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05/30/2002 Entry: "When retro means mid to late 90s"

I never quite grew out of the supposed electronica explosion of 1995, 1996, 1997... and well everything up to and including the new Moby album (who was great in concert in 1995 by the way). I love Orbital, The Orb, Chemical Brothers, Underworld... all those bands who were going to change America's view of rock music. The revolution never came. I'm still happy listening to it, mostly the big beat genre, or whatever Orbital wants to do.

BBC Radio 1 has had a great dance/electronic show on years: The Essential Mix. Well, now through the find folks at www.essentialmix.ca have archived most of the shows. It's a great goldmine of techno, breakbeat, house, and trance.

I love the internet.

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