in 1 minute. What is our time worth? It was indeed not to be solved on the website.


ps, CSE assured me that they were looking into this. Really?

Posted by Anna @ 05/23/2004 03:25 PM CST

i asked for help with my yahoo page and got you, it is NOT working for me any more. it won't go to mail, games, or any thing i punch in. all it will do is TO logged me in and that is that. i used it all the time for everything and now it does not work . WHY????

Posted by laure ellen winningham @ 05/23/2004 10:30 AM CST

Once again...thanks for the help...I can't believe a site with that volume would not post this information. Thanks to you hopefully they are getting the phone calls they deserve.

Posted by RW @ 05/20/2004 04:05 PM CST

truly AMAZING -- you posted a simple public help post almost 2 years ago, and received now 654 comments all of total thanks. Here's another one: I've been at my wits end the last 24 hours until I found your post and resolved my problem with the call. Hours of work and frustration could have been avoided--but for lack of a phone number on the website.


Posted by josh @ 05/19/2004 07:04 PM CST

Awesome, I tried a lot too, to speak to a human to resolve an issue with my order........ thanks for thinking of this nobel idea and to Google for hosting your idea.

Thanks to youi I resolved the my problem with Amazon.


Posted by Anthony premraj @ 05/19/2004 08:54 AM CST

Amazon.com sucks! No customer service # to call on the website. A website that is organized so poorly that it's difficult to find what you really want.
It's difficult to get any reimbursement for products returned. This should be illegal and I'll never do business with amazon.com again.

Posted by Lindy DePue @ 05/19/2004 05:09 AM CST

thanks for posting the amazon's
phone number.i have been sitting
for more than 3hours just to change
a mailing address and looking for
a number on their website. my problem was solved within a minute
after i called them. thanks to you.

Posted by rod @ 05/16/2004 10:17 PM CST

Thanks so much for posting Amazon's phone number! My husband bought a cell phone and did get an order confirmation with an estimated delivery date. Then the date came and went and no phone. Looking on the amazon site under 'Where's my Stuff', there was no entry at all for the order. We sent an email, but didn't get any response. Turns out there was a minor descrepancy between his order and his card info. But, no emails or anything came from amazon to let us know. Now they say it will be two days before somebody gets back to us. I used to shop there alot, but never ever again! They have really gotten bad!

Posted by Crazy Kayze @ 05/14/2004 04:31 PM CST

i have been trying for 1 week to diburse money in to my checking they dont responed to emails an customer servive stinks they say to send alliance emails which they dont reply either what to do

Posted by robert @ 05/13/2004 05:06 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number!!! At last I can have my problem with Amazon solved.

Posted by Hongi @ 05/13/2004 01:29 PM CST

Thanks soooo much!!! I can't thank you enough. I ordered a cd and it was supposed to have 2 discs and it only had one!! I don't know why a company so big doesn't have there phone number on their web site!!

Posted by Jackie @ 05/12/2004 05:05 PM CST

Thanks for posting the number. It was very useful when I needed to cancel an item and the cancel button was not showing up on the order status screen despite the fact that the order was not showing as being prepped for shipment yet. Having said that, however, I must also say that in contrast to many people here I have had a generally positive experience with Amazon over the years.

Posted by Chris @ 05/11/2004 12:50 PM CST

My order form amazon was sent via some courier called DHL and after tracking revealed it was sitting in texas for a week I called DHL and they said amazon never gave them an address to deliver to, just my name and my zip code. What a bunch of dorks (amazon).

Posted by Me @ 05/06/2004 04:48 PM CST

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !! I only wish I had found this site BEFORE pulling out half of my hair trying to find their number. I sell on Amazon, and think it is great. But when a little bump in the road occurs, I couldn't get any help. Thanks so much. Now the next question....anyone know a good hair replacement company?

Posted by Jim Smith @ 05/02/2004 07:47 PM CST

WOW Amazon number, thanks alot what a poor customer services they have and we are still buying from them :(

Posted by Alex @ 04/30/2004 02:37 PM CST

I ordered five books on Sunday. One from a partner, the other five from Amazon. All five said "normally ships in 24 hours." I needed them all right away. Well, I received the book from their partner, and one book from them. But for six days the order page says "preparing your shipment" - that's b.s. as it does not take five days to prepare and order and you can't cancel of change it. I will now refuse the shipment as a call and six emails have not resolved anything. Just finished a letter to Bezos. No more Amazon purchases. Like someone else said here, they used to be good but not anymore.

Posted by duffy @ 04/30/2004 12:12 PM CST

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I sent them two e-mails. The first time I received a ridiculesly meaningless answer. The second time they did not bother to answer. Finally, I called the number given at this site and I received exceptional service. I assume that the executives of Amazon.com have calculated that it is less expensive for them to lose their dissatisfied customers than to provide real customer service. We should let them know what we think about their business philosophy.

Posted by Philip @ 04/29/2004 09:46 AM CST

Damn Thank you so damn much!

Posted by Lauren A Davis @ 04/26/2004 05:26 PM CST

I am still waiting on an order that was placed and paid for in February 2004. I will never purchase anything through Amazon again. Thank you for the phone number.

Posted by Delana Jordan @ 04/26/2004 03:09 PM CST

Thanks for the number, I hate amazon! it is the worst online company ever.

Posted by Carlo @ 04/22/2004 03:21 AM CST


Posted by Alex @ 04/20/2004 04:19 PM CST

I placed an order on 4/5 for a birthday gift on 4/20. I used the free shipping option with an estimated delivery date of 4/17. They didnt send me an email to tell me that my new arrival date is May 6. What a great birthday present.

Posted by k. scott @ 04/20/2004 11:45 AM CST

THANK YOU! I had the world's weirdest problem that I was not about to try to describe in an email, not to mention no time to wait for a response. This phone number just saved me all kinds of money. Also, they guy I talked to really was nice and helpful. Don't give up on your order until you've used the phone number!

Posted by Jenny @ 04/20/2004 10:44 AM CST

You have to pay a price to save a buc at Amazon. My order had to be placed three times since they kept canceling it. Then I couldn't even access my account on the web. Then I just got tired of it and cancelled my account and the order and then a week later they charge my card after I had gone elsewhere to purchase the material. Nice. Take it from these complaints, if you think you are going to save the $20 or so bucs, be prepared to be stressed out for a week or so. Don't think that they will provide customer service.

Posted by Don @ 04/15/2004 06:47 AM CST

Interesting- Enter "201-7575 site:amazon.com" into Google and you get back one hit. Check it out at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00007J8CG/102-5465996-9401732?v=glance

Posted by Al Weiss @ 04/13/2004 01:36 PM CST

Thank you so, much for posting amazon's customer service number. I have been emailing them for the last two weeks about the order I never received, and like you could not find a number. Thanks again.

Posted by Stacy O'Neill @ 04/13/2004 08:16 AM CST

I just recieved a 27" flat screen tv by fed-ex that I ordered from amazon. I was not here to recieve the package directly so my grandfather signed for it. First let me tell you it was deliverd upside down and the bottom of the box was retaped shut. Then upon opening the box the T.V. was completly destroyed the housing was mauled the tube was disconnected from the housing. When I saw this I immediatly contacted Amazon via e-mail and was told via email that I should have examined the package beform I signed for it. They said it is noted in their return policy which if you are not looking for it is about as hard to find as a phone number for them. which I got buy contacting the better business burea. The people there told me if this matter is not resoveld accoringly to contact them again and make a report.

Posted by Jerry @ 04/12/2004 05:37 PM CST

Thank goodness for you. I was beginning to wonder if I was retarded or something. It is impossible to find a phone number or email address for amazon.com and the deliveries are getting so messed up anymore. Thanks to you I have the phone number now and have straightened out my problem. Website is still very unfriendly.

Posted by nancy @ 04/12/2004 03:49 PM CST

Thank u so much.... Everytime I need the number I have a lot of searching to do before I get it....Today was one of those days....I really appreciate this website....Thanks a million

Posted by Sam @ 04/12/2004 01:21 PM CST

THANK YOU! I was determined to call them and thanks to you now I can. Nobody wants to answer a phone anymore!

Posted by Elaine @ 04/09/2004 12:29 PM CST

They used to be good but are now beginning to get atrocious. I thought my last order going astray was bad enough but my current order was again sent to some random place (I live in Chicago and the order was delivered and even accepted at some place called Momence - and no, I have no idea where this place is). Thanks to this website, I atleast could talk to someone and have it resolved. The usual website interface is terrible and aggravating.

Even though they did resolve the issue, they have just lost another customer. Sending packages not once, but twice in succession to random places is simply unacceptable for a mail-order company.

Posted by Srikant Marakani @ 04/07/2004 10:18 AM CST

You saved me. Thanks for the CS number. I purchased an ink cartridge through a third party seller and it was defective. Emailed Amazon and was given the email for the third party. Emailed third party and no response. Emailed Amazon again and was told the 60 day period had expired. It was only over by 5 days. Wrote to Amazon a month ago and no response. After getting the CS phone from your site I called them. Told the rep the entire story and was told her boss would review it and email me in two days with an answer. I also told the rep I have no intension of ordering from Amazon until this problem is resolved in my favor with a full refund. I will let you know if I am successful or not.

Posted by Judy @ 04/06/2004 09:49 AM CST

I can't even find an e-mail address for these people.

Posted by halp @ 04/06/2004 01:33 AM CST

You are a god send...i thought I'd be the only one googling for where in the world is the amazon number listed on their website...ahhh so frustrating!!! peace out.

Posted by Michelle @ 04/06/2004 01:02 AM CST

Thanks for the number.
I was given a Amazon gift certificate for my birthday. The person gave me a printout of the reciepte with the order number. The invoice never got sent to my e-mail. I sent a "need help" type thing in the "Contact us" section, was told that they'd get back to me in 24 hours. That was four days ago

Posted by Paul G @ 04/06/2004 12:36 AM CST


Posted by average joe @ 04/01/2004 11:25 AM CST

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this phone number!!!Once you actually reach a human being on the phone, they are pleasant and do try to be helpful.
Good holidays to all.

Posted by Madeleine Cohen Oakley @ 04/01/2004 11:09 AM CST

How does this company stay in business? I hope that all of you who posted comments about having major problems with Amazon take your business elsewhere.

Posted by Going to Barnes & Noble.com @ 04/01/2004 12:09 AM CST

I just had the ship date for the book I ordered pushed back 4-6 weeks. I'm a student and by the time the book comes I'll be finished with the class. I called this number and they refunded my $20 shipping fee (I will still need the book even after my class is over). Thank you very much for posting this #!!!

Posted by Kevin @ 03/30/2004 01:14 PM CST

I have been having trouble logging on to Amazon.com. When it asked for my e-mail address it came up with a strange mixture of characters. I tried typing the correct address in, but Amazon refused it. I tried signing in as a new customer, but it kept coming up with the nonsensicle addresses.

I found this wonderful site and called customer support and got a person. He said very politely that he could not fix it - it was to do with the "auto remember" and he could not do anything about it! I told him he was losing a five years' customer. He replied "Thank you for calling Amazon"!

Time to sell Amazon stock.

Posted by Gaby @ 03/29/2004 09:15 PM CST

Thanks for the number. They had lost my item, but resent it for free and upgraded my shipping.

Posted by LC @ 03/25/2004 09:21 PM CST

Glad to see I'm not the only idiot in the world. After receiving two defective home theater systems from amazon.com and having at least 10 emails from them stating that they would have UPS pick them up for credit I finally sent all the information I had (I've document everything)to the Ohio's Attorney General's office, my credit card company and their coporate office. It took three months, but amazon.com is finally issuing me credit on my card. If the government isn't going to regulate these crooks them we need to make the government take care of the problems that there loose regulations allow to crop up.

Posted by Mike Hatch @ 03/24/2004 11:51 AM CST

After endless e-mails from "customer service" in which no effort was spared to inform me how very stupid I am, I found your posting of the 800 number and, perhaps, am on my way to a solution.
P.S. I will never use any credit card but AmEx with Amazon! If you have a dispute, AmEx intervenes.

Posted by Jana @ 03/23/2004 03:40 PM CST

It gets worse. I ordered from them last week. This morning the order was listed as shipped. Tonight the order has been DELETED. It no longer shows up! I did the good-girl thing and tried to e-mail them from their web site. Several times. They REFUSED my e-mails! Wouldn't even read them. So I'm screwed. I can't get my books. I can't get my money. They don't give a damn.

Posted by Becca @ 03/23/2004 01:34 AM CST

if you can not cancel your order,
what happen if you don't pick up your order purposely, your order return to Amazon.com. Will Amazon.com refund you money?

Posted by john lee @ 03/20/2004 09:27 PM CST

Thank you for posting this

Posted by Jon @ 03/09/2004 02:22 PM CST

(206) 266-1000. Maybe after recieving enough frustrated callers, they will post out of hopes of not dealing with callers at corporate offices.

Posted by EXPRESS YOUR FRUSTRATION @ 03/05/2004 11:37 AM CST

Finally!!! Thanks so much for the phone number.

Posted by Gary @ 03/03/2004 08:27 PM CST

Thank you so much for posting the Amazon phone number. I wonder if Amazon, realizes in their cost cutting measure of not providing the phone number has move sales to Barnes and Noble, where their phone number is listed - Barnes and Noble: If you'd prefer to talk to us directly, call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665). International customers should call us at 201-272-3651.

Posted by Richard @ 03/02/2004 12:45 PM CST

AMAZING the hoops Amazon forces you to jump through as a customer!

I've been waiting over 2 weeks for my order, closely monitoring the shipping status info and contacting USPS (the chosen shipper by Amazon), only to discover that my shipment had been returned to their fulfillment center. After 3 futile email exchanges that contained absolutely no offer of assistance or resolution to my problem, I searched everywhere on their website for a number to call. Of course, as everybody here knows, no phone number in sight. It is absolutely shameful how a company like this can continue to get away with not disclosing a phone number. Imagine how many customer problems (and the associated headaches) could be resolved with a simple conversation with a live person.

Well, I googled their customer service phone number to find your website (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and immediately called them up. What transpired was more useless banter from a CSR, so I asked to speak with a manager. Well, no manager was present so I was transferred to a "team leader" instead. After a few minutes of heated discussion, I am finally told that the only viable solution is to reorder my items and they will honor the original prices (since the prices have changed since my initial order). Also, supposedly, my initial payment will be refunded and credits applied to the gift certificates I used ONCE they have "processed" my return shipment. Told to wait another 4 weeks for the refund.

So this is not the last chapter, and I'll have to wait and see. This is not what I expect from a company which prides itself in "customer service." And this is the treatment I receive as a customer after spending thousands of dollars with them? Buyers beware!

Posted by Another frustrated, soon-to-be-former Amazon customer @ 02/29/2004 09:31 PM CST

Thank you so much for the Customer Service Number, like yourself, it is nowhere to be found. I am getting two separate addresses to return an item and I would like to hear a person tell me which is which. Thanks Again.

Posted by Tracey @ 02/28/2004 03:47 PM CST

All I can say is THANK YOU!! I couldn't find the number and I was starting to think I was blind!

Posted by Teuta @ 02/28/2004 01:19 PM CST

Amazon has at least two GLARING errors in their system. When they pass orders to other vendors:
1) They don't always list all the shipping options available.
2) They aren't careful in passing on EDITION information.
3) If AMAZON didn't fill the order, they don't want to take any responsibility for their actions.

Posted by W Fay @ 02/27/2004 02:14 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number, I hate when corporations hide their contact information.

Posted by SaVille @ 02/27/2004 09:11 AM CST

Thank you!!!

Posted by Bookmantoo @ 02/25/2004 03:23 PM CST

Anyone have a customer service # for Yahoo! They are as bad as Amazon! cr

Posted by Craig @ 02/24/2004 04:19 PM CST

My recent experience was that e-mail exchanges are answered by Indians who can only resend the same shipment; Fine unless the shipment was mislabelled to begin with, which was something they could not handle except with "broken record" replies. the 1st level phone person could also refund shipping, but it took the 2nd level "supervisor," who was also empowered to bribe me with gift certificates, to create a reasonable resolution. One must get past all the layers of people who can only say "no" to reach someone who can say "yes."

Posted by Lance Haynes @ 02/22/2004 07:33 AM CST

Thanks for posting the phone number here for Amazon. I just finished talking to their customer service and confirmed that they DO NOT have this number listed anywhere on their website. The customer service person said "we feel e-mail is the best option for contacting us." Great job in posting the number. As for Amazon, they can't/won't match prices, so they are not getting my business at this time.

Posted by Amazon...Not What it Used to Be @ 02/20/2004 06:22 PM CST

Thank you so much for the number, you're a God-send!

Posted by RJF @ 02/19/2004 04:04 PM CST

Noticed there were a lot of current and former Isky employees putting their 2 cents in about Isky/Amazon.com... I'm starting a website about Isky's unlawful business tactics, so if youre a former or current Isky employee thats been harassed or screwed over by Isky, email me with your story at iskysucks@hotmail.com

Posted by the Former @ 02/14/2004 02:23 AM CST

The person who wrote this entry is my hero. I spent half a flippin' hour looking for the number on their website...according to the rep. I talked to, "Those people that really want to find it can. Someone today told me they did a search in yahoo and found it." That was probably the same person that put in the entry below mine about 6 hours ago... If that isn't customer service excellence, I don't know what is. This incident, as well as the one I was calling to speak with them about, (their in accurate shipping rates) have left me less than thrilled with Amazon.com GO EBAY!

Posted by Ryan Hurda @ 02/12/2004 05:24 PM CST

I about fell off my chair when I googled for "Amazon phone number" and there was your entry! Thanks so much, seven minutes later I know what I wanted to know.

to Adam: please keep this on your webpage! Even a year and a half later, it is still helping people :) Have a good day, I sure will!

Posted by amy @ 02/12/2004 10:11 AM CST

Actually, getting the number wasn't difficult at all - anyone ever heard of information? All it took was a call to good ol' 1-800-555-1212 and two seconds later I had the same number posted here! I completely agree that trying to find the number on their website is a waste of time, since it's doubtful that it's even there, but if you think outside of the box it really wasn't that tough.

Posted by Ronn Dech @ 02/11/2004 12:51 PM CST

Jan 11, 2004 I ordered 2 books from Amazon for a total of $32.84. I was to receive these in-stock books from their vendor Bordeebook. 30 days later no books. I have tried numerous times to contact Bordeebook but they continue to ignore my e-mails. Amazon says contact vender. So the buck-passing circle goes on. Lets see now, Amazon has their money, Bordeebook has theirs and I the customer have nothing. Amazon makes their money on the backs of others and when that process fails not only do they have your money but also a tremendous amount of a customers time through the spin process.

Posted by Richard W. Ross @ 02/11/2004 08:16 AM CST

This is a real actual e-mail message I finally got back from Amazon after submitting multiple e-mails to customer service asking them to please charge my gift card instead of my credit card, as that was how I had entered payment in their order page. This is amazing.

"Thank you for writing once again.
We regret that we have not been able to address your concerns to
your satisfaction, or take the actions you requested regarding your account with us. Regretfully, we will not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters."

Wow. Is there anyone AWAKE at the customer service desk at Amaozon? With attitude like this, you have to wonder if it's going to make any difference if anyone even calls rather than e-mailing. Amazon truly doesn't care no matter how you slice it.

Posted by unhappy amazon customer @ 02/09/2004 09:14 PM CST

I untill a few days ago was an Amazon.com CSR working at ISky.
Just wanted to put in my two cents regarding the ISky - Amazon.com relationship. ISky in fact terminated the contract with Amazon.com due to the fact that it wasn't profitable,
Amazon.com would not renegotiate the contract.
ISky only makes a daily profit for so many calls processed, the catch is Amazon.com is responsible for how many calls are routed to each call center.
Amazon.com screwed ISky, in turn dozens of people including myself lost the job they loved.
I don't know how many people reading this live here in Central Oregon, but good jobs are few and far between. A discriptive term for the area I use is "Central Oregon... poverty with a view."

Posted by EX Amazonian @ 02/09/2004 07:32 PM CST

This is great-Amazon ripped me off too-no matter how many times I tried to use my gift card, it kept charging my credit card-which you have to have to use a gift card-how convenient.
Amazon e-mail customer service was awful, just awful. They alleged first that I was incorrect and pretended to have no knowledge of the money they charged to my credit card. Finally they admitted charging the card but offered defensive and lame reasons for doing it-how utterly bizarre. It will be nice to talk to someone in person about this order. (Not that I think Amazon cares either way, but I'll feel better).

Posted by another unhappy amazon customer @ 02/09/2004 06:24 PM CST

Ok, I can understand where alot of you are having frustrations. But let me describe some common facts that you may not know about Amazon. 1. For those of you who buy from a 3rd party, i.e. Merchant or Marketplace. The reason Amazon doesn't refund you is because they dont have the money, true, they charge you. But it gets transferred to the seller. Thats simply security, I know I'd rather have my cc number on one secure site than to every joe blow out there. 2. For all the people who are having problems returning items, return polices and marketplace issues visit the Help pages, its really not that hard, easy to navigate, and contrary to popular belief they are not long at all. And if the answer to your question isn't popping out at you there is even the option to search the help area for somehthing more specific. 3. For those of you who bought stuff "way back when" take a look at the items you bought, people often overlook the availability of an item. Many items people buy haven't been released yet, or are a specialty item that takes a few weeks possibly to get from the publisher. If there are problems getting an item you ordered and it will take longer than expected an e-mail is sent to you asking if you'd like to keep it on your order, or cancel it. and 4. As stated by the previous person, yes, it costs a lot more money to do phones than emails, secondly on that point, you would not believe how many "old betty's" that call Amazon trying to do phone orders, Amazon.com does not do phone orders , if they listed the number on the site CS would not exist as it would be shut down because of irrevelant calls. Oh, P.S. Click on the "Your Account" link, you can add gift cert.'s, edit delete cc's, change addresses etc. That page offers you the answers to most questions ever asked to Reps.

Posted by Former Amazon CS Rep @ 02/09/2004 10:53 AM CST

This is the 3rd email (plus 2 phone calls) to Amazon.

Actually no I was not helped in the least. On your website is advertised a 16-piece set. A 12-piece set arrived without bowls which should have been in the 16-piece set. No where, I repeat no where is there a 12-piece set for sale. Therefore I am to assume, hopefully incorrectly, that this would be false advertising. I was advised that I could either return the set for credit while I do the legwork of "incorrect marketing" or keep the set for the full price of a 16-piece set of which I did NOT recieve....totally baffled. I thought I would be receiving 16 pieces for $99.00, why would I willfully accept a lesser set for $99.00 ? I asked the customer service rep. if a portion of the money could be re-imbursed and again was told that I could either keep the "incorrect marketing" set or return the set.
Honestly as Amazon's stock is not most fit, I would think that the company would try a bit more aggressively to keep their customers happy in unfortunate situations such as this.

Posted by Mary @ 02/08/2004 06:58 PM CST

Thank you for the number...NEVER ship anything internationally from amazon. There is a hidden customs fee which they don't tell you about and is assessed to the person who recieves it. It cost my daughter $20 to recieve her book (which I had already paid $30 in shipping for).

