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05/05/2002 Entry: "Live Aid on DVD"

Please sign this petition.

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dear bob I watched you on parkinson tonight and here all you say I think you should have a give up one thing a week either two fags two coffees or a luxory once a week and give the money to your Africa Appeel , I would like to help you as I am free at the moment. Please let me make a diiferance to the third world Yours sandy hancock please reply

Posted by sandy @ 02/12/2005 07:25 PM CST

Does anyone know if the DVD has been released yet and where can I buy it. I saw it in the Entertainment magazine but don't seem to find the DVD anywhere.
Thanks for your help

Posted by Estele @ 11/29/2004 08:41 PM CST

This is my second time posting at this site. I have found two sites which say that Live-Aid will be released on DVD in a 4 disc set this November 2004. The first site is www.atu2.com which says the release date is Nov. 10th; and the other site I found has the official Warner Press Release at www.davisdvd.com which states the release date as Nov. 2nd. At the Davis site go to Music Releases and click on Live Aid for the information. At the U2 site go to Calendar@U2 hyperlink; and search under November happenings.
I CANNOT wait for this DVD--- I have not seen the performances since it's original airdate.
A very loyal U2 Fan, and girl who grew up in the 80's-
Sherry Underdown

Posted by Sherry Underdown @ 08/25/2004 01:36 PM CST

I'm sure there will be more news on the details and extra footage soon after. Look for it to hit stores NOVEMBER 1 worldwide!!!!!!!

Posted by Terrien Jackson @ 07/16/2004 10:38 AM CST


Here's the official press release taken from Warner Vision International: www.davisdvd.com/misc/press.html

Click on Live Aid which is under Music subsection for the press release

Posted by Terrien Jackson @ 07/16/2004 10:30 AM CST

HELP!HELP! please save my life!
will somebody tape the most beautifull concert ever on DVD.

Posted by patrick stouten @ 07/12/2004 03:27 AM CST

Man ...my dad talks about this concert like it was the end all be all . I'm a huge queen fan too and I'd love to see freddie move the crowd.

I was 6 at the time of that show , I'd love to watch it . I'm gonna go out on a limb and say woodstock got nothing on Live Aid as far as star power .

If this dvd is released , I am all over it

Posted by Chucklez D glutton @ 07/11/2004 01:27 AM CST

I was 7 years old when Live Aid took place. At the time I lived in New York, and my parents recorded (what I now know to be) a small part of it (I think in LP or EP mode) on VHS. At the time, I thought it was the biggest thing that had ever happened, and now I know I was right, only I had no idea how big it really was! I would definitely pay for the whole concert, or even parts of it if the rights for every part of the show couldnt be had, as it is all memories of the biggest fundraiser with the most heart, not to mention the best musical concert ever produced (and hardest!) Right before I found this website, I read an article on the web about ethiopia almost being in as bad condition as they were back in '85 and someone over there tried to put together another "live-aid" style show. I dont know what was made of it, but maybe the dvd's can help raise money again for the same cause, if not other causes? I am sure that anybody who was part of the original show will gladly give the rights to reproduce it in video, why not put this on DVD?

Posted by Adam @ 07/10/2004 03:32 PM CST

I was 23 when this spectacular and unforgettable piece of history landed on my TV. I shared the experience with several close friends, some who sadly have now departed from this world but will always be remembered along with this unforgettable day. Please release the best concert ever on dvd and cd as I can guarantee it would be a mega sellout and raise much needed cash for charities in africa and alike. Come on Sir Bob keep the 'rats out of the kitchen' and fight for the right to release this total quality performance. Freedom to all - peace to the world - bev

Posted by bev mackay (nee turner) @ 06/18/2004 11:01 AM CST

I support releasing the shows on DVD. I called in sick to work that day just to watch the shows. I would pay a lot of money to have complete versions of the concerts. I'd love a CD box set that would be the complete audio version of the shoes, too. If anybody has a good quality audio copy of the show, I'd be glad to trade you something for it. I'm also looking for a good audio copy of the East Rutherford, New Jersey show from the "Conspiracy of Hope" tour in 1986.

Posted by Andrew Smith @ 06/16/2004 03:17 PM CST

Yep this has to be released i was 5 at the time,as i'm a massive Queen fan i want to see them as i've seen clips of them on other queen videos.
Freddie is the man king of rock!

