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05/13/2002 Entry: "Baby time!"

That's right. My beautiful wife and I are pregnant (her so, more than me). The baby should be popping out around 4 Dec 2002, which means that he or she will be in the class of 2020. That's pretty nifty. We are already looking forward to teaching the child all about the holiday armadillo.

Picture of baby (all 13 mm of him or her)

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13mm...so he/she got your height genes :)

I hope Angie's feeling well. We're all doing well here.

Posted by Ken @ 05/28/2002 02:32 PM CST

My daughter is a junior in high school and she and I have been using your page for her project...lot's of info as her topic is music festivals-thanks so much for all you have done. I am so happy for you and your wife-good luck and enjoy every minute-times goes by so fast-I have 4 children from ages 26 to 10! Each one of them has brought so much into my life-the first time you hold your child you will understand the meaning of unconditional love-cherish it.

Posted by Ellen @ 05/13/2002 10:36 AM CST

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