Posted by Lynn @ 02/06/2004 04:41 PM CST

Someone at amazon changed my shipping speed from 2 day to standard, yet the charges for 2 day remained on my account. Amazon claims this was a simple oversight, yet I wonder to how many people this has happened. Have you had this happen? I suspect that somewhere there is a directive to alter status but allow charges to remain as most customers will either not notice or complain. Please let me know if you have had a similar experience.

Posted by Judy @ 02/05/2004 08:21 PM CST

THank you for posting the customer service number for Amazon.com. I ordered something in early november, never received it, and the seller (Indoo.com for the world to see!) is giving me the run around and not refunding my money. THank you again. CLemmie

Posted by CLemmie king @ 02/05/2004 07:02 AM CST

I place 3 orders in December and payd for. Today is 04 February 04.
They take my money and send me nathing.

Posted by Richard @ 02/04/2004 09:51 PM CST

I am a fraud victim of amazon.com
I did place 3 orders from December 2003. Today is 04 February 2004, and i did not reacive any of my orders.

Posted by Richard @ 02/04/2004 09:40 PM CST

I purchased a research book on 1.22.04 and it was sent out 1.23.04. I purchased the book so would not have to pay the big money. I now wish I did instead of missing 4 chapters of research infomation. I paid express money. I have never waited this long for a book. This most I have waited was 3 days. I will never use them again.

Order# 058813889080897914

Posted by TJ Hudson @ 02/04/2004 06:18 AM CST

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brian @ 02/03/2004 11:11 AM CST

Thank you for the Amazon.com customer service number. I ordered something from the marketplace. I tried getting a hold of the company that amazon dealt with, but no answer. Then I had emailed Amazon a question and they responded with an answer to a different question. Amazon should be more accomedating and helpful when it comes to the merchants they deal with. Why should I have to call the third party company when it is really amazon that my credit card is being charged to? Thanks for the number but it did not help much. However, the problem has since been resolved.

Posted by Mary @ 02/03/2004 09:14 AM CST

The wonders of Google found the Amazon number for me. I dont really have a problem for retailer's hiding their telephone numbers because it does save them a hell of a lot of money by making email with problems and people are normally more concise with their emails rather than ranting on the phone. The saving is passed onto us the consumers and you cant argue with that

However, I do think that it is quite dirty hiding the number deep within their website.

With regards to Amazon (in the UK), customer service has been great via email and on the phone if I've needed something sorted out more urgently.

If you have problems getting issues resolved, you should remember a few things:
1 - Most importantly, be friendly, dont shoot the messenger. No point ranting at the guy on the phone, it's prob not his fault and he's not seeing your whole picture/problem unless you're told him your life story
2 - There is only so much training the staff get, so be patient with complicated queries

Posted by Samuel Hon @ 02/02/2004 07:42 AM CST

Thank you for the Phone number. I was purchasing books for class. I made a mistake on one of the book names, had the cart go to checkout when I realized what I had done. Having tried to undo my mistake I was led from window to window to "return" the book. At this time I have the book in my possession and have been trying to send it back for a week with no success. Having the phone # will help. Thank You.

Posted by Kate @ 02/01/2004 01:44 PM CST

Comment: I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from Amazon.com. Some products have been a total ripoff and I have posted appropriate negative reviews clearly describing the ripoffs. Modems, electronic dictionaries and encyclopedias, software, etc. Today I just happened to look at all of my detailed product reviews and every bad review has been removed.

This is absolute, total dishonesty. Don't allow anyone to know about the ripoffs. (It might offend the ripoffers and affect sales.)

People should be aware of the dishonesty of this company.

Posted by Amazon.com dishonesty @ 02/01/2004 02:25 AM CST

-pls whenn will you send my order?

Posted by samson @ 01/31/2004 12:33 PM CST

Thank you for the number. I was checking my banking info online and saw that someone had stolen my card number and made a purchase online at Amazon.com. I called the bank and got it handled quickly. Then I had to find a number for Amazon. I could not find anything on the site. This webpage, however, has the number. Thank you very much for the phone number.

Posted by ex Fraud victim. @ 01/29/2004 04:18 PM CST

In mid-December I purchased a Braun 7680 shaver because the shipping was free and it came with a $50 promo certificate, to be emailed later. Everything went fine, but I received the "promotional certificate" (email) today... for $20. I've called customer service, who said it would have to be handled by Marketing. She said she would contact Marketing for me and they would "investigate it" and contact me. She said I could NOT be transfered to them and talk to anyone in Marketing in person. If anyone else had this experience please email me...we can use it as ammo when Marketing tells me, as I'm sure they will, that I am "mistaken." I am absolutely certain of the amount of the promotion, but the website has since changed and the promotion amount wasn't within any of the emails confirming my order... conveniently. Once this is over, I'll never buy from them again. I had no idea there were so many problems with Amazon!


Posted by Thea @ 01/28/2004 05:28 PM CST

I accidently stumbled upon this page. After reading some of the comments, I couldn't resist!!! I started ordering college text books online my Jr. year of college. My senior year I ordered a used book from Amazon and NEVER recieved the book! It was tough earning a B going the semester without a book you paid for but never recieved. After following their directions and e-mailing the seller I still didn't recieve it. I looked for DAYS for that phone number and no luck. Soon after, the seller vanished. The next semester after no book I finally "found" their refund policy which is a bunch of BS, so I e-maileed them about my experience. Basiclly they told me "tough luck". There is an experation date on their return/refund policy, there is no tracking number required for the items shipped when buying from a seller, and you don't have any proof that you got swindeled. This is a mess, and Amazon doesn't give a s#!%. I really wish I would have found this webpage last year with the telephone number on it. Thanks again! and shoppers BEWARE!

Posted by Recent Graduate @ 01/26/2004 07:29 PM CST

BTW, if youre lucky enough to call Target and get me on my last day (sometime between 1/28 and 2/12), friendly customers who nonchalantly acknowledge this site (and I do mean nonchalantly, the calls are monitored, so be creative) will be taken care of. ;-)

Posted by Someone on the inside @ 01/26/2004 01:29 AM CST

Ok, sadly I must agree with most of the comments regarding Amazons inept customer service. I am currently a CS rep for Target.com and we share a call center room with Amazon.con. Heres the lowdown: Amazon.com contracts their CS out to a company called iSky which treats its employees like absolute sh*t. That unfortunately trickles down to the customers (myself of which I have been, and yes, thoroughly screwed for xmas by their seller J&R Music) But heres the good news. Because of the extremely piss poor customer service, Amazon.com is immediately terminating their contract with Isky effective at the latest, at the end of March. So, hopefully things will improve. The same holds true for Target.com, that relationship will be terminated as of February 12th. Things arent as bad with Target, but they use the same system, and the website is maintained by the same people as Amazon. So, here ya go, heres the 10% discount code for Target:TDAMAGSDLA88 and for Marshall Fields: FCAMAGSWLB88 (thats good for 15% off of marshall fields) Use them soon, I'm sure as soon as they notice them being posted they will change.

Posted by Someone on the Inside @ 01/26/2004 01:13 AM CST

First, thanks for the number... My Amazon odyssey seems quite typical, judging by the other comments posted here...

I ordered a DVD player for a friend of mine as a Christmas present. As soon as I got the confirmation number, I realized it was the wrong model, so I tried to cancel the order.

Too late. Once the payment is received, the order is deemed to be in the “shipping process”. No one to call. A couple of days later, I receive an email apologizing for the delay in shipping and saying that the item has not been shipped yet (so much for the prompt “shipping process”) I immediately sent them an email requesting the cancellation of the item - too late. A reply was received after the item was physically shipped, the next day.

I gave the business address of my friend.
Around Christmas, as there was no sign of my friend receiving it, I checked the tracking online, and realized that the item was never delivered as UPS didn’t have the suite number. Odd for an office building with a receptionist. The package was returned to Amazon.

I emailed Amazon, which promised me a full refund. Many weeks went by... no refund was posted to my CC. I emailed them - no reply. Tried to call - there is no number to call (now I know there is, but it is not posted anywhere on their site)

Finally, thanks to the posting above I found the number and called. It appeared they had issued me a gift certificate (?) which is unacceptable, given that I will never be shopping at Amazon again.

I called my bank and disputed the charge. Thank Goodness they have live persons on the other end.

It is not completely over yet, and it has been going on for a couple of months already.


Posted by Dan @ 01/25/2004 01:14 PM CST

I have tried numerous times today to order the two available Top Shot software at $10.00 each, but the website turns around and says only one available. Then I have tried to order four of the Top Shot II that are new at $3.00 each. But when I try to pay and check out, The website erases the order and does not allow me to change my credit card information to pay for the order. The next thing is I do not have an order at all. How does one order and get confirmation, get the billing right or anything else?

Posted by Thomas Heaton @ 01/24/2004 05:10 PM CST

amazon.com customer service was downright hostile toward me. The answer I got repeatedly regarding my screwed up gift certificate application was that the system was down. The couldn't look up my account, cancel the order or apply the gift certificate.

What was the one thing their system could do? Charge my card. That was the one thing that it wasn't down on.

I now officially hate amazon and won't use it again. I also will be spending a lot of time arguing with amazon customer service until I am satisfied that this has been corrected.

Posted by Ed Carroll @ 01/23/2004 08:30 PM CST

This is a comment to Daver who wrote the comment on 01/03/2004 12:24 AM CST. I've used gift certificates at Amazon, and you have to make sure when you go through the final payment page that the gift certificate is checked, not your credit card. Or just look at the info under my account and check and if need be, change it.

Posted by Trillain @ 01/23/2004 05:02 PM CST

You Rock!! I had a major complaint about Christmas gifts I ordered for my children that NEVER arrived. I was never able to contact them but thanks to you I contacted them via phone and got a full refund! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Posted by Aine @ 01/23/2004 03:38 PM CST

Amazon with their marketplace makes it even harder to cancel an order or find the web store that is taking the order.. thanks a ton for publishing the number. I just asked the customer rep., and he says that dont puclish the number on their site.

Posted by Anonymous @ 01/22/2004 05:15 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number and allowing me to vent. I ordered several items off Amazon, which I was suppose to receive eight days ago. So now, I am in a heated battle with Amazon.com and the 16 year old smartasses they hire to send me emails telling me to track my order again. Only problem is when I track the order, it says the same thing it did eight days ago, "Package undeliverable" why? I have no idea, amazon has no idea, the post office has no idea...even though I received all of my holiday gifts from amazon at this same address. Amazon told me I had to deal with it....16 postal workers and 5 post offices later, no one has found my package. So I called amazon, frustrated with all the form letter emails that don't do anything but let you know their customer service rep is there for the day and not out sick. When I called them they said they would not re-send me anything because my package (which no one in the world" can seem to find) is still out there. Not even God knows where at this point. Amazon, would however refund my money if the package was returned was returned to them. If I'd like I have the option of filing a form requesting my money back, but I have to wait another 22 days to do so. Until then, just wait...it might show up. Or, I could re-order pay twice and never see one, maybe even both orders.

Wow----that was so worth all the hours I have spent looking for my package...Thank you Amazon.com so much for being completely devoid of all consideration for your customers. My family, friends and I will no longer be shopping online with you. I even cut up my Marshall Field and Target cards.

Posted by Rubywingz @ 01/22/2004 03:56 PM CST

I write software. I also regularly buy software online. I have just had the most unbelievable experience with Amazon - as echoed by everyone above.

Thank you for the customer support numbers - unfortunately they can't do any more than email to the software downloads department - and don't expect an answer for 24-48 hours.

My experience: paid for software - got a email link to the download with instructions to click a button (that isn't on the page!!)

Amazon customer support say's that they confirmed the payment - but I should wait a day or two to get a working button on the page so I can download!!

Time to call the bank and cancel the payment.

Posted by Daniel Comp @ 01/22/2004 03:42 PM CST

Thanks for the number - Amazon.com leaves a lot to be desired!

Posted by Kristin @ 01/22/2004 11:58 AM CST

i ordered a book that was only too be found in amazon.com and only got the cd's. now I can't do my assignments, because i have no book. Thanks for the number that is impossible to find.

Posted by thanks for the number @ 01/21/2004 09:29 PM CST

amazon really sucks i ordered a book and all i got were the cd's for it thanks for the number

Posted by thanks for the number @ 01/21/2004 09:26 PM CST

I've had a similar experience that could have been resolved if amazon.com had simply listed it's customer service number under the _contact_us_ link. I was researching the cost of laptops and went to the amazon.com website. When I found the laptop I wanted the description said I had to put the laptop in my shopping cart to view it. I figured no big deal I'll simply take it out of the shopping cart after I find out the price. I did that... so I thought!!! I came back to amazon.com a couple of days later to buy a book and when I did the one-click express checkout I saw that I had been billed for $1100.00. Of course I went berzerk and tried to cancel my order. Well, I couldn't cancel the order so I wrote several emails specifically saying to cancel the order. Because everything HAD to be done by email they shipped the laptop before they read my email. I called the bank to stop the payment, too late... I called UPS to not have the package sent to me, too late... I frantically wrote an email to my dad to not accept the package (it wasn't expected until the next day) but when I went to his house the package had already showed up and he signed for it. (so one thing I can give amazon.com is they are quick). I angrily wrote amazon.com to tell them I wnated to return it ... they told me to do the online return. Little do they tell you that you'll have to pay for the shipping and insurance back to them. So I searched the web and found the customer service number and called them. Were they of any help... nope.. not a bit. They told me I'd have to email Ingram Micro to resolve the problem; apparantly Ingram-Micro handles their computer orders. I was not in the mood to be reasonable regarding emailing anyone at this point and demanded to speak to the supervisor. Well ... I was told, "I cannot let you talk to the Supervisor because she is too busy to speak to customers and has to go to meetings." Which didn't make any sense to me so I ask, "I know somebody there has to be responsible because who do you go to when you have a situation you can't resolve???" I was put on hold. At this point I was told they were writing Ingram-Micro for me and to go ahead and ship the laptop back. Will there be a restocking fee... unanswerable question. Will I be reimbursed for my shipping... unanswerable question. So folks, even if you do get ahold of their customer service, they are so dislocated and helpless that you can expect to not get what you want. I now have to wait for the package to arrive back to their return center, processed, and then have my money returned to me. I'm a college student and that was 1/3 of my entire semester student loans blown on their underhanded sales technique and worthless customer service. I'm a journalist major and I cannot wait to expose companies like this.

Posted by Acton Gorton @ 01/20/2004 04:20 PM CST

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Amazon really sucks. and they preach that they care about their customers yet they hide their CS phone # so well, you can never find it!! ALL BE WARNED -- if you place an order on Amazon.com through their amazon marketplace, you cannot cancel the order if you ever make a mistake and everything goes through your credit card instantly. if you want to get your $ back you will have to wait at least 30 days to file a claim and then pay out of your own pocket for the shipping and then wait for another 30 days to get the $ back. so I'm done with amazon.com I will never order anything from them ever again.

Posted by elzny @ 01/20/2004 04:03 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number. I'm having a problem signing into my seller account. I sold two books, but when I try to login, it says can't authenticate. I know my username and password is correct because I can sign in and view passed orders that were shipped to me. So why I can't sign into my seller account to view my payments is beyond me. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Posted by littlegun @ 01/16/2004 06:09 AM CST

Thank you sooo much for the CS number. I had a similar problem like shelly on 01/14/2004...purchased a book from a merchant and never received the book or the adjustment on my credit card (because you have to wait so long to receive the product...then if it doesn't come and you put in a complaint...and then the too much time has elapsed-in my case it was like a month after the book was supposed to arrive-then Amazon can no longer intercede). So to make up for the 54 dollars that I just lost, or should I say..was stolen....I get a $10 promotional coupon from the polite CSR to use to buy more from Amazon....with an expiration date I might add (the coupon is only good for 4 months). So now I have only lost $44. CONSUMER BEWARE OF AMAZON.COM.

Posted by Allie @ 01/15/2004 06:59 PM CST

Shaver-Great, Amazon-Poor, January 12, 2004
Reviewer: William from TN United States
Originally ordered reconditioned shaver only, for $39.99 in early Dec. Shaver works great, better than my old Braun 6525. Then saw entire reconditioned system for $49.99 so I ordered that as well. As with other posters, I received no cleaning components. Amazon sent me a replacement, but still no cleaning components. Then I saw the price for entire system lowered to $39.99. When I informed them of the second error, I too was offered the 20% discount, which would only put my price at the currently offered $39.99, really no discount or attempt to rectify problem. Amazon should have made good on their error and provided all components of the shaving system that were offered in the ad. Ad has been corrected and now only shaver offered.

Posted by This was posted on Amazon's web site @ 01/14/2004 07:51 PM CST

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I ordered a Factory Reconditioned - Braun 7505 Syncro Smart Logic Shaving System with a charge and cleaning kit. Instead I got a 7526 model and no cleaning kit. The shipping was to be free but instead I was charged. I could not use the e-mail form they had, every time I went to send it, it told me that there was not a valid website for the address. I was very unhappy so I sent my message thru the job request form. After that I found your web site. I was able to get an adjustment on my shipping and for not having the cleaning kit and the wrong item. They knew that their web site was placing the orders incorrectly for the shaver. No one contacted me about the item change. But I was OK with the adjustment I was given. Everything was OK until I got this e-mail:

Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

First, please allow me to apologize for the problem you experienced
with your shipment.

However, I have checked your account and found that you have placed
your order for the item "Factory Reconditioned - Braun 7505 Syncro
Smart Logic Shaving System."

Further, I also checked our web site and it seems that the problem
with this item is more widespread than we originally thought, I
hesitate to send you replacement. We will investigate and remedy the
situation with the item; however, I cannot guarantee when the error
may be fixed.

Also, I have checked your order and found that we have erroneously
issued a refund for this item, therefore I have canceled the refund
for this item.

However, please note, we will gladly refund you in full for the
return of this item.

To print a postage-paid return mailing label, visit our web site at

If you have any further questions, you can always contact us by
telephone. Our Customer Service department is open 24 hours a day,
7 days a week:

US and Canada: 1-800-201-7575
International: 1-206-266-2992

Again, please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
We value your business and hope that you will continue to consider
Amazon.com for your online shopping needs.

Best regards,

Monika Sood
Amazon.com Customer Service

They took away my adjustment ... how could they?????? Wow what bad customer service.... I had to call back and fight for the adjustment back. I did get it but I am not happy with Amazon at all!!!!

Posted by Eva @ 01/14/2004 07:45 PM CST

Okay, apparently you can buy all the crap you want from them, but just try and sell something. This department, (which does not have an email, a phone # or a physical address) turned me down as a seller even though it had nothing to do with my bank account and I have perfect credit!!!! I asked the CSR if the people in that department were actually in an ivory tower. On to EBAY I told them, and so should you.

Posted by Shelly @ 01/14/2004 05:20 PM CST

I ordered a used version of final
draft 6.0 through amazom.com. Up until now I have neevr encountered a problem with amazom.com. I placed the order on November 17th and never got the item. I tried to contact the seller SOFTWAREANDBOOKS@YAHOO.COM but never got a response. So I knew then that I had been ripped off.
So I reported it to amazom.com but they e-mailed me and told me to wiat 30 days so I waited until Dec 17th and then I had to file a claim so I can get my money back to my credit card. They sent me an e-mail telling me that they would loook into the problem and that they would e-mail me back within 2 weeks. Well that e-mail never came so I had to call customer service and tell them what happened and ask them what the hell was going on with my refund? They tell me that they forgot to send it to me with an update. So that told me that amazon.com has not followed through with my claim. Then today I got an e-mai from them saying how sorry thet were for my trouble and for me to file a claim at their website and they would look into the problem. So I'm like I just filed one with you guys like damn near a month ago. So now I have to take further action against amazon.com because that told me that they are not going to follow through with my claim and they expect me to just forget about my $113.00 I lost through them.

Posted by Christine @ 01/09/2004 07:10 PM CST

Heads up to ALL! I ordered a book off Amazons website from third party vendor ( Amazon Merchants ). I paid shipping and handling for the book and it stated on my invoice that it would ship just after the holidays. Which was perfect timing because this book was for school and classes start right after the holidays. Well, the book still isn't here and so I emailed the merchant. The Merchant emailed me the answers to my book and NO BOOK. Buyer Beware of ordering from Amazon Merchant! I still have a mess!
Merce Mitchell @ 1/8/2004

Posted by Merce Mitchell @ 01/08/2004 10:13 AM CST

Thank you very much this number has come in handy many a time.

Posted by Chris @ 01/08/2004 01:06 AM CST

Thank you so much, they don't want anyone calling... I thank you again So much...

Posted by Kat @ 01/06/2004 02:47 PM CST

If a purchase is made with a Border's Gift card, there is NO way to tell if the card was used or the full amount of my credit card. THERE IS NO AREA IN MY ACCOUNT. PERIOD. I didn't click wrong. There system does not work properly. Pay the cash and better luck next time. I don't think so. Amazon is half scam. I'll go to the store next time FOREVER.

Posted by Daver @ 01/03/2004 12:24 AM CST

This is not a complaint about a late shipment. No, Amazon took my order for a Smith Hawkin product and never gave the order to them. Now neither company takes responsibility for the mistake. Neither will talk to the other, initiate a shipment or refund my money. Now their customer dissservice department replies to all my email with smartass replies. My hope is that they will all receive the same "service" they are dishing out.

Posted by Jim Canale @ 01/02/2004 11:18 PM CST

Thanks a lot for the number. It was so much helpful.

Thanks again.

Posted by Shopper at Amazon @ 12/27/2003 08:12 PM CST

thanks for the telephone number
Yes, amazon.com e-customer service is really awful. People with interesting names (ok I got one like that too) sent pre-made e-mails that do not help at all. All the messages sent to me s can be summarized as: sorry, but you pushed the wrong button – your fault – I can not help you!
Dear amazon.com you lost a customer who will tell others to not use you again.

Posted by Janusz @ 12/27/2003 11:21 AM CST

THANK YOU! I beleive Amazon does not have their number posted on their site ANYWHERE!!!!!! You ROCK. Thank you again.

Posted by Bob McCann @ 12/22/2003 08:59 PM CST

I was going to place my first order with Amazon. I wanted the book for Christmas. I've decided to drive three hours and be assured of getting it. Thanks you all for the posts and imagone Amazon!!!

Posted by frank @ 12/22/2003 02:55 PM CST

Thank you so much for providing this phone number! I was able to get a very helpful c.s. rep who immediately fixed my order problem. Amazon.com owes you a big thanks, too, as you just saved them a customer ;)

Posted by Katrina @ 12/19/2003 11:54 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number. I was also in the e-mail runaround. I can't believe this company. You won't believe what I was told. I placed my order on Dec. 2nd and was told all items were available and it would be delivered by the 18th. When I called on the 19th after receiving an e-mail of a delay, I was told that I had placed my order before the delivery by Christmas guaranteed. Can you believe that!!! Now they are saying I should get my order by the 24th, but after reading the comments, I have little hope. My order was almost $300.00 and my children's Christmas, but the guy on the phone and his supervisor could not have cared less.