Posted by Mark Burns @ 06/06/2004 04:09 PM CST

Wow what a concert I was in the navy in philly and me and some buddies went to live aid I never
thought it would become one of the greatest concerts ever.hey buddies email me if your out there.

Posted by marty melendrez @ 05/31/2004 08:45 PM CST

I would love to see Live Aid again, my family would love it too so please bring it on DVD.

Posted by natalie bugielski @ 05/20/2004 03:22 AM CST

I have been searching for a DVD of this for ages - knew it would appear sometime - I'd love to see the clip The Cars did again - it made me weep... a box set of the whole thing please - more money for Ethiopia.

Posted by Valerie @ 05/14/2004 01:57 AM CST

finally i can own this incredible music performannce from the world class musician, i never saw it before because i live in asia

Posted by zen smith @ 04/29/2004 02:56 AM CST

I'm very pleased, that the Live Aid DVD collection is open for release.
My friend would be very happy, if I get him this collection for his birthday.
Please, release it SOON.

Posted by Gorazd Tlaker @ 04/21/2004 08:08 AM CST

Ah, July 1985...
I was seven years old at the time of Live Aid during the summer. The horrible news about it for me was that my mom destroyed the color TV set my family had with a sledgehammer about a week prior to Live Aid's kick off because of the electric circuitry failed for it. Thus it denied my chance to see the greatest pop concert ever. I didn't even hear about it until I read an article about it on the now-defunct St. Louis Globe-Democrat the day before the concert. I read about it afterwards in the newspapers, but it I really much prefered seeing it on TV at the time. No doubt I would've tried to watch the whole concert from start to finish. I can't even believe that it's almost 20 years since that day of musical magic hit (damn I'm old). It's really great to read all of those personal memories about the twin concert; it makes me want to see it for myself even more! Now I've since watched Freedomfest:Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday concert, Amnesty International's concerts Conspiracy Of Hope and Human Rights Now, and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert--even listerning to the radio simulcasts (the first three must get DVDs too), but none of them can ever hold a candle to Live Aid! I became even more fascinated with Live Aid as the years go by when I was reading Bob Geldof's autobiography as it gave me insight into the workings of the concert and up to the aftermath. Over the years as well I end up watching bits and pieces of Live Aid footage on TV programs, but it's never enough to satisfy my thrist for the whole thing. Oh I would love to see how Freddie Mercury and his Queen mates brought the Wembley house down!!!!!!!!! I wanna see Bob Geldof's passionate and profane pleas to the viewer to give money! Looking at it now and understanding the copyrights and music clearences at the time, when they couldn't anticipate how massive home video could be, despite being at the video boom, I can see why it has taken so long for a DVD to be released. Oh please, oh please, oh please, whoever ends up obtaining the home video rights make sure it gets the proper treatment it richly deserves with all of the bells and supplemental footage on the DVD set (more on that on my next post). Live Aid and its millions of fans are definitely crying out for it!!!!!!!!!! We'll definitely buy it!!!

Posted by Terrien Jackson @ 04/13/2004 06:26 PM CST

Please there should just be a totally complete box set DVD with every performance on it. Not one should be missed, transatlantic footage everything. Finally Bob G. give a portion of the money again to relief for wartorn lands.
It should be LABELLED as DVD-AID '04
Peace & Cheers!
Dominic Cappelletti
Baltimore, Maryland

Posted by Dominic @ 03/15/2004 03:54 PM CST

This was the best organised concert ever,leaving behind woodstock,isle of wight and others by a long way,all this genuinely forthe greatest reason ever,humanity!!!!!!!!!!To Bob Geldoff and the various musicians who made it happen,Salutations of the highest degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by sreekumar @ 03/08/2004 05:34 PM CST

LIVE AID Concert Featuring SABBATH, PRIEST, ZEPPELIN To Be Released On DVD - Mar. 8, 2004 (www.blabbermouth.net)

The historic Live Aid concert, featuring performances by BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, QUEEN, THE WHO and LED ZEPPELIN, will be released on DVD after chief organizer Bob Geldof discovered pirate copies were being sold on the Internet, according to the Scotsman.

The 1985 event, which was held in London's Wembley Stadium and the JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, and instantly raised ?50 million (approx. $92 million)  eventually climbing to ?80 million (approx. $148 million)  for African famine victims.

Organizers have now decided to auction the rights to release the DVD of Live Aid, which has never come out on CD, video or DVD.