Posted by cathy @ 12/19/2003 11:37 PM CST

Thanks for providing the phone number. I placed an order on 12/14, got an email 12/18 stating it would take 5-9 business days to get here. Based on the fact one of the reasons I used Amazon.com was that their site on the 14th said I still had 3 days left to make sure it would be shipped by the 24th, I sent them an email explaining the problem. I received an email back that did nothing, except repeat what I stated in my email. By calling, I was informed the delivery dates they send out via email are inaccurate, and that I would receive my order on time. Hopefully it will. Thanks again.

Posted by Mike Wilson @ 12/19/2003 07:55 PM CST

Thank you, thank you, thank you! While I've never had a problem with them before, apparently, this holiday season, they're generating labels for UPS and then not actually getting the packages sent. My package was supposed to be here between the 16 and 18th and isn't...UPS says it's amazon's fault. Tried to find a number and couldn't. You're a lifesaver.

Posted by Kristen @ 12/19/2003 02:57 PM CST

I'd like to respond to the message below posted by "tom @ 12/18/2003 04:34 AM CST"... I'm also a Customer Service Representative for Amazon.com, and I'd just like to say that the opinions expressed by "tom" do not reflect the attitudes of most CSRs. We're here for a reason, and that's to provide assistance and CUSTOMER SERVICE to you, our customers! Thanks for your patronage! :)

Posted by Casey @ 12/19/2003 02:45 PM CST

Thanks for finding that number. What a ridiculous company! I wasted 45 minutes looking for their f----ing phone number. All because I mistakenly "one-clicked" to get more info on a product and accidentally "ordered" a product I didn't want. I had placed an order earlier that day and they just automatically used my credit card on file. I never reentered the info, "reviewed the order," or any of that usual stuff. What a scam!

Posted by Julie @ 12/19/2003 01:25 PM CST

Thankgod for Google and this post,I was looking for the customer service number on their site but as usual now most companies on the web don't include their phone numbers. Still didn't get any satisfaction but at least I had a live person to rant to, and as for "my account" being helpful, don't make me laugh.

Posted by Paul @ 12/18/2003 09:11 PM CST

I can not tell you how happy I was to see that number. I almost went crazy trying to find it on the website...you saved my sanity!

Posted by Jennifer @ 12/18/2003 04:17 PM CST

You are the MAN!!

Posted by Yo @ 12/18/2003 12:18 PM CST

Heads up to ALL! I ordered a book off Amazons website from third party vendor ( Amazon Merchants ). I paid shipping and handling for the book and it stated on my invoice that it would ship just after the holidays. Which was perfect timing because this book was for school and classes start right after the holidays. Well, the book still isn't here and so I emailed the merchant. The Merchant emailed me the answers to my book and NO BOOK. Buyer Beware of ordering from Amazon Merchant! I still have a mess!
Merce Mitchell @ 1/8/2004

Posted by Merce Mitchell @ 01/08/2004 10:18 AM CST

Thank God, I was going berserk trying to find this number on their site. Good thing you decided to share or they may have lost out on business.

Posted by Ranelsa @ 12/17/2003 12:19 PM CST

Thank you for posting amazon's customer service number. I feel everyones pain to how much amazon really sucks and they only seem to follow thru when your order went wrong. I probably will NEVER order from amazon.com again.

Posted by Jenny @ 12/17/2003 11:41 AM CST

HI...don't know whether or not it is listed on this board...but Amazon Canada (Amazon.ca) has some items that Amazon in the U.S. does not. Here is there phone number: 877-586-3230 in addition there are coupon codes on dvdtalk.com for this site. perhaps this is a solution for some.

Posted by Rene A @ 12/17/2003 11:26 AM CST

Thanks alot for the number. It's helped me to resolve my problem.
E-mail support worked pretty bad.

Posted by Alex @ 12/17/2003 09:52 AM CST

I really hate Amazon.com and will never ever in the remainder of my lifetime give them any business whatsoever.

My first order back in Nov.2002, Item didn't ship 'till Jan 03.

Second order, 9th of this month - Still not shipped out. Item is in stock. Double-authorized my credit card. Nobody has a clue on what's causing the delay.

I have never seen such a company as this.

I will be so joyful if this company goes bankrupt.

Posted by Danny @ 12/16/2003 08:49 PM CST

I placed an order on the 11th and requested Next Day shipment because I needed immediate delivery. Amazon claimed the item was shipped on the 12th - it's the 16th, still no order.

I finally called them and had them refund my entire shipping cost.

FYI: The toll free number works. The best way to reach some right-away is by not selecting any numbers. Just wait and a live person will come to the phone.

Thanks for this site!

Posted by Nikki @ 12/16/2003 04:59 PM CST


Posted by Alexandria @ 12/16/2003 02:31 PM CST

I don't understand the attitude of several of these posts to the effect that the website and automated options are all you need, and that the desire to speak to a person is somehow both archaic and immature. There are times when human intervention IS required. For example, I recently received a book with 26 duplicate pages and the same amount of pages missing. Repeated attempts to rectify this through email were fruitless; a 2-minute conversation with a person resulted in a satisfactory reshipment of the item without added cost or re-billing and a post-paid label for the return. So think about it: why would a request for the inclusion of a telephone number -- an essential part of any reasonable customer service web page -- be so wrong-headed?

Posted by TJ @ 12/16/2003 10:31 AM CST

cant get everything fixed or every question answered online. all good sales offices have phone contact #s!! that's a basic must have for running a biz!! thanku so much whoever u r, for putting up this number...crazy helpful.

Posted by me too @ 12/14/2003 09:35 PM CST

If people would slow down and read they could fix all the problems they are having with Amazon.com orders via "Your Account". You think that just becouse you have someone on the phone they can do it. News flash they can not. YOU are the only ones who have control of your order. YOU are the ones that make the mistakes. And just because you have "someone to yell at" does that make you feel better. I'm sure it make the Customer Service want to help you. Ya, that's the way it works. It makes sence to me why they do not have there phone number listed. If you make a order online then you can ask questions online also. If you want a person to talk to go to the store. How hard is that to figure out?

Posted by Me @ 12/14/2003 07:29 PM CST

Thanks !

Those automatic replies from the indian customer service of amazon.com and they were driving me crazy. I exchanged 6 emails with them & they didn't even read them or tried to answer my questions; they just did copy-paste from the amazon.com policy completly unrelated to my questions.

Now at least I'll be able to talk to a real person.

The emails answers I received were so strange that I think they never saw my email, I think they just get the subject header.

400$ of software engineering books lost in the mail !!!

I don't intend to pay it twice !!!

Thank you so much again !

Posted by Louis @ 12/13/2003 10:56 PM CST

Thanks for the numbers...everyone is right, this is incredibly stupid that we should be subjected to 3rd class treatment. I have been trying for 3 months to recover 48.00 from a gift card that was 2 days expired. The customer rep agreed that it is unreasonable, I fear he may be fired,as Amazon reviews the audio tapes of their reps, for saying what he did. But, there is also no clear cut way to get Amazon to respond in a timely and reasonable fashion. They essentially stole $48.00 of MY MONEY. I even sent the appeal to their address they provided:
If you wish to file a formal complaint, we ask that they are sent to
the address listed below.

P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

And it is now Dec 12th 2003 and this started in Sept 2003. Truly insane. I hope Jeff Bezos buys a $48.00 toilet seat with the money he stole from me. F%$# Y*& Jeff!!!

Posted by Dave L. @ 12/12/2003 09:21 PM CST

I found that Amazon.com had debited my account twice on two books I had bought. There was no way I could find to have this matter corrected. This is a crappy way to do business.

Posted by Gary @ 12/12/2003 05:57 PM CST

I Ordered 4 books from Amazon.com two days ago and yesterday, after checking my debit card account, I noticed that that had debited me twice for two of the books. I searched all over their pages and found there was no way I could e-mail them to gain correction and there was no phone number to be found.

Posted by Gary @ 12/12/2003 05:53 PM CST

The phone number has been replaced with a completely USELESS computer!!!!

Posted by Joseph @ 12/12/2003 11:25 AM CST


I can't believe all of these comments! I wanted to talk to someone in person at Amazon.com prior to ordering, and couldn't find their number, but I didn't waste much time. I Googled. Thanks to you and thanks to Google! They can find everything. I recently moved, and lost the manual to my printer-- found it and downloaded it within minutes. I also lost the instructions for a cycle dog leash-simply typed in K9 cruiser, and voila-there were the instructions with pictures. So, when I couldn't find the Amazon phone number--here I am. I really didn't expect Google to help me with any of these search requests. It's almost miraculous. And judging by the number of comments, your posting this number is almost miraculous. Thanks so much for saving me from frustration.

Posted by Shelley @ 12/12/2003 01:32 AM CST

Wow I shouldnt have wasted 30mins on their site for this number...and another 15mins on phone with their automated customer service system. So when you call do NOT choose any options if you wanted to speak to a live operator. Just wait on the line and a live operator will answer you.

Posted by amzonshopper @ 12/11/2003 09:14 PM CST

These phone numbers are awesome! Amazon screwed up with a recent order and have been unresponsive via email. I can now finally get some resolution.

Posted by Mitch @ 12/11/2003 08:28 AM CST

If I had a million dollars I would give it to the people responsible for posting this phone number. I have someone else's order. I emailed Amazon.com and it was a standard reply stating please go to our website and log onto YOUR ACCOUNT. Hello...this was a gift, I dont have an account. I am now on the phone and they can only give me limited information. I am going to scream. But at least I can scream at someone instead of a computer. Thank you so much!!!

Posted by Chrissy @ 12/11/2003 07:18 AM CST

Thank you for that phone number! I was trying to change the shipping address on an order for which Amazon is just a distribution channel. The world becomes a nicer place because of people like you. Thank you very much!!!

Posted by B. J. @ 12/09/2003 03:23 PM CST

It is absolutely necessary to have the phone number, contrary to what others may write. Sometimes the ONLY way to resolve a conflict or get results is to speak to a HUMAN or a supervisor.

Thanks for posting it!

Posted by MFish @ 12/09/2003 02:38 PM CST

Thanks for posting this number - it was a SUPER help!

Posted by Kevin Withers @ 12/08/2003 04:30 PM CST

Thank you for the number I was getting an error about delivery that I could not clear up. I called them and they were able to help me, something I would not have been able to do on my own. So unlike the person that posted before saying that the number is not needed and you can take care of everything through the website. I DON'T THINK SO!

Posted by Edith @ 12/08/2003 02:43 PM CST

It's true that Amazon.com does not list the customer service phone number on the website. It make sense because they give the customer their own tools to do their own customer service. If Your Account says your order is in the shipping process and it can't be changed, what makes you think that someone else can stop your package out of the thousands it's being packaged with? The only reason you really need the number is if billing is messed up, and the phone number is on your credit card bill. You can contact customer service via e-mail thru the Help pages. I don't see what the big deal is. Maybe if people would realize that if you try to do something in "Your Account" and it says you cant, then YOU CAN'T.

That's my suggestion...before you call customer service, try fixing it yourself in Your Account and believe it when it says you can't do something, because chances are, customer service can't either.

Posted by Julie @ 12/07/2003 04:10 AM CST

hi .thankx a lot for ur help..i used like 3 hours searching for the ing no but they dont have it on any page for their site..thank god i got it..thanks to u..

Posted by Sana @ 12/05/2003 01:05 PM CST

Wow, I finally found a phone number! (Thanks!)

I purchase a lot of expensive books from Amazon.com and book after book is damaged from totally inferior packaging. (You know a $200 medical book shpped in a $0.50 cardboard mailer? 30-50% damaged so that they could not be sold in a retail bookstore.) I am totally sick of their so-called (web-based) customer service. I repeatedly tried pointing out the problems, what I have tried to do about it, etc. and was finally told to get lost - Who cares?

I am going to send a registered later, too, hoping that they will (finally) address this. I told them I was willing to pay for premium packaging. Response: screw you. It seems that if they have gift packaging for $4.95 or whatever (which requires personal handling I assume?), certainly they could have premium packaging for $4.95 a wrap some bubble wrap around the book?

The only good thing about all this is I have found a number of alternative medical book suppliers and I have submitted experimental orders to see what happens. No more customer loyalty here. These people literally drove me away.

Thanks alot, Amazon.com!

Posted by Roy @ 11/28/2003 08:17 PM CST

I think some people are confused. Amazon seems to only do their shipping UPS, which is automatically tracked on the UPS website.

Also, you do check before you place an order if all of your information is correct.

However, I tried to resolve a complaint and had the same email runaround. It would have been useful to have a phone number, which I am positive used to be on their website. Back in "the day" they even took phone orders, so it doesn't really seem possible that they have gotten so "technologically advanced" that they can't do it. I think you can order through the website and then call with the cc??

Posted by Mel @ 11/25/2003 11:13 AM CST

MANY THANKS ! I could not find the stupid number on Amazon's web site. It probably isn't even there.

Posted by sandra @ 11/24/2003 06:03 PM CST

thanks so much for posting the # couldn't find it anywhere on their website. sick of amazon and all the hassle. always seems to be something wrong with an order. never again.

Posted by mary @ 11/24/2003 03:02 PM CST

Thank you for posting the amazon.com customer service number. It IS impossible to get it off of their website - it sucks that they do that.

Again, I appreciate it.

Posted by Nicholas Dwork @ 11/20/2003 02:52 PM CST

Thanks sooo much for putting up the amazon.com customer service phone number. I'd spent so much time looking for it, and this web site helped me solve all of my problems with my orders. Thanks again!!

Posted by Joyl @ 11/20/2003 02:36 PM CST

I have ordered a great many items from Amazon almost since they first started sales on the web. Although there haven't been many problems at all, I've resolved most of them successfully by using email. I've now used this phone number twice to resolve a billing issue, only so that I could take care of it while in my car and not at my computer, and it also works. Based on my experiences, I think Amazon has an excellent customer service department.

Posted by Linde @ 11/18/2003 10:43 PM CST

The 800 Number works,
Thank you!

Andrew C.

Posted by Andrew C. @ 11/17/2003 09:33 PM CST

Thanks so much for posting customer service number. When I told them about difficulty in finding this number, they said now I have it. It's ridiculous.

Posted by Devender Ponnama @ 11/17/2003 01:43 PM CST


Posted by MICHELLE @ 11/14/2003 04:08 PM CST

Thanks that was a huge assist. Now I got it and will keep it.

Posted by Johnny @ 11/13/2003 05:56 AM CST

I don't trust Amazon.com!!!!!
For as long as I can remember, if there is a problem with a purchase, you contact to company you purchased the merchandise from. Now things are different with amazon.com. They don't wanna hear my problems. I received a cd that I ordered from amazon.com and the 3 songs I wanted to hear don't play. They say it's not their fault. I bought it there...it's now there problem. amazon.com? The amazon jungle, be careful trusting those snakes!!!

Posted by crystal @ 11/12/2003 08:59 PM CST

you guys are the idiots. dail 800.555.1212, TADA! they have Amazon's phone number. no muss no fuss. get a life people!!

Posted by Joe @ 11/12/2003 12:59 PM CST

Thank you for the help. I spent half an hour trying to find the phone number on their web. Ridiculous!

Posted by Julia Ryan @ 11/11/2003 11:58 AM CST

Thanks for giving us the 1800 number for Amazon!!!

Posted by Liliana Torrado-Allred @ 11/11/2003 10:39 AM CST

I placed an order last evening, encountered a problem with a promotional code not showing up on the order. By the time I got up this morning and checked my mail they had already fixed it and sent me an email apologizing!! I will continue to do business with them! Hats off to AMAZON.COM. By the way...the price I got was way way under the prices anyone else had for a kitchen aid product (not reconditioned)!!!

Posted by Debbie S @ 11/10/2003 09:10 AM CST

The phone number listed above is no longer valid, seems they may have gotten bombarded and changed it, but the call to corporate headquarters number went through: 206-622-2335. Only problem is that they make you enter a specific extension in order to get through.

Posted by Pala @ 11/08/2003 08:13 PM CST

took ten minutes of searching operators and directories i got itin ten seconds on your site thanks a million

Posted by joetjr @ 11/07/2003 02:08 PM CST

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting Amazon's phone number. I've been trying to resolve my problem with an Amazon.com used book vendor, (INDOOBESTSELLERS.COM), since 9/7/03. Amazon accepted my payment, but is making it very difficult to access their A-to-Z Guarantee Protection Plan. Now I have hope of resolving this problem.

Posted by Linda @ 11/04/2003 06:43 PM CST

I wanted to order 2 VHS "Finding Nemo" tapes from Amazon.com.I simply could not figure out how to do this from their site on the internet. It appeared to be so complicated I just gave up. An 800 number would have been welcome but I could not find one. How do these people stay in business? (Found another source).

Lynwood G. Collins
108 Ingham Street
st. Simons island, Georgia 31522


912 638 4822

Posted by Lynwood Collins @ 11/04/2003 08:49 AM CST

I have been searching for their phone number for 2 weeks. I have been waiting for my order for 1 month and they charged my card. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Akiva @ 11/03/2003 09:07 AM CST

Amazon corporate telephone is 206-622-2335

The place is rip-off heaven.

90% of "new" merchandise in DVD's, Software etc. sold my its "marketplace sellers" are counterfeit copies made in Asia. This is why your $40 DVD at Circuit City is $20 there or your $50 game at Walmart is $25 there yet the sites price ordering direct is what you'd expect in a retail store.

Every customer who has bought this stuff ought complain, ought get their money back as YOUR money just went out the window and the companies who make a living off producing those products never see a red cent or a plug nickel.

You as a consumer should contact their State Attorney General and file complaint (206) 464-6811 as well as the US Federal Trade COmmission at:


as well as the US Dept Of Justice office of the attorney general:


I bought 6 games at the place and while they all looked real enough they did not have the ESRB ratings on the boxes (the reating system for content, mature etc). I enquired about it at a local CompUSA as well as calling two of the people who made the things. I was told they are illegal copies made in Asia. So I bought stolen intellectual property from their marketplace sellers and when I tried getting my money back was told it wasnt amazons problem and to contact the sellers. I tried that and got threatened! Yet my credit card was charged several hundreds of dollars for completely illegal stuff.

Anyone who has bought DVD's, Games etc there look to see if it has the ESRB rating. If not you got ripped off and should contact the above people and request your bank reverse the charges as well as contacting your card place like Visa and tell them too.

The guy at CompUSA told me that Amazon buys the "real mccoy" and they (as well as CompUSA) cannot even buy the stuff for the price the sellers in the marketplace sell it for. He had me bring in the stuff and showed me the real thing vs the fake ones and beyond that little ESRB thing printed you could not tell the difference. He told me that Amazon knows full well as they buy the real mccoy and know the pricing and they know they cant buy it for what these "sellers" are selling it for but dont do a thing about it as it destroys their competition.

Incidently they cancelled my account because one of the sellers said I was causing trouble when in fact I was sold stolen goods basically according to the people who make the stuff and sell it!

Every single person out there who has bought this crap ought be filing complaints and get their money back. According to the manager at the CompUSA he said all the money ends up in China and Taiwan from those sellers where this stuff like DVD's and game cd's etc are mass produced boxes and all. He said its cost the USA dearly over 50 Billion dollars this year alone and that equates to everyones jobs. He continued and said that the President of the USA has for over 2 years tried to get China and other nations in Asia to respect the property (intellectual property) and compliance has been poor at best.

He said places like CompUSA refuse to work with online retailers like them because all they care about is murdering other retailers and thus allow this stuff to be sold to you by external sellers who are not "Amazon" because your going to buy whats cheapest. If you can get 2 DVD's or 2 games for what it would cost you for one at a Walmart or CompUSA thats what buyers will do.

What the buyers he said do not realize is they are killing their own jobs, the money going to China is further being used to coerce US manf. businesses to then leave as well to Asia. He said Amazon doesnt care, they are able due to the pricing to dominate sales and murder the competitors. He said he was not surprised at all that they deleted my account. I purchased things that were illegal and in calling the people who made it and telling them I did they would surely delete me.

I have a dispute going on with the charges made now and my bank told me to complain to the Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and dept. of justice in DC.

If you bought a current release of some dvd or games, stuff on CD and that ESRB thingie is not on the packaging, you got ripped off and should get your money back.

Posted by That Place @ 10/29/2003 10:12 PM CST

my thanks too for the #. i ordered an item and they said it would be mailed out on Oct.6. i waited and waited and then i went back and re-read the info. about when to be shipped and saw they had actually placed an order for me and said it would be shipped oct.6, (2004) so i wanted to call them to cancel and spend forever searching for a number because everyone knows about amazon.com right? so surely i must be overlooking the number. but finally gave up. thanks for the help , i will be calling them tomorrow to cancel my 2004 for delivery date. p.s. i have another probem and that is Trishops.com. they list a phone # but have spent days calling them and no one ever answers. iam wondering if they are legit. i would appreciate any help about this site. thanks

Posted by sandy @ 10/27/2003 10:18 PM CST

i order a database text book ,tracking order showed that already shipped out 10/9 but still haven't recieved yet,it's been already charged my credit card $58 dollars,I am just wondering where the text book,go to
please let me know soon as possible

Posted by meseker @ 10/27/2003 12:24 PM CST

Thanks a lot for the number. Top of the list on Google. Somehow I placed my order to go to my old address in FL instead of the new one in CA. About 5 minutes later I found your number on Google and called them to have it cancelled , but they said it was already in shipping progress. (I guess they're quick on the draw for some things, but not others.) After calling them, I now have to wait for UPS to try and deliver twice and then return it to Amazon and Amazon has to then return my gift certificate and the amount I charged before I can again order it and start the process over. Sigh!

Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Amanda @ 10/25/2003 10:43 AM CST

Thank you for the phone number. I was going through the web site trying to find the phone number, too. I don't think I will order at all if I didn't find the phone number. I had a question that is not answered in the web site. After reading some of the comments, I think I'll start with a single small order since this is my first itme using Amazaon.com. I did ask the customer service why the phone# is not provided in their website. She said that she believes that many of the questions can be resolved through e-mail which is to me just plain bullshit. She also said that they do provide the phone number in the phone directory. Oh, man.

Posted by An^2 @ 10/24/2003 05:32 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number. My problem was more with UPS but corporations and their policies just blow. Whatever happened to customer service???

Posted by UPS Sucks @ 10/24/2003 04:18 PM CST

Thank you so much. I searched their stupid website until I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Thank Heavens for people like you who utilize technology like we have. Thanks a bunch!!!

Posted by Alyson @ 10/24/2003 02:25 PM CST

OH MY GOD! Thank you so very much you dont undertand how crazy amazon was making me with those stupid emails. They kept writing me back like I was a moron telling me to go to the returns screen to see my order or to check the frickin status to see where my order was, But that wasnt the issue. I had placed an order for a baby gift @babies r us. Half of the order came back undeliverable and the other half was lost in space apparently. I kept asking them over and over in plain english Where is the other half of the order shipped??? Duh! They didnt get it but acted like I was the dumb one. So the number helped me get the other half of my order refunded. I use to us amazon all the time but this is crap!!!!!I HATE THEM!-W-

Posted by wendy @ 10/21/2003 02:44 PM CST

Thank you for the number. My story is similar to many of the other post. I played the email game and did not get any helpful information. After searching in vain for the customer service number on Amazon's web site, I found this site using Google. I want to issue a warning. Do not use Amazon's free shipping. My books were shipped from La Vergne, TN on the 6th of October and were supposed to arrive by the 16th. It is now the 21st and still no sign of the books. I include this tidbit, because La Vergne is six hours from my house. Amazon claims that free shipping takes a lot longer (I'll say!) I tried tracking the package but all the U. S. Postal Service site says is that the package is in transit. Thanks to the number you posted, Amazon is reshipping my books and sending them two day UPS. In the future I will not order from Amazon, and I will make certain the postal service does not ship my packages.

Posted by M. Rue @ 10/21/2003 01:56 PM CST

Thank you SO MUCH! I'm on waiting to speak with an Amazon.com "Customer Support Specialist" right now. I have been searching for a phone number for them for weeks on end. I can't thank you enough!

Posted by Tim S @ 10/21/2003 09:07 AM CST

You saved me many wasted hours and prevented a huge headache...thank you so much!

Posted by terri @ 10/20/2003 09:01 AM CST

I have sent email to Amazon once a day for three weeks and got zero response. I am a writer and my book, Elise Eingebildet, is up on Amazon. They have not even posted the picture of the book cover on the page! Hello! People want to see the book cover when they order a book. This is the middle of October and the book has been released since 11 August! This Sunday, 19 October, I have planned a "Best-Seller" Day on Amazon. Apparently if you sell fifty books in a day you are considered a "Best-Seller" and make Amazon's list. It's not fair that the little publishers and writers get squeezed out when they are trying to make a fair shake of a great story and are not part of the corporate, insider-publisher schema that is pervasive in the publishing industry today. Book sales are WAAAAY down from where they are ten years ago and don't tell me it's 'cause o'cable TV. I know people who LOVE to read. It's the same old crap that they keep pumping out that no one wants to read any more. Try something different? Not in my backyard, brother Amazon! Okay, Mother House, not on my telephone-numberless website! Well, I'm going to call their asses tomorrow and make them fix this "oversight" or I'll hound the holy hell out of them until they do. Thanks a mil for the number. Yuda Coolis. (That's a copyrighted phrase, by the way- but- okay, you can use it.)

Posted by Kevin Sean Raper @ 10/17/2003 03:27 AM CST

Thanks so much for posting this information! Amazon really should post their Customer Service Phone Number on their site, since they want to be the "everything" in e-commerce.

Many Thanks Again! :)

Posted by VoskV @ 10/16/2003 12:24 PM CST

I cannot thank you enough for providing this number! Because of you, I was able to quickly reach a wonderful Customer Service Representative who went above and beyond in helping me resolve my problem, which could not be resolved via the Amazon.com website. I needed a "real person". I am so pleased, and I am so thankful to God and to you. Bless you!

Posted by D. Little @ 10/14/2003 05:16 PM CST

Thank you so much. I almost lose $150.00!!! I am really happy to speak a person to solve my returning money.

Posted by Fiona @ 10/14/2003 01:06 PM CST

Amazon.com fucking blows. They stole $70 from me for a book I never got and told me to fuck off. I will never EVER shop there again!!!

Posted by josh @ 10/07/2003 09:57 PM CST

i ordered something and amazon was not able to help me they really suck

Posted by liz @ 10/07/2003 05:22 PM CST

I ordered class books through Amazon.com, with the understanding I would have them in 2 weeks or less, and after a month, they still can't understand why one of the four books I have ordered is not here yet.

Posted by Karen Crawford @ 10/06/2003 01:07 PM CST

i ordered some computer stuff from amazon and they said they had it in stock and i paid for quick delivery. After a month of them not having my order in, I finally cancelled the order cause it was pointless. I really hate Amazon.

Posted by amazon is evil @ 10/03/2003 06:15 PM CST

Amazon just messed up my wife's suprise birthday gift and I could not find the phone number anywhere on that stinking site. I hate amazon now.

Posted by sean @ 10/03/2003 12:44 PM CST

I can't *believe* they don't have a # posted on their website. I would understand putting it in a hard to find place to channel folks through their email forms, but since they don't even respond to their emails, the whole thing is totally screwed up. I got in touch with someone through that 800# and they told me someone would email me from the "Corporate Accounts Dept." whatever the hell that means. Thanks to whomever is hosting this site, that number *does* work(the jury's still out to see if Amazon Customer Service works)

Posted by J Willis @ 10/02/2003 02:51 PM CST

Muito obrigada, essa informação me foi muito útil.

I couldn't have done without it.


Posted by Rosa Peters @ 09/30/2003 02:52 PM CST

Yes, Unless AMAZON changes their style of business ( I had a problem changing shipping methods, because items were in en route to "shipping" ) I will NEVER USE AMAZON again. I will also have relatives and friends make sure not to do business with them as well.

Posted by Reputable Customer @ 09/30/2003 11:19 AM CST

To get hold of amazon customer service easily please use the phone number given here and go tho their return gift items section so that you can get hold of customer service agent easily.

Posted by amazon contact @ 09/30/2003 08:39 AM CST

Sir...I think I love you
Thanks...those bastards hide it well.

Posted by Fumanchu @ 09/29/2003 02:00 PM CST

Thanx so much, I really appreciate the phone number, have tried many times before to get it, Melvina.

Posted by Mel @ 09/27/2003 05:34 PM CST

Thanks for the help with the Amazon phone number. Those guys are finally not gonna get away with keeping relationships purely through e-mail. THANKS

Posted by Bob Haden @ 09/26/2003 06:59 PM CST

Thank you for the number. Amazon still gave me the run around, however. The site made a mistake and placed my order twice with only one confirmation. The next morning I called to have one of the duplicate orders canceled and they stated that they could not because the shipping process had already began. This was only 10 hours after my order was placed and it was their mistake! My advice would be not to use this site anymore and if you do double check EVERYTHING afterwards, Don't rely on their confirmation. My "deal" ended up costing me $100.00 extra and will take up to 3 weeks to get back.

Posted by LaTasha Turner @ 09/25/2003 12:09 PM CST

Thanks man.
I tried almost till i die ,I wanted to get my order cancel and i was not able to get ohone no.
thanks whoever has created this.

Posted by jay @ 09/01/2004 12:02 AM CST

Thanks SO much!!! I was having a panic attack about not finding my order on the web site and went NUTS looking f

Posted by Jodi @ 09/08/2003 10:53 AM CST


Posted by bj @ 09/07/2003 11:24 AM CST

Thank you so much!! It's impossible to find their number onine and there's no reply for the emails I sent them!!!

Posted by Hello Kitty @ 09/06/2003 09:47 PM CST

Thank you very much for doing what a large corporation can't seem to do properly!

Posted by Tired @ 09/05/2003 04:35 PM CST

The number above now only gets you a recorded message.
Back to square one, but thanks anyway

Posted by Nikki O'Neill @ 09/05/2003 01:05 PM CST

Wow, thanks for the number!! I recieved an email from amazon.com thanking me for updating my account with a new email address and password!! I did NO such thing! A Joseph J. Bianchi, with an email address of Bianchi216@hotmail.com sent the request, and they changed all my info!! Thanks so much for the number, they are on it now, and hopefully saving my c.c. info!

Posted by bearphins @ 09/04/2003 09:26 AM CST

For many "posters": get thee to a spelling/grammar checker!

Posted by Bill Levens @ 08/30/2003 08:15 PM CST

Hi...I order the film "Go Ask Alice" a week or two ago, and you never comfirmed my order...I would appreciate a swift reply.
Thanks so much!

Posted by Wharton @ 08/29/2003 03:18 PM CST

Thanks...its a great help.

Posted by Yash @ 08/29/2003 01:12 PM CST

Amazon shipped an order of two DVDs plus a book without the DVDs. Customs charged me for the full shooting match.

Their email is non responsive, but a very nice CS rep sorted the problem out in 5 minutes.

Rob (in London)

Posted by Rob @ 08/28/2003 07:23 PM CST

THANK YOU! for providing this phone number. I had spent 1/2 hour on their site trying to find it and had to end up emailing them. I couldn't wait any longer for an email response so I went looking and found this post with the phone number. They answered the phone promptly and the live service was excellent!!

Posted by Shawn @ 08/28/2003 02:03 PM CST

More info

Amazon can also be reached at:

Jeff Vezof - CEO
Jeff Wilke - Customer Relationships
At PO Box 81226
Seattle (Home of complacent computer geeks that do not care about normal people)

Why are they not called Bill?

Posted by GR8SHAG @ 08/27/2003 08:49 PM CST

Almost every major company has a phone number on their website - it's just good business sense. For those of you with the "why don't you idiots just e-mail them" train of thought, I waited three days for them to e-mail me back and only found their phone number from this thread. I finally got a response only after calling them, and the e-mail they did send to me was not helpful at all. They told me to try things that I had already tried (and specifically told them I had tried in my e-mail to them), regarding a technical issue with an e-book I had purchased. Obviously if they even read the e-mail, they didn't care enough to take into account what I had said. At least their customer service people (the two I dealt with, anyway) when you CALL them are polite and they TRY to be helpful. I just think it's insane to wait 3 days on a technical problem that could be solved in 5 minutes via phone (if you had someone who knew what they were talking about). All they do via e-mail is refer you to their website. Would I be e-mailing you if I could solve my problem using your website's help section???

I was always very happy with Amazon but I think after this experience I'll be buying my books from my local Barnes & Noble.

Posted by AR @ 08/26/2003 04:06 PM CST

Almost every major company has a phone number on their website - it's just good business sense. For those of you with the "why don't you idiots just e-mail them" train of thought, I waited three days for them to e-mail me back and only found their phone number from this thread. I finally got a response only after calling them, and the e-mail they did send to me was not helpful at all. They told me to try things that I had already tried (and specifically told them I had tried in my e-mail to them), regarding a technical issue with an e-book I had purchased. Obviously if they even read the e-mail, they didn't care enough to take into account what I had said. At least their customer service people (the two I dealt with, anyway) when you CALL them are polite and they TRY to be helpful. I just think it's insane to wait 3 days on a technical problem that could be solved in 5 minutes via phone (if you had someone who knew what they were talking about). All they do via e-mail is refer you to their website. Would I be e-mailing you if I could solve my problem using your website's help section???

I was always very happy with Amazon but I think after this experience I'll be buying my books from my local Barnes & Noble.

Posted by AR @ 08/26/2003 04:05 PM CST

AaaaH! Amazon! So frustrating!

I thank the visionary who put up this number on the net for the good of the people.

Posted by Amit Tyagi @ 08/26/2003 07:15 AM CST

THANKS A LOT !!! This posting is extremely helpful... and anyone who has a stupid-ass negative comment to make my go screwthemselves and drop dead for all I care!!! I was FIIIIIIIINALY able to talk with a CS-Representative, and approach resolving the matter that I had to take care of, which was borderline fraudulnt activity on Amazon's part!!!

Anyway, good job whoever you are.

Posted by Tim @ 08/25/2003 04:57 PM CST

thanks for posting the #. Screw everyone who had something negative to say.

Posted by zach @ 08/25/2003 04:05 PM CST

You all need to get a life...seriously...its a phone number thats all!!!! Try e-mailing its an incredible thing..that electronic mail!!!

Posted by Paul @ 08/25/2003 03:10 PM CST

Thanks for posting the phone number! I agree, it's impossible to find the phone number!!!!!!

Posted by wolvfan @ 08/25/2003 03:09 PM CST

thank you for posting the number.

I tried to sort out an order I accidentally placed by clicking on the one-click-buy button. Be aware of this button!

It took me quite some time searching for this number in amazon website. I got this number by searching google.com.

It is really indecent for such a big on-line vendor not to list this number on their website. They do it in purpose. Ebay does the same thing. There should be a regulation on this.

Posted by anonymous @ 08/22/2003 07:00 PM CST

Thank you. I thought something was wrong with me when I couldn't find Amazon.com's Customer Service number. You saved me a lot of time by providing the number.
Thanks Again.

Posted by Fran @ 08/22/2003 06:57 PM CST

I called the number and all I got was "Sorry an error has occured which prevents us from continuing this call, please try back later"
Amazon Sucks.

Posted by Larry @ 08/22/2003 09:54 AM CST

i got them and it did help. it is nice to talk to a person. thanks for the number.

Posted by bill @ 08/21/2003 11:29 PM CST


Posted by johnathan @ 08/20/2003 10:52 AM CST

Thank you for posting the number.
my order has a problem with billing information. however, even though I respond their email, nothing heard from them!!!!
I called customer service, they are nice, but they can't do anything coz my account has been on hold. I am unable to access my account until they can verify the billing information.
I selected 1-day shipping, but I have to spend 2 days (maybe more) to wait on their sucking service.
Amazon.com should make its work process more effecient......it sucks....if you are the Amazon.com people, look up these postings, would you dare to say Amazon's service is good? God will punish you......

Posted by Vicky @ 08/18/2003 07:38 PM CST

First off, a big thank you for your The Amazon.com Customer Service Page -- You inspired me to keep hounding them even when they kept giving me the run-around and 'No' for an answer. I finally got a $100 refund from their corporate office after a week of pressing the matter.

Secondly, I'd like to give you something in return -- the new & coveted Amazon.com corporate office Fax number -- 206-266-1832. Although I never had to use it (a fax to the customer service office and a week of eMails seemed to be enough), I think some of your readers might find it handy.

Again, thanks for all your postings.

Namaste .:Steven
San Francisco, CA

Posted by Steven, San Francisco, CA @ 08/18/2003 02:56 PM CST

Thanks for the #, made my life easier!!!

Posted by Big Bad John @ 08/16/2003 09:48 AM CST

Because of Amazon's hiding of the 800 number, Internet buying of books in now my last stop. If I can buy it locally, I do.

Posted by Jack Lohman @ 08/15/2003 02:56 AM CST

Thanks for the "800" for Amazon. 1800-201-7575 worked, no problem.
Jennifer cleared up my problem quick. Many thanks.

Posted by Don @ 08/13/2003 02:44 PM CST

To guess who: I have talked with your company on the phone. I have tried to resolve issues with you. The response is "technical problems". I try to list items. You don't have them. I can't sell mine for that reason. That's my main frustration. That simply obligates me to go to an auction site or not sell my items at all. You provide few options for sellers. Oh, I give up really. I think the folks who've posted messages before me have provided an adequate overview of services and problems.

Posted by any name @ 08/12/2003 12:10 AM CST

Amazon really makes me feel bad.

On Aug 3, I response to an amazon gold box promotion, and purchased a clock of 25.49. The next day, they lower the price to $19.88, lower than the price I paid in response their promotion.

Using higher priced promotion right before they lower a product price is really fishy. Email their customer service, the insisted they still maintain the same list price, bullshit, it is the sale price that matter.

Posted by meerkat @ 08/10/2003 05:30 PM CST

I am sorry to hear about the frustration you experienced in trying
to locate our phone number on our web site. Please be assured that
we want to make your experience at Amazon.com as enjoyable as it can
be. That includes answering any questions you might have about
shopping with us.

We feature e-mail forms as the way to contact us as this is the most
efficient way to address almost any issue you might have. Our e-mail
forms, accessible from the Help department, will prompt you to supply
all of the information we need to resolve your particular issue. Our
goal is of course to help as many customers as quickly and thoroughly
as possible.

Most of your questions, however, can be answered by Your Account and
our online Help pages. Click the "Your Account" link at the top of
most pages of our site to track or modify an order you've placed.
If you have a question about a policy or particular feature of our
web site, try searching our Help Department, accessible from the
"Help" link at the top right corner of the site.

We do understand that there are times when you'll want or need to
talk to someone on the phone. For your future reference, our phone
numbers are:

U.S. and Canada: 1-800-201-7575
International: 1-206-266-2992

I hope that this information is helpful.

Posted by guess who @ 08/08/2003 08:53 PM CST

I think ul find the phone number is at the botton of the order process page you muppets! anyway, u dont need it if you just send us a friendly email!

Posted by Jeff Bezos @ 08/08/2003 08:48 PM CST

Man !!! u have done a wonderful job for mankind :)
I tried to search for the number on amazon.com web site.. and i was furious, disappointed.. and agonized for not finding it .. Now i feel so releived.

Posted by DP @ 08/07/2003 11:02 AM CST

So, if you order a used item (I was buying used textbooks), the order goes thru immediatly and you can't change the payment method. I did not see the option to change the pay method until after I clicked on next and the whole amount was already charged to my debit card, which will undoubtedly cause major check bouncing. And less than 30 seconds later I tried to change it, but couldn't. The lady at amazon told me that she can't change the credit card #. I will be calling them to take care of my overdraft charges. Not a happy amazon customer!!

Posted by Cecile @ 08/05/2003 04:19 PM CST

i am so mad at amazon.com I bought several books, used, and they have sent me two of everything. the used items are not returnable. so now what can i do. of course, they have my credit card info on file. no more of you, amazon !nancy talcott

Posted by nancy talcott @ 08/05/2003 12:28 PM CST

Hello, The numbers great - thanks for the service.

I ordered an item and tried to cancel the order within 5 minutes because it was an old version.

After calling I was informed that customers can always refuse acceptance of the order (eg from UPS/FedEx etc) and the full price will be refunded (including all shipping costs).

I have read a couple other posts that stated they were bummed out because they couldn't cancel their order. But this shipment refusal amount to exactly the same thing - except that the credit card will take a week or 2 before it is re-credited back to your account.

Posted by Brian Miller from Southern California @ 08/04/2003 05:55 PM CST

Really appreciate for posting the "invisible" phone

Posted by Joaquin Bonilla @ 08/04/2003 11:40 AM CST

Thanks for listing Amazon's number. When booking from Europe, they put through my order twice without my approval, including once to my usual shipping address, where I won't be for the next few months. Once I found your listing, I was able to speak to Amazon directly, and they were most kind and courteous, and promised to refund one of the orders directly. Thanks for your help!

Posted by Karin @ 08/02/2003 12:10 PM CST

THanks for the number. I had paid extra for shipping an item, to get it by a particular date.

THey delayed the item however and finally, its gonna arrive later that normal.

The customer service was not helpful other than saying sorry, but all the same, your posting was very useful.

Posted by AK @ 07/31/2003 10:46 AM CST

Thanks so much for posting this number. I called and tried to correct the delivery address for an order <30 min. after placing it & they said that they couldn't do it: very frustrating!! Hopefully, I'll be able to convince UPS to redirect it once I have a tracking number!!!

Posted by signorbenedick @ 07/30/2003 09:52 AM CST

Thank You for posting phone number, again. However,for my story is sad. Amazon.com customer service ladies are so nice. However, adorama(camera company) man was not so nice. Can you believe that I mess up my order and they shipped out that within two hours from my order? I don't really believe and they just wanted me to buy it. I don't believe that they are so quick to send the product within two hours. They might have no work other than my order, obviously. Then, they don't get any order from anybody because they are "LIAR". So, don't buy it from ADORAMA company. that's all. Sincerely,

Posted by KyawThuYa @ 07/28/2003 05:24 PM CST

Thank You for posting the customer service phone number. My order was messed up and I really have to talk with customer service person. My problem is I didn't order the camera and they add it in my order. It will cost 500 for that camera and I don't want it. So, I need to talk with the customer service. thanks again.

Posted by KyawThuYa @ 07/28/2003 04:04 PM CST

This is great!! I ordered a book, dvd and cd earlier this week. I got the shipment today and even though they said all three were shipped I only got the dvd and no receipt. It could have been that the book and cd were stolen since they used this crappy fold over box with a rubber band over it and very little adhesive. I opened it without having to rip it open which anyone at the post office could have done. I searched amazon.ca for an hour looking for the number and ended up sending an email but later decided to search on google if I can find their customer service number. Well I found this site and after going through tons of postings found the amazon.ca number. You guys should post it at the top like the amazon.com one. Anyways, I called them and the guy I talked to told me that they will ship the book adn cd right away. thanks again for posting the number.

Here it is again in case anyone from canada wants to contact amazon.ca by phone 1-877-586-3230

Posted by Matthew Broszkowski @ 07/25/2003 06:11 PM CST

Thanks so much, I like everyone else searched everywhere but could not find the phone number. My order was messed up and no number. So frustrating!!!! Very poor customer relations!!!

Posted by kay eagleman @ 07/25/2003 04:24 PM CST

thanks for posting this, the lady was so nice and hooked me up w/ free shipping!!!!!

Posted by thesarge @ 07/24/2003 09:13 AM CST

you`ve done a good seed for your future, man!

Posted by Roy @ 07/22/2003 02:11 AM CST

THank you -- they are having tech problems yet again, and while the young lady I spoke to was an enormous pain (seriously, no customer service skills at all) I cancelled my order via the phone and went elsewhere with my 500 bucks. You saved the day, man.

Posted by alex lo @ 07/20/2003 04:55 PM CST

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. Although I am on SERIOUSLY eternal hold with Amazon at least I have hope that someone will pick up. This is the second time Amazon has put my order through twice with no indication that it went through once!

Posted by pthompson @ 07/19/2003 08:20 PM CST

You are the man!!!!

Posted by Pete @ 07/17/2003 03:53 PM CST

Thankyou alot for the number, I ordered a game about a week ago, and I was suspose to get 2 days later, but it has been a week or so. THANK YOU MUCH

Posted by Clifton Warner @ 07/17/2003 01:56 PM CST

Yes, Yes, YESSSSSSSS! You saved my bacon. Bless you! Everyone can do their part by spreading this number all over the place.

My experience with Amazon (as a seller) is usually good, but they're having technical problems right now and have an email backlog. The lady I spoke with was knowledgeable, courteous, and patient.

Posted by carolef @ 07/17/2003 11:29 AM CST

I bought a color jet ink cartrige from amazon.com. My red dried up and they will not do anything because its a little past the 30 days. Ilost a lot of respect for them.

Posted by Howard @ 07/15/2003 08:01 PM CST

Amazon.com sucks. Worst customer service.

Posted by A Zia @ 07/15/2003 11:02 AM CST

Amazon.com SUCKS!!!! It is the WORST sight ever!!!! I HATE IT!

Posted by Molly @ 07/12/2003 02:51 PM CST

I became extremely dizzy searching for the number on amazon's website. It is definately poor business manners for them not to list it. I must admit, though, they were very professional and kind when I contacted them. Let's just see if they follow through on their promises. Thank you for posting the number. You are my new hero.

Posted by Yahaira Love @ 07/11/2003 10:42 PM CST

I wish amazon.com knew what items they actually had "in stock". I ordered a portable hard drive NEXT DAY DELIVERY for school because mine crashed. They gave me an email order cofirmation with a delivery estimate of 2 days. Now they are saying it will be 5 to 10 days. And good luck trying to cancel an order once it has entered "THE SHIPPING PROCESS". Sheesh!

Posted by Annoyed Customer @ 07/08/2003 09:01 PM CST

Amazon.com customer service rocks!
Thank you guys for trying so hard for such a great company!! It was a pleasure calling you!

Posted by Ruben Gomez @ 07/08/2003 06:25 PM CST

Thanks for posting! Amazon.com is THE best place to buy value-rich products! Great customer service, superior product quality and ranges and availabilty. Honestly, think again, without amazon.com many people will never be able to buy what they are looking for many years. For example, where can I buy a music CD produced by a french musician? Where can I buy Akira Kurosawa or Eric Rohmer movies? Does you local store has it, does anyone else online has it?
Thanks Jeff for the great ideas!!

Posted by Mike @ 07/08/2003 03:34 PM CST

Thanks. My husband and I searched for an hour, he started yelling that I was clicking all the wrong places. I finally did a search and thanks to you I now have the number. When you do get hold of them their customer service is great, but I don't like to do business with people who won't let you talk in person.

On our websites our 800 number is posted on the navigation bar on every page. We want to help our customers.

Posted by nancy gold @ 07/07/2003 08:39 PM CST

THANK YOU!! I was about to call the cops on them for stealing my money!


Posted by K. Love @ 07/07/2003 04:23 PM CST

Thanks for posting the number here. Amazon is a terrible example of a business. I'm very disappointed with their business practices and will not shop with them again.

Posted by Heather Larsen @ 07/07/2003 11:49 AM CST

Thanks for the number!
Amazon.com proved once again they are the best!
I needed help with change in address for order with ********. Got item in correct address within 3 days! This is what I call customer service!

Posted by Sheila @ 07/06/2003 11:56 PM CST

Why not just turn this page into a seller/buyer site? We could stay in touch with each other :) There's so much I have that I"d like to sell that I can't because it's not in their database. If they don't sell it, neither can I. The only good thing to say about them is that the few items I can list don't require an upfront fee. But, I have to inflate my charges to cover theirs so I don't sell much, partially for that reason. My offerings are expiring after 60 days, and I'm not relisting them as they expire. Guess I'll just have a big yard sale Hey, Amazon ! Come to my yard sale, buy some items, and then other folks can list items they have that you can put in your database after you buy them from me LOL

Posted by Brook @ 07/05/2003 09:21 PM CST

Great job, thankS!
I got my issue resolved in a minute. Great customer service at amazon.com! Keep it up folks!

Posted by Phil @ 07/04/2003 04:05 PM CST

Thankyou so much. Amazon sent me a paperback book when I ordered a hardback, and the only number i could find was on the box and they made me call long distance to get another number, and then again i had to call long distance, and then i finally got this number. Now that i know its on this web page i wont have to go searching again. Normally I don't write comments on posting laces, but I am so bored because I am on hold at their customer service and it's been 20 minutes. They labled my package wrong and so now so other person in baltimore has my product that I'm paying for.

Posted by Megan @ 07/04/2003 10:07 AM CST

Well I see that not much has been done to make amazon.com's customer service any better! Used the phone # and I entered in three different wrong numbers and FINALLY got a REAL live person!

Now, Amazon.com's ordering system has lost my order! And it also lost my friends order for a computer software game! They did upgrade my shipping to 2-day, but still...you cant do business if your automated ordering system is not fulfilling orders and shipping them!

I put this to everyone in the USA and the rest of the world. We don't have a failing economy, we have FAILING businesses that have LOST sight of how to treat customers!

Message to Executives and Boards across America and elsewhere: GET RID OF THE AUTOMATED TELEPHONE SYSTEMS AND PUT PEOPLE BACK TO WORK ANSWERING PHONES! Train them and treat them right and you'll have satisfied employees and MOST IMPORTANTLY...CUSTOMERS! :)

Ok done ranting.

Hope this info helps any others out there.

Posted by Brian @ 07/03/2003 01:05 PM CST

thanks so much...i was waiting for a large mail in rebate offer and am able to contact them.

Posted by Meghna @ 07/03/2003 10:36 AM CST

Thanks for posting Amazon's number. I too am very disappointed that a company does not list their contact number. It is poor business to not list a emergency contact number.

Posted by Marc J @ 07/02/2003 10:46 AM CST

To Pavel Goberman,
If you can't find a link for amazon.com, you better join a training program for How to use eshopping if any such program exist..
I'm sorry!

Posted by John Lintz @ 07/02/2003 01:54 AM CST

Just so you know, I just called them, and their service agents were great. Very courteous and helpful. While it IS impossible to find their number, and then getting an agent on the line is also difficult, once I talked to a human person, they were great. It's difficult getting through the automated system, I just kept giving the system commands it couldn't recognize. I upgraded my shipping, and they guaranteed to get it to me by a certain date or they would refund the shipping cost. I was pleased once I got a human.

Posted by John @ 06/30/2003 03:41 PM CST

Lordy, Lordy Thank you for this phone number. You made my day,

Posted by Bettie Holmes @ 06/30/2003 11:01 AM CST

Thanks for the number for Amazon. They conveniently do not have it on their lame site and after leaving emails and getting nothing but form letters back from them for 4 weeks now I have lost my cool. Charging clients more than double the cost for something that was sent nearly a week later than promised...that's not only bad business, but sheer stupidity.

Posted by tresa black @ 06/29/2003 01:24 PM CST

I do not know how the Amazon is doing business, but I lost my desire to do business with this company.
The web site of this company is not good, wrong links. I sent a few e-mails, but no answer. And no any phone number to contact.
Thank you for this phone number, but I do not want to do business with this company for ignorance customers.

Posted by Pavel Goberman @ 06/29/2003 01:34 AM CST

To Cathy Kruger,
When was that you had to wait 30 minutes for amazon,com customer service? I've been using amazon.com for almost four years now and I never ever had a wait time more than one minute.
Makes me wonder about your 30 minutes wait time..
What its worth, compare to any other retail site, amazon.com customer service is the fastetest and most of all, the most customer-friendly department in USA.
Don't believe it? Call Barnes and noble.com, call bestbuys.com and see it for yourself..

Posted by Susanna @ 06/28/2003 11:06 AM CST

Dear Jennifer Brace,
Before allowing you to confirm your purchase from amazon.com (like any other online store), it very clearly asks you to confirm if all the info specially the total price including shipping-handling and taxes (If any) is up to your satisfaction, did you confirm that??
Bacause if you did, you would not run into anything unimaginable. as Proudly standing there as a Top Ten Retail site, Amazon.com is there to assist customers, to offer smooth and unique buying experience, not there to get away with your money.

Posted by David (An avid Amazon.com Buyer) @ 06/28/2003 02:03 AM CST

Thanks for the #. BE CAREFUL when using gift certificates! Little did I know I was purchasing from their "third-party sales platform" that does not accept amazon.com gift certificates (even though the website is still amazon.com!!) and now I am out $150. The customer service rep. was sullen and totally unhelpful. CAUTION!

Posted by Jennifer Brace @ 06/27/2003 10:03 PM CST

I paid additional money for shipping sooner and they havent.. Wanted to call and couldnt get the number anywhere... Thanks for posting this number..

Posted by Srikanth @ 06/26/2003 03:04 PM CST

Thank you so much. I needed info I couldn't find on their help menu. I was helped right away by a delightful representative by the name of Robin. She was cheerful, friendly, and very helpful. Thanks ECHOS for helping me get in touch with the Might Amazon.

Posted by Pamala Anderson @ 06/25/2003 12:50 PM CST

Thank you so much for posting this number....It is impossible to find!!!

Too bad Amazon.com sucks and I had to wait on the line for a half hour before I got a live person to talk to....especially after several days of email tag which got me nowhere! They are teh stupiest outfit and I will never buy from them again....They shipped my package via FedEx which never was delivered and they sent me on a wild goose chase calling FedEx who, after I got a live person on their phone, told me I had to contact Amazon.com!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I wonder if I will ever get my book...but, anyway, thanks for the number!

Posted by Cathy Kruger @ 06/25/2003 08:11 AM CST

When I called Amazon to find out why a book I ordered and paid an extra $15.00 to have delivered in one day had not been delivered 3 days later, I was never able to talk to a live person. None of the numbers to be punched in got me an answer or a live human being. It is very frustrating.

Posted by Frances Gregg @ 06/24/2003 04:45 PM CST

Thank you so much!

Posted by Biku @ 06/23/2003 06:02 PM CST

Thank you and clicheideas for posting Amazon's customer service tel. number on your web site.
I placed an order today and less than 2 minutes after placing the order I realized that I had the wrong shipping address on my order. When I tried to correct this (no more than 2 minutes later), I received the message that the order was already in the shipping process and a change could not take place. I tried to email and correct the shipping address, but was not able to send the message from their web site.
I was a longtime customer with Amazon. Not any longer because Amazon is not the only website to order from. I will send a letter of complaint to the CEO. Thanks again for posting the telephone numbers. G.Connelly

Posted by Gisela Connelly @ 06/22/2003 10:36 PM CST

Thank you! I needed to change some address and they helped me out so fast. Great people at the great amazon.com!!

Posted by Reba Mckenzie @ 06/19/2003 07:56 PM CST

All one needs for most Company phone numbers is to make a free information call to 800-555-1212

Posted by Toothtax @ 06/16/2003 03:05 PM CST

Thank you for the number I wish I get what I paid for.

Posted by alfredo @ 06/13/2003 05:49 PM CST

I checked to see if its was the actual custmer service number and it is I am starting to wonder about this Amazon Market place that is available at the amazon web page in theory www.amazon.com allows dishonest people to sell items on their web page--that reaches millions--but what does amazon care about if they get a cut of the money. I recently orderd an item and I did not take the time to read the responces that people had about certain sellers. I am begining to get worried. This is not right there should be another way of selling items of amazon.com.

Posted by Alfredo @ 06/13/2003 05:43 PM CST

Thanks for Amazon's phone number. I was also looking for the number and couldn't find it any where. Thanks again. Linda

Posted by Linda @ 06/13/2003 12:20 PM CST

THANK YOU!! It was the ONE number impossible to find anywhere. I phoned them right up to complain about it!

Posted by Sue @ 06/13/2003 11:14 AM CST

You hav no idea how long I have been waiting to get this number.

Posted by Elsid skendaj @ 06/13/2003 08:53 AM CST

you are the man, it was impossible to find amazon.com phone number on their site.
Good job

Posted by rabih boudargham @ 06/13/2003 06:23 AM CST

YAY Google! thank you!

Posted by Henna @ 06/12/2003 12:21 PM CST

Thanks so much for the help! IT IS impossible to find their customer service number on Amazon's site! One Google search and "Voila" - Thank you!

Posted by Summer @ 06/12/2003 11:04 AM CST


Posted by matt @ 06/10/2003 09:42 PM CST

Had a package that was sent to wrong address, needed to get ahold of amazon but couldn't find their number. googled for their number and your site came up, thanks a million!

Posted by Ryan Smith @ 06/10/2003 01:52 PM CST

I agree! Thanks!!

Posted by Dave @ 06/10/2003 09:40 AM CST

Thank you for posting the phone number. Google spit out your website at the top of the list. You provided a very good service here. Thank you very much.

Posted by M. Miller @ 06/10/2003 09:04 AM CST

Thank you so much for providing this. It does save me a lot of time dealing with Amazon. On side note, the customer service rep who answered the phone was helpful. Thanks again!

Posted by John @ 06/09/2003 01:50 PM CST

These people are idiots, I ordered a palm and then realized because of the way one had to place the item in your shopping cart to view the low price,and according to them 'you can always remove it later'. So I proceeded to order the item thinking the price was too good to be true and it was. It's almost a bait and switch the way it's set up. Anyway almost immediately after I ordered it I realize my mistake and tried to cancel the order. Well wouldn't you know it, the website was temporarily down for maintenance!!! So when I was finally able to get back on to cancel, low and behold it was too late although shipment scheduled for the 12th of june and I ordered it on the sixth. So I send a email and then tried looking for a phone number. Thank God I found your posting for the 1 800 number, but guess what the nice woman saids 'we can't make any adjustments to order because see all the packages look the same and we can't distinguish one from the other. Well I not accepting this order and will never use this company again!!! Hope this experience helps someone out there to avoid grief.

Posted by Trina @ 06/07/2003 12:00 PM CST

Amazon.com rules!
Thanks a bunch!

Posted by JT @ 06/06/2003 04:24 PM CST

Your posting has, once again, saved the sanity of someone searching for this number. Once I actually reached Amazon customer service, they were great, but without your posting of this number, I'd still be up the creek.

Posted by John Carter @ 06/06/2003 10:04 AM CST

Thank goodness for Google!! I had searched Amazon.com's website over and over and could not find the number!! I was about to give up until I put it in the search engine! At last, results!! Thanks!!

Posted by Sonya @ 06/06/2003 09:50 AM CST

thanks a million by giving the phone #.It has helped the customers a lot.

Posted by shalu @ 06/05/2003 04:42 PM CST

yet another pair of lost souls searching the labrynths of Amazon.com for a simple telephone number...

Posted by basil & rosemary @ 06/05/2003 03:17 PM CST

Thanks a million..Google search rules!

Posted by AT @ 06/05/2003 02:39 PM CST

Bought the worst software ever
Pinnacle Studio 8 Amazon returned
it they must now it was crap. Thank for the number

Posted by Jay @ 06/05/2003 01:28 PM CST

thanks for this tremendous favor you did for people by giving us the number for amazon.com which is obviously trying to hide it from all of us.

Posted by mrs. pooz @ 06/05/2003 12:08 PM CST

Thank God for whoever posted this phone number. Thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Andrei @ 06/05/2003 08:22 AM CST

Hey thanks a lot for this number, it saved me a 100 bucks.......just cudnt find it anywhere on the site

Posted by Kingsuk Brahma @ 06/05/2003 07:13 AM CST

Thnx for the number! I contacted them and would you believe it, they are really very cool guys!Way to go amazon.com!!

Posted by Jeremy Jackson aka JJ @ 06/05/2003 12:18 AM CST

I simply wanted to update my account with my new email address. Simple? Hell no! Though I was able to access my personal section using my old address and password, the site could not recognize this same information as acceptable when I attempted to update my information.

Was there a customer service phone contact anywhere on that site? NO! You can read, and reread yourself to death, but they won't let you out of this pergatory. I was ready to strangle someone (now adays you have to mention that this is a figure of speech, not a reality.) My blood pressure was UP!! My eyes bugging and damp. Not happy.

Thank you for this phone number!


Posted by Sally @ 06/04/2003 05:25 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number and the comments. I have been searching for the number. I have been trying for more than 30 minutes to place an order and it is driving me batty trying to negotiate my way through the maze. Now that I have the number I think I will call and tell them that I don't want anything from them after all!

Posted by Mary @ 06/03/2003 04:05 PM CST

Yep! They are the best in business.
Have a jolly week!
Like the proverbial anecdotes,
"The Best place to shop on planet Mars and on planet Venus?

(Humble Hint if you don't get this-
Men are from Mars women are from Venus.)"

Posted by Comic Writer Wannbe @ 06/03/2003 01:56 PM CST

Thanks for the number. I received scanner that was missing the power supply. Guess it had been opened. Maybe that's why they put the shipping invoice over the factory seal (probably wasn't sealed). Didn't see any useful option to ask for a piece part so I wanted to talk with someone. As posted many times - no number anywhere on the web site. Thanks for your initial work and then posting it on a google seached page. :)

Posted by Scott @ 06/03/2003 11:49 AM CST

Hey, GOD bless the person who listed Amazon.com's # They were over charging me for quite a few things and I wasn't about to wait for their e-mail to resolve it and I of course couldnt find their phone # anywhere. Whe I did reach them they were quite efficient and credited me back the difference

Posted by Evisceria @ 06/03/2003 05:50 AM CST

To: Comic Writer Wannabe

Sorry! The item that I purchased was from Amazon.com. It is nice that you are all knowing about Amazon.com except for the fact that you are mistaken regarding my complaint. The item was shipped from their Kentucky shipment center. The purchase was made through Amazon.com.

Posted by Sean Carlin @ 06/02/2003 10:59 AM CST

To Sean,
Please note amazon.com has open market place for new as well as used items for sell offered by independent sellers. Like any open marketplace, buyer needs to read descrption for item offered by sellers. The most likely reason you have received non-standard packaged item, it was sold by one of such seller, as listed. Of course, buyer can file a refund claim if she/he feels she/he has been defrauded by such listing which does not accurately reflect the quality of products. Rest assured, all purchases are 100 % guaranteed at amazon.com.

Have a jolly week!
Like the proverbial anecdotes,
"The Best place to shop on planet Mars and on planet Venus?

(Humble Hint if you don't get this-
Men are from Mars women are from Venus.)"

Posted by Comic writer wannabe

Posted by Comic Writer Wannbe @ 06/01/2003 06:35 PM CST

I purchased a coffee maker from Amazon.com and waited two weeks for it to arrive. When it finally came I was amazed at how it was shipped. A lightweight cardboard box that the manufacturer packages it in with tape and a label. Absolutely no padding or popcorn. I open the package and although it was manufactured out of clear plastic it had scratches all over it and appeared as though it was used. I phoned Amazon.com and they gave me their big $10 offer. They told me that I would have to wait three weeks since it was out of stock. I asked if it would be packaged better and they stated they didn't know. I asked them if the packaging was the same then why would I order again. They didn't seem to care. Two weeks later I still wait for the credit to come through since I have already paid for the item. How can an e-tailer ship books with better packaging than a small appliance? Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware. I will not waste my time with this company again. I have canceled my account and will not waste my time with these people again.

Posted by Sean Carlin @ 06/01/2003 11:22 AM CST

Thanks for posting. Google rocks.
Yeah, it's ebusiness, but some issues can be resolved in 2 minute phone call instead of 3 days worth of emails.

Posted by Larry @ 05/30/2003 05:21 PM CST

The Best place to shop on planet Mars and on planet Venus?

(Humble Hint if you don't get this-
Men are from Mars women are from Venus.)

Posted by Comic writer wannabe @ 05/30/2003 02:39 PM CST

Wake up people, its an online store, whatever happended to email? Phone is almost obsolete these days..Ever tried to reach someone on the phone?

Posted by Larry @ 05/30/2003 02:33 PM CST

The reason why there is no posted Phone Number- Here is why?-First of all, amazon.com is a Online store not on-phone store like old days when you call a number to order from catalog. Makes perfect sense, isn't it? Here is some info from Amazon.com policy notice,
"Please review our Privacy Notice, which also governs your visit to Amazon.com, to understand our practices.


When you visit Amazon.com or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. "

Posted by Mike Gonzalez @ 05/30/2003 02:26 PM CST

Whoever posted that phone number would be a celebraty if they let their name out to the public. YOU ARE DA BOMB!!!

Posted by Paul @ 05/30/2003 01:54 PM CST

Great job posting the number,
I used their site and I must admit the experience was fabulous! No wonder amazon.com is the number one shopping site.

Posted by Ravi Sharma @ 05/30/2003 12:28 PM CST

Way to go amazon.com! 25 million satisfied customers can't be wrong.
Keep it up!!
If you are not amazon.coming yet you are not shopping right.

Posted by Clara Jones @ 05/29/2003 02:44 PM CST

Thank you. I sell on Amazon, yet couldn't find a customer service number. The # you gave also got me a rep for sellers. Excellent help.

Posted by Michael @ 05/28/2003 12:12 PM CST

I am one of the thousands that appreciated finding Amazon phone number. Too bad they still couldn't answer my question tho. Great site to shop if you are absolutely certain about what you're buying.

Posted by Barbara Dixon @ 05/26/2003 06:55 PM CST

Stay away from ********.Com - Amazon uses them and they are terrible - shame on Amazon for not posting their phone number - I wasted soooo much time looking for the number - Amazon's A to Z Guarantee is also a joke!!! I got stuck for an additional $20 to return an item - never again!!!

Posted by Melanie @ 05/23/2003 08:14 PM CST

Amazon.com is a great place to buy television sets.

Posted by pete pininski @ 05/23/2003 01:38 PM CST

Amazon.com is where I work.

Posted by pete pininski @ 05/23/2003 01:36 PM CST

Over here in the UK we have the same problem! Can I find a telephone number? No way! Do they answer emails about what they have done with my order? No way! Do they seem inclined to tell me why I can't download the e-book I ordered? No way!
This is and invidious and despicable treatment of customers - it makes me feel soooooo angry - but if you are reading this I am sure you know what i am talking about!

Posted by Gordon MacKay @ 05/23/2003 05:42 AM CST

Thank you for taking the intiative.. Even though I couldnt get my problem solved straight away, at least I got rid of the frustration of trying to find the number!! It really gets to you doesn't it?!!

Posted by Tatiana Taylor @ 05/21/2003 09:58 AM CST

Thank you for providing me Amazon.com customer service phone number,You are the best.

Posted by Janey Maschek @ 05/19/2003 10:56 AM CST

I just sold a video on Amazon. It apparently was sold through zShop which I never agreed to. That means, I suppose, that they will now take $30-plus from my bank account. I don't understand. THANKS to the number provided, I called and the person told me "I can't help you. I'm only CSR for Amazon.com. I don't know anything about selling." I can call back tomorrow. Sheesh! I don't want to cancel this person's order, but I only made $6.00 from the sale. I don't even know if I can cancel it.

Posted by What's the story here? @ 05/14/2003 10:31 PM CST

This is awesome!! Finally great service! Thanks for the number. You saved me so much frustration.

Posted by Joe @ 05/14/2003 04:24 PM CST

Thank you for providing this number!!!

Posted by Rich Groski @ 05/11/2003 01:36 PM CST

THANK YOU for posting the phone number - What can I say. I got to talk with a real person, who was actually friendly and helpful.

Posted by Chuck @ 05/09/2003 06:20 PM CST

Hey Guys,

Try out books of ***** in Amazon.com they are great!!!!!

Posted by Steve @ 05/09/2003 06:41 AM CST

Thank you forever so much for sharing the AMAZON.com customer service phone number. I search and search via their website, and it is a jungle out there.

Posted by trw @ 05/08/2003 06:02 PM CST

Thank goodness this page somes up on Google when you search for "Amazon.com customer service number". Thank you for posting this number!!!

Posted by Dana @ 05/08/2003 10:26 AM CST

I recently ordered a cell phone and paid for the 2-day shipping. Got an email 2 days later saying the shipping had been delayed. Called the number listed in the first post and complained. They refunded my shipping cost. FYI.


Posted by Paul @ 05/07/2003 01:03 PM CST

Thanks for the telephone number.
This company should be closed. Not very reputable. Let's contact the media. They say one thing on their site and in their e-mails about dispersing money to my account then it is a different story when you question them " where is my money?"

Posted by Mary Ann @ 05/07/2003 10:22 AM CST

I, too, searched endlessly on Amazon's web pages for a contact number. You deserve an award for posting it! My book was supposedly shipped a month ago. They said they would re-ship, we will see. They must do so much one-time business that they don't give a d--- about repeat customers.

Posted by Carolyn @ 05/07/2003 09:24 AM CST

Thank you !!!! I thought I was gonna lose my mind trying to find a stupid customer service #. thanks for the insight

Posted by GFM @ 05/06/2003 11:24 AM CST

THANKS FOR THE PHONE NUMBER. I'm L O S T. I'd like to sell some books but some that I have are not already listed on Amazon. Would someone be gracious enough to tell me how to list books I have that aren't shown? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Kristen @ 05/05/2003 08:29 PM CST

I sell books on Amazon. I sell books that are not shabby, and they go out within the two days that's "required". I contact the buyer as I should. I don't get many orders at all. I think part of the problem may be (I've priced them comparably) that I have to stay with zero feedback and "new". How do you get people to leave feedback? No one wants to deal with an unknown, which I will be until people start leaving feedback

Thanks for the number. I'm too out of sorts about a few things to call them. I found that at least one of my books doesn't show as available, and it's one that a lot of people would want. It's the only one of that title that's signed, in fact. Another thing, if I change a price on a book, it doesn't show on my seller account that it's different.

I'm sorry that I'm not leaving an email address, but if anyone feels like leaving a message, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the number. It may be time to use it. I feel pretty frustrated.

Posted by curious @ 05/03/2003 11:59 AM CST

Thank you for posting Amazon's customer service number. You're a lifesaver!

Posted by Ray @ 05/02/2003 05:12 PM CST

I changed my credit card on the amazon site and made several purchases. Amazon admitted they screwed up and just ignored the credit card change, it took 3 months to get it cleared up. They are the WORST company to buy from on the internet!

Posted by Kimberly Webb @ 04/30/2003 09:26 AM CST

The books listed aren't all showing. I don't know why. (THANKS for the phone number.) Also, the account shows nothing processed when a book was just sent out a week ago. What am I not understanding here?

Posted by Dara @ 04/28/2003 12:03 AM CST

I bought a book from Amazon 3 weeks ago and last week I have discovered that 20 pages was neatly cut of from this book. I couldn't believe my eyes.
They agree to give me refund but don't want to pay for shipping back from their own pocket.
And I am very angry about it because I don't think it's right. I paid already for the shipping to come why should I pay for the shipping back if they send me damaged book.
Now, I am not sure if I can trust Amazon

Posted by lana @ 04/24/2003 11:29 PM CST

I placed my first order with Amazon 10 days ago. I called to check status and was told the accounting dept. put it on hold. I asked to talk to them and they do not take calls. Amazon is worthless they should be shut down.

Posted by T. Hall @ 04/24/2003 12:09 PM CST

Thank you for the customer number.

Posted by Buba from Atlanta @ 04/24/2003 10:58 AM CST

Thank you so much for posting the customer service number!! I found you on a yahoo.com search - thank you thank you!!

Posted by frustrated with Amazon! @ 04/23/2003 07:00 AM CST

Thank you so much for posting the Amazon phone #. It took 2 calls (the first was less than helpful and wouldn't help with my "free shipping"problem, but the second operator actually found a way to give me the free shipping they advertised!

Posted by didigray@aol.com @ 04/21/2003 05:39 PM CST

I called that number -- 1-800 201-7575 -- and now it says it has been "disconnected". Anybody else try it today?

Posted by Erik @ 04/19/2003 04:42 PM CST

just THANK YOU !!!!

Posted by Martin from Lima, Peru @ 04/17/2003 03:42 PM CST

Thanks to the person who posted Amazon.com's phone #. My 2 day priority shipping package is lost with FedEx and together, Amazon.com customer service and I, are trying to come up with solutions!

Posted by Trevor @ 04/17/2003 02:50 PM CST

THANK YOU!!!!!! so very much for posting amazon.com's phone number. They make it impossible to find. Infact it was impossible until I found you on a google search. Thanks again!

Posted by Talula in TEXAS @ 04/14/2003 12:20 PM CST

i ordered a pair of cuff links for my fianice for our anniversary from one of amazon's affiliate stores. immediately, it posted to my credit card of course. i got not merchandise after 2 weeks so i emailed amazon. they told me to email palmbeachjewelry com (the affiliate store i bought from) they said they had no order for me. its sad that i buy and sell on marketplace all the time and have never had a problem like this and now i am dealing with the actual company and not an individual!

Posted by Amy @ 04/11/2003 04:00 PM CST

This info about the phone# - saved me sooooo much headache....been looking for it like crazy :) thanks.

Posted by manny @ 04/11/2003 10:30 AM CST

Thanks for the Phone I will never buy from Amazon again. We all should email everyone we know and telll about the shaddy practices of amazon . SHUT EM DOWN!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jeremiah C @ 04/09/2003 08:12 AM CST

I ordered Turbotax for business from Amazon, turns out it's for corps only and I need Turbotax for Home & Bus. for a sole proprietorship. There was no mention of this in the product description, and I didn't find this out 'till I tried to install. Then I find out they don't accept returns of opened software or DVDs. Emails professing their sincere regrets for the sitch, no joy. Finally found their phone #, (thanks, BTW)
Customer service phone rep said there IS mention of this limitation in one of the product reviews. Told her I didn't think I should have to search reviews for basic product info, and wanted a full refund. She said OK.
4 wks later I recvd an email stating I was credited half the purchase price and they hoped this was satisfactory. Obviously it wasn't. I called (by phone, thanks again) and explained the situation, rep said it would take 7-10 days for the other half of the refund. Luckily, the first rep had put a note in the computer file to give a full refund. Too bad the return dept. didn't look at the same file, 'cus they've lost another customer, along with anybody else I tell this story to. Word of mouth is a powerful weapon, and I'm aiming at Amazon.com

Posted by Cly Roth @ 04/08/2003 10:54 PM CST

I ordered a book and selected change the credit card/billing. The screen looked like it had been changed; however, when I printed the invoice it still had the old number on it. I used the customer service number off this board and called -- still no help. I will not order from amazon again.

Posted by bbruhn @ 04/08/2003 01:27 PM CST

I ordered a book over 15 days ago. I'm still waiting for my book. Today I received an e-mail from the seller asking if I still need it the book. My first reaction was how does amazon and francaisdelos@yahoo.com. have the guts to promise my book in 2-7 days and 15 days later e-mail asking if I still need it my book.

do not buy from francaisdelos@yahoo.com. or amazon.com


Posted by Heri @ 04/08/2003 12:32 AM CST

I sold a book on Amazon. The book was 1600 pages. Amazon gave me 12.95 to mail the book from California to the customer in New Zealand. It cost me 42.00 to ship. I told Customer Service this and they wrote the following:
I'm sorry to hear that the shipping credit you received was
insufficient to cover the full cost of shipping this item. Please
know that the shipping credit offered represents the cost of shipping
most items in each category, based on an item weight of 2-3 pounds.
Occasionally the shipping credit will exceed the cost of shipping.
More rarely, the credit will be less than the actual cost.

When I called them up all they could do is continue to give me a pat answer telling me it is on their web site. My advise: Be careful when you sell from them. They don't really care how much it costs to mail. It cost me 28.00 over the 12.95 to mail this package. When you ask to speak to a Supervisor, they say they are unable to transfer you, and that the Supervisors are very busy, and can get back to you within 24 hours. Basically, this was my worst experience with AMAZON!!!

Posted by wendi @ 04/04/2003 09:23 AM CST

Thank You! it's really ridiculous for Amazon.com not the number published on their website. I ask why the number was not available there and they told me "well since we are an internet company we like to do all our correspondance by email"
How stupid is that??? what if I have a problem that needs immediate attention and can't wait for a return email.. such as a credit card issue. I suggested to them that they change this stupid policy... but I am sure they won't. Thanks for posting their number on your website!.. and thanks for letting me vent!

Posted by Monica @ 04/04/2003 09:14 AM CST

Once again I needed the number. Thanks again. jcsitte - Jonathan C. Sitte - Staticnull.org - jcsitte@staticnull.org

Posted by Jonathan C. Sitte @ 04/04/2003 12:25 AM CST

Thanks a bunch! I pre-ordered the "Futurama" S1 DVD's months ago. When they didn't arive at the appropriate time, I checked my Amazon account on-line, and discovered they hadn't been shipped yet.
I was most displeased, to put it politely.
After fruitlessly scouring Amazon.com for a Customer Service phone number, I found this web-page, and the number for which I was looking.
Thanks for lowering my blood-pressure, and helping me to contact Amazon.com to expidite the delivery.


Posted by SpaceCase @ 04/03/2003 06:56 PM CST

Thank you! I spent alot of wasted time searching for their number on their website.

It's really bad PR for Amazon.com to not want to talk to their customers.

Posted by Janet Latini @ 04/03/2003 10:15 AM CST


Posted by Armo @ 04/01/2003 10:57 PM CST

Thank You a ton.

Posted by Frank Botte @ 04/01/2003 10:31 AM CST

Thanks for the number! It really helps alot! :)

Posted by elissa38 @ 03/30/2003 05:21 AM CST

Thanks much for the number. I ordered some software from them as a gift for a friend. I had 4 business days to get it and just to be safe i paid for the "next day" shipping. Low and behold 5 business days have gone by and still no item.

Just got off thew phone with there CS dept ..wow what a joke. The numbers i have through there online site (shipping date/order date ect) totally doesn't match with what the CS rep told me. It's safe to say i will never use there service again. ;(

Posted by Bugz @ 03/29/2003 04:07 PM CST

Thank you for your phone number. I really appreciate it

Posted by kalyan @ 03/29/2003 10:31 AM CST

Good one. I spend almost 1/2 hour searching for the customer service number, but in vain.
Then I just thought trying a search in google, and it worked !!! :-)

Posted by Abhi @ 03/27/2003 08:27 PM CST

Actually, I've had pretty good luck dealing with Amazon.com. I agree it would be nice if they posted their customer service number on their website, and if they did, I am sure they would be deluged with calls.

In fact, thanks to this web site I've called them twice - both times with excellent success.

I've bought merchandise from Amazon probably at least 50 times over the years and haven't had many problems. In fact, two of the three problems I've had, were really my fault for pushing the wrong buttons or ordering the wrong thing.

We've got to remember that one of the ways these Internet stores save money and offer us things like lower prices and free shipping is by limiting the number of employees they have. I would guess that if they had the number posted they would have to put on hundreds more employees to handle the increased traffic. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that in the end, the customer would have to pay the added expense.


Posted by Joe B @ 03/26/2003 03:14 PM CST

God, thank you for posting their number. I had had order trouble originally with an order and received their number from a rep to clear up the issue. Afterwards, I apparently discarded the number. Well I needed it again when that same damn item was causing me even more trouble in the form of the rebate clearing house amazon.com uses to handle rebates. The rebate clearing house was full of BS about my rebate, 1 call to amazon.com and they fixed that.


Posted by Michael @ 03/25/2003 12:46 PM CST

I want to say thanks so much for posting Amazon's customer service number on this site. It saved me much valuable time, and is much appreciated. This was my first experience ordering with this company, and because the experience has been less than a positive one, it will be my last. I made a purchase back on February 15th, and since had one email informing me that my order would be delayed by a couple of weeks. Last evening, now March 24th, nearly a month and 1/2 later, I receive a second email stating:

"We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following
item from your order. Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we've since found that it is not available from any of our sources at this
time. We realize this is disappointing news to hear, and we apologize
for the inconvenience we have caused you.We have cancelled this item from your order."

I called the customer service number posted here, which actually put me through to a real person right away. I asked why it took a month and a half to tell me that they didn't have what I had ordered. The answer I received was basically they don't actually have the merchandise, but they find it for you once you place an order and pay for it. They apparently couldn't locate what I ordered, so cancelled my order. If I had known that Amazon needed to do a scavenger hunt for the product, with no guarantee that I would actually receive anything, I certainly wouldn't have chosen to do business with them. What sort of business practice is this? They were trying to sell me something that they didn't even have to sell???? I can't tell you how disappointed I am, and will never purchase anything from this company again.

Again, I appreciate the customer service number listed on this site. It saved me my valuable time, which is not worth spending trying to deal with an inadequate business. No wonder Amazon doesn't post their number, they would go bankrupt trying to supply enough personnel to just field the complaint calls! Any worthy company/business would not hesitate to post a customer service number on their website.

Posted by Barbara McDonald @ 03/25/2003 10:14 AM CST

Thanks for the number. I purchased a Calphalon pan from Amazon and they sent it without double boxing it. I recieved a beat up box with tape and stickers all over it. When I complained via email they immediately sent me another one. It arrived in the same condition. Do they double box anything they sell? All I know is you can't order anything from them and plan on giving it as a gift, unless, of course, you want the gift to look like it was purchased at a distressed merchandise sale. Thanks for nothing Amazon.

Posted by BFORD @ 03/25/2003 08:45 AM CST

Hi. Thank you so much for posting that number. It helped me so much! I was getting my husband a present, and they never sent it to us. Ten i called customer service and it helped meright away.

Posted by Amber Burty @ 03/24/2003 04:57 PM CST

hey wazzup i am david. i am 12. i needed to check if the cards i bought off amazon were coming through, but i couldn't use my email, because of my stupid mac. I just wanted to say thank you for posting the information. People like you who post random info like amazons number help people like me. i just wanted to say THANKS THANKS THANKS and THANKS

Posted by david @ 03/23/2003 07:45 PM CST

Thank you for posting this message board. It is thoughtful people like yourself that make the world a better place. Hopefully the world will remain this way for our children's sake.

Again, thank you for your consideration.

Posted by Steve @ 03/22/2003 11:29 AM CST

thanks so much. my refund should have been back to my credit card account long time ago. who cares to type to them. thanks.

Posted by andrew @ 03/21/2003 07:36 PM CST

My mom ordered 3 items through my website, she had me do it, 'cause she is not too internet savy.

I never got credit for any of the sales!

I checked my referal codes, and they were all PERFECT!

Posted by Jeff Paris @ 03/20/2003 04:54 AM CST

I can't thank you enough for posting Amazon's phone #. I had ordered a C.D. (Les Miserables) and received a Rome travel guide book intended for someone in California (I live in Utah). I was astounded when I couldn't find a phone number on either the website OR the shipping statement. I tried getting a number through information using the Nevada address on the shipping statement. They came up with a disconnected phone number. Unbelievable. I am an ex Amazon customer. Thank-you for sharing the fruits of your frustrating search! And thanks to Google.

Posted by Sandra Hale @ 03/18/2003 04:23 PM CST


Posted by CARL MILLER @ 03/18/2003 03:28 PM CST

I ordered 3 items off a Babies R Us gift registry. Amazon.com shipped the items by UPS ground in the manufacturers box. They arrived filthy, dented, and covered with clear packing tape. Called Amazon and they credited me the $35.52 shipping charges. I will not order from Amazon.com again.

Posted by Kristine @ 03/18/2003 11:52 AM CST

Thanks for the phone number. As a general rule if I don't find a contact number on a website with in 2 minutes, I'll go to a search engine and enter information I'm looking for. This works every time. Think outside the box. Thanks for the phone number!

Posted by Jeannie @ 03/18/2003 11:10 AM CST

i have been waiting for weeks for part of an order and i searched for hours for a phone number to call at amazon.com but there's no way to find it there! finally i found it here. thank you...for doing amazon's job!

Posted by jenny maul @ 03/18/2003 08:58 AM CST


Posted by CARL MILLER @ 03/18/2003 08:24 AM CST

OMG---you are a life saver, as others have posted i had been searching for a Amazon phone number after trying to resolve problem via help/email. Tried google search and here it was. I should have checked before ordering to see if there was a phone number. OPPPS!!! There is nothing BETTER than human contact. One quick call resolved my problem and my items are on the way. :) THANKS AGAIN for posting the number.

Posted by Sam @ 03/17/2003 01:20 PM CST

What a joke. I ordered something on 2/21 and still haven't rec'd it. They keep moving back the shipping date. I too spent 20 minutes on a beautiful day searching for a stupid phone number. And then, good ol' google.com brought me here. I'm now on hold with a customer service representative - what a snot I'm dealing with. They claim that my items are shipping on Monday and that by accepting the free shipping I agreed to delays! Right. Whatever!

Posted by AJ @ 03/15/2003 05:31 PM CST

And for those of you unfortunate Canadians stuck in amazon.ca hell, their customer service phone number is 1-877-586-3230.

Posted by Frustrated in Canada @ 03/14/2003 01:32 PM CST

Nothing original to say. Thanks a lot for saving me the time though. As you well know, I wasted enough at their site.

Posted by Joan @ 03/13/2003 03:42 PM CST

Hey, everyone. I ordered a movie on January 6, and used this number to call and find out that they had neglected to tell me that it would not be available until April (!!!).
Not some special movie, either. I just saw the same title in Target yesterday (cheaper by $2 too).

I have had better luck at bn.com for books and stuff. They actually have customer service.

Posted by jon @ 03/11/2003 04:25 PM CST

Thanks a million!!
What I have done too many approvals to remember the times for the order on 01/02/2003.And today is 10 March 03/10/2003!!!
Just like the others said,they just make you losing your patience and do notjing reply.Besides,they should consider the international call is expensive even it's 800 free in USA.I hope my problem could get further assistance.God blees me...
And thanks a lot again ^^.

Posted by Yugene @ 03/10/2003 02:04 AM CST

Like many others, I am very greatful for your post. After several emails to "customer service" over the last several weeks I was able to contact a human being.
It's amazing what 1 phone call can accomplish.

Posted by TonyW @ 03/09/2003 12:27 AM CST

OMFG!!! I searched their pages for 30 min for a silly customer serv. number (couldn't find it!!)...and GET THIS: On their front page they boasted and posted a recent letter commending themselves(for inproved customer service)- from the head honcho...thanks for the info guys

Posted by neil @ 03/08/2003 02:09 PM CST

thank you

Posted by ryan @ 03/05/2003 02:33 PM CST

Thanks to you and Google I found their phone number!

Posted by Vince @ 03/05/2003 01:10 PM CST

thanks. saved much time & frustration. after digging thru their site, I did a Google search & found you. quick call & problem solved.

Posted by Spongeworthy @ 03/05/2003 11:17 AM CST

I forgot to add...I won't be using Amazon.com ever again!!

Posted by Regina @ 03/04/2003 03:00 PM CST

I am very disappointed with Amazon.com. This was my first time ordering from them. I was told that if I ordered $25 worth of books, I would get free shipping, so I ordered. Then AFTER I ordered, it said that the books would arrive between 17 and 21 March (that is too late). When I tried to upgrade shipping, it wouldn't let me. So I tried to cancel the order - again it wouldn't let me. I too searched for a telephone # until I came to this web site (thank you). I told Bridgette at customer service my delima and she said she could not cancel my order or change the shipping method. This is bad business!!!!!!

Posted by Regina @ 03/04/2003 02:54 PM CST

Thank you very much for posting the customer service phone number for Amazon.com - I had spent too much time combing their site to find the number. Finally, I decided to do a google search and up pops your site - Thanks so much for sharing this information with all of us who has had the same problem. :) God Bless

Posted by Rebecca Browning @ 03/04/2003 08:54 AM CST

Thanks a lot for the number. I could not find it on the site.

Posted by Madhura @ 03/01/2003 07:56 PM CST

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate the customer service phone number for Amazon.com -- I have been searching all morning and finally came across your site.

Appreciate it!

Posted by Evelyn Gray @ 02/27/2003 10:58 AM CST

YOur website is like rock.I bought a book longtime ago but couldn't get it yet.That's why i need thier customer service number.but their website is sucks.i coudn't get it.I think youe website help me out a lot.

Posted by tareq @ 02/27/2003 08:40 AM CST


Posted by Dawn @ 02/26/2003 03:40 PM CST

Thank you kindly for their #. I resolved my issue with a considerate and knowledgeable Amazon rep. I voiced my dismay not being able to access their customer service # directly from their site.

Posted by Steve Gruenau @ 02/26/2003 03:18 PM CST

THANK YOU! I couldn't find it anywhere, and it's a bit frustarting when there is a 250 charge to my debit account that I did not make. Thanks again

Posted by Tim @ 02/25/2003 09:45 AM CST

Thank you for the phone number. You saved my day.

Posted by Barbara Rodriguez @ 02/24/2003 12:12 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number. I had ordered a car seat for a baby-shower. I paid to have the gift wrapped. It was delivered to my house in a sack (that's what they consider wrapping, I guess). My husband took it out of the box to wrap it with wrapping paper only to find that the box was full of holes. Listed on the box was the address of the person who originally received it. We opened the box only to find that parts for the seat had been opened and were covered with animal fur. I can't even imagine how terrible it would have been to give this as a gift.
It has been over 3 weeks since we returned the gift and still have not seen a refund. I'll never buy from them again.

Posted by Monique @ 02/24/2003 11:46 AM CST

Thanks so much for the customer service phone number. I was able to resolve my problem by talking to someone.......I had been trying to resolve by e-mail for 3 weeks. Maybe there should be a campaign to post the customer service phone number on the Amazon web page.

Posted by Linda @ 02/24/2003 09:08 AM CST

WOW! Aren't you guys just da bomb! But wasn't this number provided by amazon anyway? and don't they pay for the calls? Anyhoo, ker-ching; check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.

Posted by Tod @ 02/24/2003 08:03 AM CST

Wow, This number really helped. I give my sincere gratitude to the people who provided the info. Thanks

Posted by Justin @ 02/23/2003 02:58 PM CST

Thank you!! This # saved me a ton of time

Posted by sree @ 02/22/2003 12:38 PM CST

Thank you for the phone number. Shame on you Amazon!!!!!!

Posted by Disappointed @ 02/21/2003 01:47 AM CST

I just can't beleive a company like this is still doing business. I looked for 45 minutes on there webpage for a phone number all to no avail. I finally did a google search and came to this site. Thanks so much for the phone number. This site is a public service to all of the worlds web surfers.

Posted by Eleron @ 02/20/2003 11:23 AM CST

THANK YOU! for the numbers, they make the Amazon.com fortress slightly less impregnable. But, after trying to get them to honor their purchase contract, and speaking with innumberable flunkys, this is the end of their last response. I think the sign-off motto tells it better than I can...

> "Thank you for shopping with Amazon.com. We hope to see you again
> soon.
> Best regards,
> Chelsea Rowley
>• Amazon.com... And You're Done
"Dear Chelsea, My compliments on this motto; it really captures the experience of trying to remedy problems with Amazon.com and/or its subcontractors.

IMHO "And you're finished," "And you've been had," or even "And you're through," might convey the Amazon.com message just a bit more accurately and forcefully. :-(

I wonder if "amazon.coN" would be more accurate."


> http://www.amazon.com
> ==============================

Posted by Seth @ 02/19/2003 06:37 PM CST

I spend over 20 minutes navigating Amazon.com to find their lousy customer service number! It blows my mind that a website on which you place credit card information would not provide their CS number. Anyway.. thanks so much for posting this important number. Good to know that the only way I can find the number for Amazon.com is to do a random search on Google!

Posted by Alicia @ 02/19/2003 03:48 PM CST

Thank you very much . It is very painful process to get the customer service phone number for amazon . But your site helps to those who are in need !!!! so keep it up.

Posted by Dude From Quincy @ 02/18/2003 07:52 PM CST

Amazon.com sucks due to the fact that i had to come here to get the phone number to call them.

Posted by sal tracey @ 02/18/2003 05:40 PM CST

Hey, Thanks for the number. I was going crazy looking for one on their web-site. Hadn't received an item, said they would ship another (2-day), we'll see :) Thanks Again.

Posted by Lori @ 02/18/2003 03:01 PM CST

Thank goodness for u. I was going f'n crazy!!!!!!

Posted by ilyssa @ 02/18/2003 09:37 AM CST

Thank you!! I have been waiting 2 1/2 weeks now for an order of a cd with"24 hour availibility" to ship, with no end to this ordeal in sight. Repeated emails have been fruitless. The only reason I haven't cancelled the order outright is that I'm using a giftl certificate.

They used to have great service when they started but have morphed into a faceless, non-accountable conglomerate that couldn't care less about the customer: everything people feared about e-business to begin with! Don't shop Amazon!!!

Posted by Dennis @ 02/18/2003 06:36 AM CST

Thank you! Amazon.com's customer service department sucks as a whole, and I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way!

Posted by Jody D. @ 02/16/2003 04:23 PM CST

Here's some more info for ya....

Amazon Inc
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, Washington 98108-1226
Phone Corporate
(206) 266-1000

Address of Principal Executive Offices
1200—12th Avenue South, Suite 1200, Seattle,
Washington 98144
(206) 266-1000

Amazon live telephone customer service 16 hours a day
Toll-free in U.S. and Canada: 1-800-201-7575
Auction Pro phone number 1-877-251-0696

Legal Dept
1 206 266 4064
Fax- 1 206 266 7010

Amazon.com Public Relations
Bill Curry, 206-266-7180

Got all this from auctionguild.com


Posted by Bubba @ 02/16/2003 05:20 AM CST

IF you dont like the way amazon.com's policies are.. start an email write in campange.. flood their queqes.. thats what they pay attention to.. if they get flooded with emails about a perticular issue.. they fix it.. they have to because large email valumes cost them lots $$$ in labor costs.. write to orders@amazon.com..

Posted by bob @ 02/14/2003 10:46 PM CST

I did a google search and finally stumbled onto this page.
Thank you for the phone number. I couldn't find it anywhere on their website, and wasted so much time searching for it there.

Posted by Lily @ 02/14/2003 07:24 PM CST

Your right! Amazon sucks! I guess they have a poor customer service department!

Posted by Quirina @ 02/14/2003 06:09 PM CST

If amazon reads these comments they will change thier number no doubt.

Posted by Sam @ 02/14/2003 04:32 PM CST

Thank you for posting this! Amazon stinks since they have merged with other stores

Posted by Sam @ 02/14/2003 03:40 PM CST

We want to thank you for posting amazon.com's phone number. I can't even tell you how long I looked for it on their site. Ordered some books from them, and they just throw them in a box without any padding. Gee Wiz! This along with the lack of 800 number makes me think they are VERY shady!

Posted by Amy @ 02/13/2003 09:13 PM CST

I too had a hard time finding the number. Came to this site thru Google search for 'Amazon Customer Service Phone Number'.Lucky me ! Going thru this site I'm getting to know the problems of buying trhu Amazon
Thanks everyone

Posted by Vicks @ 02/13/2003 08:28 PM CST

Thanks for the number!

Posted by TSPIN @ 02/13/2003 07:35 PM CST





THANK YOU ECHO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Christopher (FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA @ 02/13/2003 06:52 AM CST

Thank you for the number... I racked my brain trying to find this number on the company webpage... Allthough the call there did not help, at least it was a relief that I could call them. Apparently if your order from amazon.com has some problems, you must almost threat them with a law suit before they start handling your complaint....

Posted by One VERY unsatisfied customer @ 02/12/2003 03:07 PM CST

It's sad that we have to go this way to get their phone number, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm sure they save alot of money when people do email, instead of call, and that's why the number is hidden. Actually, I placed an order this morning, and still saw no signs of a number, so glad I came across this! THANKS AGAIN!

Posted by Tim @ 02/11/2003 01:21 PM CST

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Posted by Erika @ 02/10/2003 11:54 AM CST

Thanks so much-I'm laughing at how many others have had the same problem finding that damn number!!!
I repeatedly asked for it when contacting them via their site and they would email me back completely ignoring the request and giving me a bunch of bs.
I called the 800 # and it was resolved by a nice customer service person-UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Posted by Cheryl @ 02/09/2003 01:56 PM CST

Thank you so much!!!! You Rock

Posted by Jessica Canning @ 02/07/2003 02:25 PM CST

This is hilarious....I`m glad I`m not the only one searching for there darned number!!!!!

Posted by Sarah Miller @ 02/07/2003 02:23 PM CST

Thank you so much for this number! I, too, have been having a difficult time trying to find Amazon.com's customer service number. I just wrote the number down a few minutes ago after surfing for it on their website. Thanks a million!

Posted by Lesley @ 02/06/2003 11:18 PM CST

Thank you so much from me too. Its hard to believe that a company of Amazon.com's reputation shies from customer service responsibility - No wonder their stock sucks!!!

Posted by Desi @ 02/05/2003 09:25 PM CST


Posted by A.B. @ 02/05/2003 11:50 AM CST

Dude-Thanks so much for the number, it's a shame that Amazon would not post this number on the website. Don't buy books at Amazon!!! :(

Posted by Pauline Brown @ 02/04/2003 04:06 PM CST

Your right. I even tried searching through their Job pages to look for an email address or phone number that you would use to apply for a position; nothing.

Posted by Mike Kime @ 02/02/2003 05:15 AM CST

Thanks for posting the number. I called amazon.ca and asked where I could find their number online....basically you have to pretend your buying something and it turns up on one of the pages.

I asked if there was any other way to get the number in the future and the amazon.ca person replied "I could give it to you now"....well duh! I just called your number you a**holes....don't you think I might have it sitting on a piece of paper?

Posted by mike @ 01/31/2003 02:16 PM CST

I got screwed using Amazon.com's marketplace feature. The problem turned out to be Amazon's fault, but the site only emailed me back an automated email saying I have to wait 30 days. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHONE NUMBER!!!

Posted by Adnan @ 01/30/2003 10:59 AM CST

i got amazon.com's 1-800 number awhile back by calling the toll-free directory assistance line - 1-800-555-1212.

Posted by jackie @ 01/30/2003 08:54 AM CST

Thanks a bunch!!! I wasted my entire day for finding that #!!! And their offshore custmer service sucks, didn't even read my email before responding...

Posted by Rebecca @ 01/29/2003 03:20 PM CST

I was so happy I fund this site. I have been trying for days to try to find way to contact amazon.com by email or phone and I wasn't able to until I find your web site. Thank you so very much!

Posted by Shirley @ 01/29/2003 01:38 PM CST

Thanks a lot for the telephone number. No where in their web they listed this number, past 4 days I was trying to find this number from thier site, no response for the emails from them.


Posted by Thanks a lot!!!! @ 01/29/2003 10:58 AM CST

Thanks a lot!!!

Posted by Rob @ 01/28/2003 04:36 PM CST

Thank you for obtaining Amazon's customer service number. I wanted to complete my order and told the person who helped me that I did not receive proper notification from them. She was polite but ignored my concerns. Amazon needs to improve its services to their customers or it will see a decrease in business.

Posted by Pwalker @ 01/27/2003 07:33 AM CST


Posted by Diana @ 01/26/2003 07:26 AM CST

You're a rock star for putting this out there...you made my whole day, thanks.

Posted by JC @ 01/24/2003 06:56 PM CST

Thanks so much! I couldn't find it anywhere!

Posted by Julia @ 01/24/2003 08:27 AM CST


Posted by Amer @ 01/23/2003 07:52 PM CST

A+++++ Thank you a million times!


Posted by Jonathan C. Sitte @ 01/23/2003 12:13 PM CST

Thanks a lot. I have a problem to find their costomer service on their website for half an hour. I thougt they are trying to hide their contact information.

Posted by Timmy @ 01/23/2003 09:29 AM CST

thanks for ther number it was very thoughful of you .
thanks again

Posted by gaurav @ 01/23/2003 12:50 AM CST

Thanks for the number. I ordered a cash register and CDs, did not notice that my old credit card was going to be billed. When I tried to change it, I could only change the card for the CDs becuase the cash register is from Office Depot. :( Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the response email ...

Posted by Mwez @ 01/22/2003 04:04 PM CST

Thank god for this website. Thanks for posting the number.

Posted by Justin Roman Resuello @ 01/22/2003 02:37 PM CST

Thank you so much for posting this contact No. It was really helpful, resolved my issue in 10 mins.

Posted by Anand @ 01/20/2003 05:37 PM CST

Thank you Thank you...ordered two books that was supposed to qualify for free shipping and I had a twenty dollar gift certificate. Sent one book by itself, told must order other book under another number. Tried to reorder second book, no sign of balance of gift certificate and was told I had to order another seven dollars worth to get the free shipping even though the original order had free shipping. By the way the email for customer service is orders@amazon.com. It is about worthless tho, and prepare to enter email hell. I get the feeling that English may be these reps fourth or fifth language.

Posted by edie @ 01/19/2003 06:28 PM CST

thank you -- I just got off the phone and they fixed a big error on their part. I had been trying the e-mail rounte for days and days -- the phone call fixed it in 10 minutes.

Posted by Jennifer @ 01/15/2003 03:35 PM CST

Thanks much for the number, and no, it's not on the site.

I've been a loyal customer of Amazon's for years. I just got caught by the "gift certificate" trap too- $150 balance on the account, but they won't apply it to electronics... and don't tell you they won't.

Amazon refused to cancel the order, said I had to contact J&R Music World. The charge has already gone through, and American Express refuses to block or contest it, until I've tried every way to cancel the order. I sent e-mail to J&R (they did send an e-mail to confirm and invited a reply) we'll see.

After the $150 credit is gone I'll be ordering from Barnes & Noble, or whoever is the top competition for Amazon. After this year I will be cancelling my American Express Platinum that charges me $395/yr- for nothing. Service is now nonexistant at either place. Too bad.

Posted by Roger Jolie @ 01/14/2003 09:42 PM CST

Thank you for providing this information. There's no doubt that Amazon.com provides close to the worse customer service in the United States.

There Gift Certificate policy is very bad and has resulted in my commitment never to do business with them again.

Posted by Brad Fregger @ 01/14/2003 12:15 PM CST

To follow up my previous comment posted on 01/03/2003 01:13 AM CST, I do NOT see any Amazon response on this website. Also, per their policy, Amazon does NOT reply any online submitted mail (even customers use their online form)!!

I use "1-877-586-3230" (Amazon's toll-free service number)someone suggested in this page as search criteria under Amazon/help. This is the message I got -- "Help Search Results: we were unable to find exact matches for your search for 1-877-586-3230". Of course, "201-7575" cannot be found neither.


Posted by Christine Liu @ 01/13/2003 06:48 PM CST

Thank you so much. I hate Amazon.com now. But I thank you so much for posting their number so I didn't have to wait to hate them I could just hate them right away! :)

Posted by Jessica @ 01/13/2003 06:38 PM CST

You are a lifesaver for providing the phone number - I was getting tired of the e-mails back and forth and getting NO WHERE!

Posted by Danyalle @ 01/12/2003 09:54 AM CST

Thanks for the number. Here's my advice don't buy from Amazon's 3rd party sellers. I bought a used book from www.kayleighbug.com, they never notified me of the sale and then never shipped me the book, never returned my email and i was never able to contact them by phone. Then to get my money back from amazon, they conceded that they had accepted my money, but i'd have to fill out a form to get it back. to do so go to amazon: help; Policies, Glossaries and FAQs; Policy Information, Buyer's A-to-z Guarantee; guarantee claim form. BUT first you have to CALL amazon to get a Listing/Auction ID, because your order # doesn't work. then wait a month for a refund. This is a ridiculous way to run Customer Services, and for that i will never use Amazon again.

Posted by Shawn Lee @ 01/11/2003 04:41 PM CST

Thanks for the number dude...nice touch!

Posted by Yo @ 01/10/2003 05:12 PM CST


Posted by EDDIE BENI @ 01/09/2003 04:14 PM CST

For all those who have problems finding Amazon contact details, maybe you should look under the help section, accessible from the top right corner of the site..!! All Amazon sites have contact numbers and email addresses listed under the help section.

Posted by Z Rahman @ 01/07/2003 06:25 AM CST

D.D. was looking for the telephone number for amazon.ca customer service:


Good luck

Posted by AlexanderRex @ 01/05/2003 09:16 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number. I also spent 30 minutes looking for the number on the web site. I also emailed them a number of times.
My problem was with a gift certificate. Apperently when you order from thier aperal store you cannot use Amazon gift certificates. There is no indication when you are ordering.

Posted by J Kelton @ 01/04/2003 08:06 PM CST

Thanks for the number. It didn't help with my problem but at least I had a live person to explain it to. My advice is stay away from the gold box coupons that they offer, they do not apply the discount and they ship very quickly to avoid cancellations.

Posted by Ray Murray @ 01/04/2003 02:54 PM CST

Thank you so much for the toll-free numbers. I had my problem solved immediately.

I just submit a website suggestion to Amazon under their contact us/web site and product suggestions. I asked Amazon to read your page and post it's response here -- either provide it's pre-existed link or give us some explanation by post their response on this website. My suggestion was summitted on 1/2/03 11:10pm PST. What will happen next, your guess.

Thanks again.

Posted by Christine Liu @ 01/03/2003 01:13 AM CST

I've been a fairly steady Amazon customer over the years but after reading these remarks I think I'll buy Adobe Elements somewhere else. Thanks. I too couldn't find the CS phone number..

Posted by Rick Williams @ 01/03/2003 12:08 AM CST

THANK YOU!!!!! Its rediculus that they cant even offer a phone number for people. Thank you thank you thank you.

Posted by Graeme @ 01/02/2003 05:09 PM CST

thanks for posting the customer service phone number. It helped me get a refund much faster.

Posted by Mahesh @ 01/02/2003 04:18 PM CST

Thank you very much. Got my problem resoluved quickly over the phone, but I will think twice before dealing with them again because of their shadyness in not publishing the customer service number anywhere on their website.

Posted by MV @ 12/31/2002 11:52 AM CST

Thank you very much for bring the phone number of amazon.com, their customer sevice number is not on their website, I'm very dissapointed with Amazon.com.

Posted by Pedro Gonzalez @ 12/29/2002 07:19 PM CST

Thanks a ton for a phone number.

Amazon sure went down hill after they incorporated Online Portal for other stores.

Their shipping system is complete crap and customer service is no better. There were times when they used to be good, but those times seem to be long gone. Never shopping through them or their e-portal stores again. Smaller stores have better prices and a lot better customer service.

Posted by Berkut @ 12/29/2002 04:50 AM CST

Thnaks a lot. Found your site on a Google search and what a life saver. What are they trying to hide from? Ordered two books that never were shipped. Email at their site would not work. Got it straightened out over the phone in five minutes.

Posted by Michael Pryor @ 12/26/2002 04:03 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number dude. I now have stored it on my cellphone in case they misplace my order again!

Posted by K-man from Chi-town @ 12/23/2002 01:36 PM CST

God bless you. I would like to know why AMAZON.COM does not provide any PHONE NUMBER FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Posted by Vitor @ 12/23/2002 01:25 PM CST

thanks so much There email dosen't seem to work right now either. You were a life saver by posting it

Thanks so Much

Posted by mike @ 12/21/2002 10:03 AM CST

Does any one know the Canadian customer service phone #

Posted by D.D @ 12/21/2002 09:59 AM CST

Thank you sooooooo much!!! When I called them I was prepared to rip amazon apart. I placed an order on December 7 and they didn't write to me unitl December 15 to say that there was a delay. It just got shipped out today, December 20, with a delivery date of January 1. I was going to kill them and they wont let you change your order options online once it is in the "shipping process." However, they were helpful on the phone and my christmas presents will be here HOPEFULLY on 12/24. I still hate amazon and will never use them again. But thanks for the number anyway.

Posted by Janan @ 12/21/2002 12:03 AM CST

thank you so much!

Posted by m @ 12/20/2002 10:23 PM CST

Thank You very much, U're a life saver, I can't believe for a website that big, they sure went out of their way to hide the phone#, One thing that most of us still need to get info about our orders. Negative points for amazon for being so skeaky.

Posted by Alphagetto @ 12/20/2002 04:48 PM CST

Thank you for posting this number. I too had a problem with something I ordered for Christmas and e-mailing customer service was no help!

Posted by Jessica @ 12/20/2002 03:33 PM CST

It is slightly comforting to know service in the UK is the same as in the States.

I can not get any satisfaction from customer services in UK and they will not provide me with a name of a person to contact in writing. Therefore am collecting names of as many Directors as possible and will e-mail, fax and write to as many as possible. I just want someone, anyone to be accountable for providing me with answers to my questions.


Posted by Rachael Etheridge @ 12/20/2002 05:59 AM CST

Thanks for the phone number. I have been emailing Amazon.com about a $100 gift certificate I ordered sent by (bad mistake) US Mail on November 22. As of Dec 19, he still had not received it. They seldom answer their emails.
Now with the phone number, they have cancelled the certificate and resent by email. More trouble to order from them than go to the dreaded mall.

Posted by Diana Cruze @ 12/19/2002 04:50 PM CST

Thanks for the CS number.

Amazon has the best book website hands-down. But, Books-A-Million has the best prices and customer service (you can find their 800 number easily on their website, BAMM.COM) and their website is well above average. And I've lost count of the number of free shipping offers I received from them this past year.

I won't bore you with the gory details of my issue with Amazon. Needless to say they weren't interested either. Thank goodness for competition.

Well, if you're interested enough to read this far, here it is:

I just got off the phone with an argumentative CS rep. I was merely trying to point out that Amazon.com has an area for improvement in their business relations with UPS. Amazon said my package shipped on the morning of the 17th. UPS didn't get their hands on it until the afternoon of the 18th. It sat for almost a day and a half and now UPS and Amazon are pointing fingers at each other. My point to Amazon is - don't tell me my package shipped unless it really did. Just because they slap a label on it doesn't mean it's shipped. It's like me putting a stamp on a letter, putting that letter on my coffee table, then telling someone, "yeah, I sent you that letter," and then mailing it two days later. Definitely an area for improvement. I would not be disappointed had Amazon not set such a high expectation for me. I didn't pay extra for faster shipping only to have my package sit for a day and a half.

I took a chance on Amazon in this one case in hopes that I would get my book a little quicker (3-day title at BAMM). Lesson learned.

Posted by Russ @ 12/19/2002 04:38 PM CST

MAJOR help - thank you so much for printing that number.

Posted by K.Burgess @ 12/19/2002 10:58 AM CST


Posted by nick @ 12/19/2002 09:22 AM CST

You made my day with this number. I'm giving you my whole nightmare story with Amazon. I have been using them since inception of their service with great success. Until this year. First my account could not be accessed anymore. Created a new one, lost all my history. Could access the old one again. Merging two accounts should be easy, i was told. It wasn't. Placing an order with certain discount coupons , half of the order never arrives because suddenly my credit card which I used for many years stopped working (so I was told, but turned out to be glitch in their system). They cancelled the second shipment of my order. Can not re-instate it. Re-ordering looses all the discount because dates have passed. Recieve a $5 coupon. Place the order again, part of it does not ship and starts hanging in their system again. They say their fault will upgrade free. They upgarde, but not free. They correct mistake, but the the order starts hanging again until today. I find your number call. Order is back to shipping status shipping price is wrong again and the shipdat has been moved from 12/17 to 12/20.

WHY AM I STILL ORDERING FROM AMAZON.COM? I shouldn't be so cheap and fall for their discounts on some items. Used to be great and went completely downhill.

By the way each customer service response and counter-response takes a day to hear back from them.

Did I say I needed to vent. Feel so much better now.

Posted by Marc @ 12/18/2002 05:00 PM CST

Thanks for the customer number. I think that Amazon intentionally avoids giving out their 800 number so that they don't have to listen to everyone's complaints!

They may have good prices, but their shipping needs help big time!

Posted by McNutt @ 12/18/2002 01:36 PM CST

I Want to repeat whateveryone is saying and give you much thanks. I
ordered a book for my son for school @ the beginning of the month and I'm still waiting. even-though it say it's in indiana.

Posted by Althea Alexander @ 12/18/2002 12:35 PM CST

Thanks so much for the number! I ordered a breadmaker for my mom for Christmas. I never received shipment confirmation. When I emailed, they said it had shipped via UPS but tracking numbers were not availabel for this serivce. Since when does UPS not issue tracking numbers. I called and they were not any help either. If any of you have a better CS rep there, please email me their name. goutler@msn.com I will NEVER order from Amazon again! Ever!

Posted by Rhonda Outler @ 12/17/2002 02:58 PM CST

I ordered a number of things from Amazon for Christmas. Five days after I placed my order they have still not shipped!!! Called customer service and they were no help at all. I used to love Amazon but now they are the worst e-retailer out there.

Posted by Karen LaFleur @ 12/17/2002 01:12 PM CST


Posted by HEATHER @ 12/16/2002 05:16 PM CST

Very disappointed that Amazon makes useful information (such as a customer service phone number) inaccessible. Luckily, their automated website works in most cases, but when an order doesn't arrive (as it did in my case) should i really have to scour the web for a freaking phone number? I will not shop at amazon in the future.

Posted by jwatt @ 12/16/2002 12:38 PM CST

Thank you so much for the phone number, I order an item for my son for Christmas back on November 9 and it has been paid for,now it is December 14 and I still don't have it. So Thank You so much

Posted by Lisa @ 12/14/2002 10:39 AM CST

Thanks sooooo much. I couldn't find their number after e-mailing them for help and finally decided to try the web.

Posted by Trish @ 12/14/2002 08:10 AM CST

Thanks for the posting, I ordered a $400 camcorder for Christmas and recieved a $150 camera on Dec. 10th. I sent amazon an email and have yet to recieve a reply. I called the customer service line and was instantly helped by pleasant, yet powerless staff. They can't garantee delivery by Christmas because if they upgrade the shipping I will go back to the bottom of the list for packaging.... Needless to say, no more amazon for me.

Posted by Jay'smom @ 12/12/2002 11:35 AM CST

Thanks for that much-needed number. I was stuck in an E-mail loop with Amazon's customer service dept.

For those interested, the customer service number (for Canadian locations) for Amazon Canada (www.amazon.ca) is (877) 586-3230.

Posted by Victor @ 12/12/2002 10:02 AM CST

Thank you SO MUCH FOR THAT NUMBER!!! Im having all kinds of trouble finding their CS number. FINALLY i find it through Google and your help. THANKS!

Posted by Vickie @ 12/12/2002 08:04 AM CST

I've been an amazon.com customer since 1997 it used to be convinient and I remember calling on some minor matter and having the best CS experience I have ever had. Now it's a nightmare the fact that I couldn't find the CS number is idiotic and then they screwed up the credit card number that they issued to me. While trying to get all of that resolved 3 of my 5 orders were canceld and my 30$ gift certificate mysteriously disappeard. This migth be the last time I shope with them.

Posted by asad @ 12/08/2002 10:06 PM CST

Hey folks, just in case you didn't know- Amazon OUTSOURCES their customer service. They hired a company named i-sky in Bend Oregon to do their customer service. They must pay for each call - hence the number secrecy!

The sad thing for isky, is that they are a well trained, nice, helpful group of people who have to deal with us after a very long frustrating time looking for a damn number on a web site! I have been pretty angry when I have called.. so yeah- SHAME ON YOU AMAZON!

Posted by Dawn H @ 12/04/2002 08:37 AM CST

FYI - the number can also be found in directories of toll-free numbers such as: http://www.inter800.com

Also, if you ever want to call a business and don't have a toll free number - look at one of these 800# directories. The number may not take you to the right department, but they will usually transfer you...

Posted by searcher @ 12/03/2002 10:40 PM CST

Thanks so much. There was a $5 price drop on a $35 item that I just purchased from Amazon, and had not yet recieved. I wanted to request a $5 refund but couldn't find a phone number anywhere! The cust. service agent said that she issued a $5 credit to my card. Now, we'll see if it really happens...

Why can't Amazon post this on the site?!!?

Thank you.

Posted by Thankful @ 12/03/2002 10:31 PM CST

It's great to see a service like your's. I have or should I say had been an Amazon customer since 1995. It seems that they are now too big. I couldn't get any decent answer to a simple query on their email. I had placed an large order and upgraded the shipping to 2nd day. What happened? The order sat there gathering dust for 6 days. When I finall tried to cancel it said that it was in preparation for shipping and could not be cancelled. Unfortunately even the poorly trained folks on the phone could not or would not do anything. Now I will be out of the country, and someone will not get their Xmas gift.

Shame on them!

Posted by Jim Long @ 12/03/2002 04:52 PM CST

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! It is ridiculous that this number cannot be found ANYWHERE on their website!!

Posted by FINALLY!! @ 12/03/2002 02:55 PM CST

Thank you, and thank Google for making this information easy to find. As others have noted, Amazon does not put the phone number on their web site.

I was hit by late shipping issues.

Posted by John Faughnan @ 12/02/2002 06:18 PM CST

Thank you So Very Much!!! Amazon charged me seven times for one purchase and emptied out my checking account, since my bank card was the one I used to pay for my purchase. No one responded to my emails and I desperatly need to speak to someone. My account went from $900.00 to $32.00 overnight because of Amazon. They do not seem to be in any rush to correct this problem. I won't be shopping with them again. I can't believe I had to use a search engine to locate their number! How pathetic is that?

Posted by Disappointed in New England @ 12/02/2002 03:30 PM CST

Thanks for the info. I tried to get a price adjustment with these idiots which they did but decided to delete the gift certificate on the order. This is the best way to reach them.

Posted by Rahul @ 12/02/2002 12:23 PM CST

I am receiving order confirmations for another Amazon.com customer. His orders even show up in my supposedly password protected shopping cart. I frantically deleted all credit card information from my account and then e-mailed Amazon.com. Their reply stated that it must've been a "virus" and that the confirmations did not originate from them....yeah, right! So I made two phone calls to them. Both "customer service reps" gave me another excuse...they said that the other customer must have made a typo-error when he typed in his e-mail address and typed in my address instead. Their solution to this problem was for me to simply delete/ignore the confirmations I am getting for their other customer or, if it bothers me to receive his e-mails, for me to delete my account and change my e-mail address....what a solution??? They claimed that they have no way of contacting this other customer so that he can check his account information -- if they e-mailed him, it would get sent to me (since he appears to have typed his e-mail address in wrong) and they said that customer svc reps can't make outgoing phone calls -- I guess Amazon.com does not know what snail mail is? Meanwhile, here I sit with the other customer's full name, his order confirmations, his delivery address and his phone number -- all in my inbox. He ordered two books on how to manage drug/alcohol addiction....I would guess that he would not feel comfortable knowing that this information was sent to me by Amazon.com? Conclusion: Amazon.com has questionable security protection for your account information and shopping carts...and their "customer service reps" have little interest in helping customers with such problems. I was a loyal Amazon customer for years...I am very disappointed and upset to learn first-hand that they have holes in their security system and shoddy customer service!

Posted by Upset Customer @ 12/02/2002 03:17 AM CST

Thank you very much...now I can tell these idiots off!!!

Posted by Samir Shah @ 12/01/2002 07:31 AM CST

I have to say how little the emails I received from Amazon helped me, and how much this phone number helped! I received 4 meaningless emails and I was devastated!! One single phone call was all it took! And the representative I talked on the phone didn't even know why I was going through what I was going through! Thank you!

Posted by Lucky girl @ 11/30/2002 03:28 PM CST

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I can't believe they keep this hidden. Their customer service has degraded incredibly over the years.

Posted by Tom @ 11/28/2002 09:39 PM CST

THANK YOU! I have trying to find it for days -- is it legal to keep it hidden?

Posted by jennifer @ 11/27/2002 06:48 PM CST

Thanks a lot. I hunted for their contact on their Web site but in Vain.
Thanks a lot for Sharing this "Desperation Saving" info.


Posted by Dinesh Bhakta @ 11/27/2002 03:37 PM CST

Thanks alot for posting this info. I searched the whole site and couldn't find a number.

Posted by Drien @ 11/27/2002 08:03 AM CST

It is a great help from you to find their CS number. I checked in their website... But IS'S NOT

Posted by Mohan @ 09/17/2002 01:33 PM CST

all i want to say to the person who posted that number is thanks a lot. u the man lol

Posted by gabriel @ 09/14/2002 02:48 PM CST

I just do not want to duplicate what my fellows have already mentioned...but I have to thank you a mil. for posting such precious info.
No wonder they did not show any profit margins for the last few years! I know they finally did but that was in fear of being kicked out of the stock market!

Posted by Waleid Ismail @ 09/13/2002 03:57 PM CST

Thank you!

Posted by Erica @ 09/13/2002 03:47 PM CST

Just a quick update. I talked to the girl that answered at the number provided here. I mentioned that it was insane to try and find their 800# on their site. She told me that it is on the order form. If you do not have an order form, you could put an item into your shopping and procede as if you were making a purchase. This begs this question, why would you not just put a link. Because they don't want people calling of course.

I mentioned that they NEED to put a link to their customer service number in a sesible place. She said she would pass that info along. I felt much better knowing she would do that. Right........

Posted by Mike G @ 09/12/2002 04:59 PM CST

Man, someone needed to post this info. And it sure as hell was not going to be Amazon. Thanks a mill!

Mike G

Posted by Mike G @ 09/12/2002 04:52 PM CST

I've been searching for this number for weeks. I've emailed Amazon.com's Customer Service three times to no avail.

Thank you!!!

Posted by Kat @ 09/12/2002 03:57 PM CST

Thanks for posting the number. You've saved a whole lot of people much time.

Posted by D Velazquez @ 09/12/2002 08:00 AM CST

I just want to express my sincere thanks to the individual responsible for posting this information. Amazon.com's customer service personel are utter idiots and emailing them back and forth, waiting days and days for a response, it gets old quick. They've even sent me items without my permission because they misread a simple email I sent the customer service department. Obviously they are too stupid to read plain english, and this phone number provides a welcome alternative to dealing with their idiocy. A million thanks to you for posting it.

Posted by Gatekeeper @ 09/11/2002 05:45 PM CST

They don't even have an email address to write for customer service, or a web comment box! Nothing! Now what's up with that???

Posted by Madonna F. @ 09/11/2002 11:19 AM CST

I ordered books for my girlfriends graphic arts classes and the homos sent me some crap on how to incorporate my buisness and the packing sheet had all the books I ODERED LISTED! I think it was spitefull and now thanks to you I can send them books on "How to not run a company for 5 years and turn a zero profit all 5 years for dummies" Thank you for the number BIIIG time saver.

Posted by ReCaLL @ 09/11/2002 07:31 AM CST

I am so furious at Amazon right now...

and thanks to you I get to actually yell at them in person, using real swear words,

not needing to utilize the following keys #(*&(*#@$&(@#*$(@&

Posted by jess @ 09/10/2002 03:40 PM CST

Thank you very much. I couldn't be able to find in amazon.com web site.. i hv been searching for last 2 hrs....


Posted by Samir Khandhar @ 09/10/2002 03:23 PM CST

hey man, this page was sooooo useful. you are a Godsend!

Posted by tony tony @ 09/10/2002 01:59 PM CST

Thanks so much! Very helpful!

Posted by Connie @ 09/09/2002 06:39 PM CST

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Posted by Mike Stevens @ 09/09/2002 11:33 AM CST

Thanks alot for posting the number.

Posted by Adam @ 09/08/2002 03:08 PM CST

Thanks for the number. This saved me loads of time

Posted by jesboat @ 09/07/2002 04:51 PM CST

I was over billed on my visa card. This number saved me a lot of time disputing this through my visa account.


Posted by Charlie McDonald @ 09/06/2002 07:11 PM CST

Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going right into my PDA

Posted by DaveR @ 09/06/2002 10:06 AM CST

Thanks a bunch! I ordered a birthday present for my wife. It has been a week since it was supposed to be delivered. I called up, and they are sending a second one free of charge to arrive the first part of next week. I appreciate the help!

Posted by Rob @ 09/05/2002 09:47 AM CST

Wow! Thanks a bunch! I called after I forgot to apply a $5 off $35 code to my order. After I talked to them it was all resolved! Thanks!
They do take FOREVER to answer though. You just have to be persistent

Posted by Zak @ 09/04/2002 11:09 PM CST

Thank you so much for the number. I spent over an hour on their site today trying to find it. I don't know when they stopped posting the number on the site,and printing it on the packing slip but it's one of the worst things they have done. Some things you just can't get resolved online. It's not like they have a crappy customer service dept. I've always had my problem resolved to my satisfaction the few times I have had to deal with them over the phone. Amazon really needs to get their act together on this one or risk losing customers. Which they would have with me if I could not have found the number. Once again, thanks.

Posted by G. Hall @ 09/03/2002 09:43 PM CST

Thanks! I ordered a DVD and it came melted! I called and they're sending a replacement with a return sticker to return the defective one.

Posted by Michael Chang @ 09/03/2002 07:42 PM CST

thank you soo much!!!!

Posted by adria @ 09/03/2002 05:07 PM CST

Thanks for the number! I had a huge delay on an overnight order that took two weeks to ship. 20min on the phone has my package scheduled to ship tomorrow and my shipping refunded! The order specialist did say that the number is actually posted during the order process. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the shipment goes through. Thanks again!!!

Posted by Tina @ 09/02/2002 03:25 PM CST

Thanks so much for the number - I don't know what's going on - but I received in my e-mail saying I ordered over $1000.00 worth of stuff! Then to cancel it, I was supposed to click on the "cancel site" and it came up Amazon's page, but I was supposed to give my credit card number -Yeah right!!!

Posted by Joan @ 09/02/2002 02:00 PM CST

It was the first time I tried to order some thing from Amazon. Guess what I had a very very bad experience in placing order. so I tried to call customer service and even after waiting for 50 minutes on phone I was failed to talk to Cust Ser Rep. By the way I have another phone number which is 1-877-243-2910. And I think this is the same place where(800)201-7575 number hits. Any way I would not recommend to buy from Amazon.com

Posted by Yatin Patel @ 09/01/2002 12:05 AM CST

I am really thinking about dumping amazon.com even though they are the easiest place to find obscure things. They seem to piss many people off based on what I have read here.

Thanks for putting this number here for us to use. Amazon should thank you for salvaging some of their business.


Posted by Ginette Bracke @ 08/31/2002 09:45 PM CST

You are a life save!r I have been searching thier web site thinking i am dumb, not able to find a customer service number. I have emailed Amazon and no response. Thank you!

Posted by paula @ 08/31/2002 09:05 AM CST

Kudos to you. I work in customer service and understand the concept of making your number hard to find because many things can be done easyily online but people are often too lazy and want someone else to do it even though it may take more time in the end. But to get to the point, Amazon needs to be absolutely positive every conceivable problem can be taken care of EASILY online if they're not going to post their number anywhere. After finding your site through a google search my problem was solved in a matter of 5 minutes. Of course we must also remember that if their number were more readily available, those few of us who really want to know would have to wait on hold for all those less ambitious and lazy people. So thanks again for making it available to those who really need it!

Posted by Nichole @ 08/30/2002 04:41 PM CST

I've been searching for the number for like an HOUR stupid amazon

Posted by Marla @ 08/30/2002 04:14 PM CST

Ok I must say I now HATE Amazon, I ordered a book but wish to cancel my order. It was impossible to get help!! E-mailing them is of no help either because they never replied. I was so relieved that I found this website because I almost went crazy. My advice DON'T ever buy from Amazon if you can help it

Posted by Khadijat @ 08/30/2002 02:43 PM CST

I ordered and was charged for a very expensive camera from amazon for my boyfriend's birthday, but received a cheaper one less than a week before the big day. I also couldn't find their phone number, so I emailed them several times and they still (a week later) haven't emailed me back. I finally did a search and found this number, and my problem was solved in less than 5 minutes. What a racket, I can't believe they think they can get away with this kind of thing! Anyway, thank you for posting this number.

Posted by Sharlene @ 08/30/2002 01:55 PM CST

A million thanks!!

Posted by Jegan @ 08/28/2002 03:46 PM CST

hey thanks for the number, I wasted about an hour looking for it then came across this webpage. Thanks again!

Posted by Nile @ 08/28/2002 07:12 AM CST

Thanks for posting Amazon's phone number. I must have looked for almost an hour on their website before I did a general search and had your website pop up. Thanks Again!

Posted by Dave @ 08/27/2002 04:21 PM CST

but the phone number got me a person who didnt help. will refund half of shipping cost. but says i should just keep waiting. they do not ever trasce a package. will send another one if i wait another day. UPS said onoy the shipper could request the trace and that it was time to do that. but i had to ask the shipper to do that. then i couldnt contact the shipper by email and when i get the number finally, thank god, amazon is no help!

Posted by george @ 08/27/2002 10:33 AM CST

wow. i need this number! i spent a half hour on the amazon web pages and could not even find the email form they kept telling me i could use. so i am calling only bc i could not fina wayu to write them..

Posted by george @ 08/27/2002 10:26 AM CST



Posted by Tawana @ 08/27/2002 10:22 AM CST

Thanks for that. You're a champ!

Posted by Michael @ 08/27/2002 08:43 AM CST

Thank you for the phone number.I've been searching all over their website for it!

Posted by Taya Jean @ 08/27/2002 01:17 AM CST

thank you for the number!!!!!!!

Posted by Mr. j @ 08/26/2002 11:45 PM CST

Let me echo the other voices here. Many thanks! I was having a complicated problem with an order I had received, and email was a very unsatisfactory way to deal with it. The situation was about to get out of control. Thanks to you and Google, I got it all cleared up in about twenty minutes. Your karma looks great from here!

Posted by Rod @ 08/26/2002 09:05 PM CST

Thanks!!! Amazon was very helpful after I reached them using your number. It's disappointing they make it so impossible to find the number.

Posted by Bob Doot @ 08/26/2002 12:21 PM CST

Thanx for the #.....You can't even email them? I will NEVER do biz with them again! If we treated our customers like that we'd be outta biz.......

Posted by Scott Walker @ 08/26/2002 12:14 PM CST

Thanks for the Info! Up until approx. two weeks ago, there was
a number available on each customer's order page if you were having difficulties...NOT ANYMORE!
Thanks for the helping hand...you've saved many people a lot of time (and money!)

Posted by Thomas Moody @ 08/25/2002 11:43 PM CST

You are a godsend. I think Amazon.com needs to get there act together and conduct business a little better or they might find themselves in legal trouble. whoever posted this number is my hero and i thank you!!!!!!!

Posted by Jessica Hoyt @ 08/25/2002 09:19 AM CST

Thanks for the info. I ordered through amazon.co.uk and their contact number is:+442086369200. It took me two days to find this out!!!!!!!

Posted by Rob @ 08/23/2002 09:02 AM CST


Posted by Steven @ 08/23/2002 03:16 AM CST

Thanks a million..
You are a life-saver!!

Posted by saby @ 08/22/2002 08:58 PM CST

Most of what I would say HAS been said. Amazon, screwed up a $600 tool order (sent to the wrong place), said they sent it on the 15the of this month, but it would NOT arrive till the 31st. And, they didn't have a UPS tracking number. I search on the site and no way to email or call. Out of desperation I did a Google searched. I called, I yelled and they found my order. I'm bypassing them and go straight to Tool Crib of the North. Thanks VERY MUCH FOR THE NUMBER!! YOUR A GODSEND!!

Posted by Les Casteel @ 08/22/2002 04:12 PM CST

I got wild when I couldn't find out amazon.com's customer service number for so long. Thanks a ton for the person who did the great job of putting this in the internet! Thanks to google.com through which I could get this number...

Posted by Babu @ 08/21/2002 07:54 PM CST

YES! I agree! You are a hero for posting the amazon.com phone number! Thank you! Thank you!

Posted by Ruth @ 08/21/2002 06:07 PM CST

Thank you so much! I have found it impossible to get Amazon to respond to my emails and was helped right away by this number!

Posted by Caroline @ 08/21/2002 03:29 PM CST


Posted by Denise Hafner @ 08/21/2002 02:54 PM CST

PROPS!! This number is essential... thanks. Now I can find out what is taking them so long to ship my order!

Posted by "Don Curz" @ 08/20/2002 01:02 PM CST

Thanks for the number!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by roo316 @ 08/19/2002 09:35 AM CST

awesome job...we all have to protect ourselves from total e-takeover

Posted by jack tors @ 08/17/2002 12:28 PM CST


Posted by susan @ 08/17/2002 09:52 AM CST

Why they hide the phone number, I remeber the phone number on almost web pages before. But not now, may be Amazon.com will crash soon?

Posted by Buyer @ 08/16/2002 03:55 PM CST

I received a $700 defective camcorder from Amazon and their returns info pages say nothing about defective items. Like everyone else I searched and searched and finally I found your number posting. Once I called them they were very helpful. They were able to review a returns history for the product to see if my problem was unique or common to this model. No one had previously reported my problem. They shipped me an immediate replacement by overnight delivery and sent a pick up tag for the defective one. THANKS-THANKS-THANKS for the phone#!!!!!!!!

Posted by Eagleboy @ 08/16/2002 12:18 PM CST

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINDING THIS NUMBER - if i had to go another day hearing THE dude whine about his missing video game I would have had to kill myself ( or THE DUDE !) Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Posted by The Dude's MOM @ 08/15/2002 05:24 PM CST

thank you very much for the number those people at amazon are really idiots your thankful person The dude

Posted by The dude @ 08/15/2002 05:18 PM CST

thank you SO MUCH for that number!

Posted by clare @ 08/15/2002 02:37 PM CST

Thanks for the number. Those xxxholes at Amazon are quick to get your money, but slow to ship and resolve problems. Once I got the number from your posting, I fired up one of their service reps. Thanks again!

Posted by Big Zach @ 08/15/2002 11:31 AM CST

Wow, you're getting pretty popular!

Posted by Jim @ 08/14/2002 10:11 AM CST

Thanks a mil.
Even the "help" search engine could not find the 800 number... NICE.

Posted by THANKYOU @ 08/14/2002 03:27 AM CST

yeah... way to go man, please leave this number on your site as long as you possibly can. Thanks for good souls like you.


Posted by Vinny @ 08/12/2002 01:05 PM CST

Here are two webpages that lists the same numbers. There is an adidtional number for those outside the USA.



Posted by dave @ 08/12/2002 12:49 PM CST

Thank you for posting their phone number.

Amazon has such bad online customer service.
I had erroneously left a poor rating for a seller. The error was soley mine. I tried to get Amazon to correct it. They said they could not. I even pleaded with them, but to no avail. So I needed to talk to a "live" person.

I did however find an 800 number for them

Another fax#: 206-346-2950

Posted by hbl @ 08/12/2002 12:40 PM CST

Thank you for Amazon's !@^*!!! number. It was a life saver.

Posted by what a site @ 08/09/2002 11:38 PM CST

Thanks for your information. BEAWARE!! One Click order at Amazon literally means one click, you will be billed after clicking just ONE button. I was trying out this new "One Click Order" they offer, and surprisingly, they do not even let you confirm your order before billing you. WHAT A GREAT #1 E-COMMERCE shopping site!! I would file a complain to the consumer law protection agency to report this AWEFULL business practice.

Posted by peter @ 08/08/2002 08:02 PM CST

Thank you so much. I actually spent two days tryin to find out about an order. They don't have a number on their website anywhere. Grrrrrrrrr

Posted by Apee @ 08/08/2002 03:07 AM CST

thank you so much. amazon mess up my order and i had to pay a 25 dallor fee on top of that the 40 bucks they wrongfully charged me.

Posted by ihateamazon, for not putting their c.s. number on the page @ 08/07/2002 11:39 PM CST

i once had their number then lost it. thanks to you, it's found again. i don't have to call them often, but it's definitely frustrating when you can't talk to a wam body.

Posted by pierre @ 08/07/2002 04:24 PM CST

Thanks for the phone number! I can't believe the red tape you have to go through to find it. But thanks to your site, and a Yahoo search, I was able to get instant help (still no reply to my email to them after 4 days). Thanks again!

Posted by Scott @ 08/07/2002 11:08 AM CST

Great number!
I asked customer representative,
and confirmed that the phone number is not on the website!

Posted by Wei @ 08/06/2002 07:40 PM CST

You ROCK! I used to be able to find their phone number, or at least an email contact, but that seems to be gone now.

Posted by Kathy @ 08/06/2002 02:52 PM CST

Thanks for the number. I also wasted lots of time looking on their site. Nice work-

Posted by amdrew @ 08/05/2002 05:34 PM CST

Thank you! Very shady that they don't give you the phone number on their web site...

Posted by hopskip @ 08/05/2002 10:31 AM CST

Thank you for the phone number...I have wasted half an hour searching their website before I finally when to yahoo, did a search, and came across your post.

Thanks again,

Posted by Kelly Mayo @ 08/05/2002 09:11 AM CST

Thank you and God Bless you for the toll free number, I have spent several hours trying to locate a number so that I could change my order. Thank you so much!

Posted by tami hannon @ 08/04/2002 06:31 PM CST

Thanks a lot man! Those dude at Amazon quite obviously don't want you calling them on the phone about their poor service they would much rather waste days on end with endless emails until you just give up and let them keep the money.

Posted by Mark Moonrider @ 08/03/2002 09:55 AM CST

I am also very frustrated about amazon's website. I would never order from them again

Posted by Kimiko Drayton @ 08/02/2002 10:24 AM CST

Thanks for the phone number! i found it impossible to find from the amazon help pages, also.

Posted by Allen Lockshin @ 08/01/2002 04:00 PM CST

Thank you very much!!
It really helped my shipping problem today, as I spent more than
one hour to find out the customer service number in amazon site,
then I went to google site to look for amazon number, I got this link
with phone number.
I should say thanks to google.com and thanks to the person who shared his experience and phone number.

Posted by Naveen Chenna @ 08/01/2002 12:43 PM CST

Thank you so much I was going insane looking for this number!!!

Posted by Julieanna @ 08/01/2002 12:41 PM CST

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Posted by Roxanne @ 07/30/2002 03:38 PM CST

It's amazing that a company such as this does not offer up their customer sevice number on their website (for obvious reasons). I'm dissapointed with you Amazon.com !!!!

Posted by Rogelio Lopez @ 07/30/2002 03:22 PM CST

I am having problems changing or updating the credit card number for my account. Could you please help me? Calling the above number didn't help any.

Posted by Grigoris Daskalogrigorakis @ 07/27/2002 12:25 AM CST

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