The successful bidder will have to get the permission of all performing artists, which included U2, MADONNA and ELTON JOHN.

Founding Band Aid trustee John Kennedy told BBC News Online: "We don't expect any of them to be anything other than co-operative."

Geldof tipped police off after pirated DVDs were found on sale on the Internet for ?110 (approx. $203) for a 10-disc set.

Among the selections performed during the Live Aid concert were the following:


01. Children Of The Grave [04:18]
02. Iron Man [07:44]
03. Paranoid [03:18]


01. Living After Midnight [04:01]
02. The Green Manalishi [03:42]
03. You've Got Another Thing Comin' [07:16]


01. Bohemian Rhapsody [02:22]
02. Radio Ga Ga [04:0
03. Hammer To Fall [04:46]
04. Crazy Little Thing Called Love [03:37]
05. We Will Rock You [01:16]
06. We Are The Champions [03:41]


01. Rock & Roll [04:43]
02. Whole Lotta Love [05:2
03. Stairway To Heaven [09:19]


01. My Generation [01:4
02. Pinball Wizard [03:02]
03. Love Reign O'er Me [04:47]
04. Won't Get Fooled A

Posted by Mike S. @ 03/08/2004 01:11 PM CST

A wonderful chance to immortalize one of the greatest events in history and benefit charity as well. Live Aid was one of the greatest events of my life. Please release this on DVD. Thank you.

Posted by Jeff Richards @ 03/04/2004 11:56 PM CST

There are dvd copies of Live Aid available at the moment on ebay.co.uk, and the quality is excellent, they've been taken from an original taping of the show, but we were stunned by how good they are. The guy we bought ours from posts worldwide and it wasn't expensive either.

Posted by Debbie @ 02/29/2004 03:50 PM CST

U2's best live perfomance televised live ever--- end of story...
We NEED this released on DVD PLEASE... It was also one of the last great performances done by Freddie Mercury of Queen before he succumbed to AIDS. Why has this Live Aid performances not been release yet is also well beyond me. PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-RELEASE A DVD!!!! (:

Posted by Sherry Underdown @ 02/27/2004 09:39 PM CST

I've just spent an hour scouring the internet for Live Aid 1985 concert on DVD now I find out there isn't one. Perhaps it will be released for the 20th Anniversary in 2005. IF NOT, WHY NOT? Is anyone listening???

Posted by Sharon Day @ 01/27/2004 10:37 AM CST


Posted by liz willoughby @ 01/24/2004 01:54 PM CST

The Ultimate live performance...Yet no DVD...Wot the hells going on!!!!!!

Posted by Peter Letch @ 01/18/2004 08:09 AM CST

Yes I agree with everyone else....... please release Live Aid on DVD. It was an event that stopped the whole world at the time so why not share it with the people who were not around and show them what Bob Geldoff and other bands contributed to.

Posted by Franca Damiano, Melbourne Australia @ 01/13/2004 04:05 AM CST

Please release Live Aid on DVD. There are many great performances at this concert which are not available in any other form.

Posted by daw sevenhundred @ 12/30/2003 07:21 AM CST

I think every Government should buy and send a copy to every family .
Life is about loving people not shooting them.
After you watch this , we all know in our hearts this is what we live for.
We can all help

Posted by Peter Smith @ 12/18/2003 10:34 PM CST

To everybody who wants to own "live aid" on DVD, here's your chance http://www.live-aid-concert-live-dvd-1985.com/about-live-aid-1985.html

Posted by lz747 @ 12/02/2003 05:29 PM CST

i saw live aid and i want it on dvd so get with it pepole release the dvd

Posted by steven @ 11/25/2003 08:43 AM CST

Why doesn't somebody hurry up and put LIVE-AID on DVD? I was still in Nappies (Dippers) when this happend and I would really love to see some big names who appeared there like Queen and U2!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shaz of OZ @ 10/12/2003 07:57 PM CST


Posted by Richard gallango @ 10/08/2003 05:29 PM CST

I remember I was a student and we stayed home all day to watch the show, broadcast in full on Dutch telivision. Unfortunately, we did not have money to buy a VCR and tape it.
Please put it on DVD!!!


Posted by Willem de Boer @ 09/29/2003 03:29 PM CST

This is the sort of classic which should be preserved on DVD - something which can be dipped into at any time for decades to come. I would be interested in the whole Live aid for Africa concert on DVD, not just highlights.

Posted by Clare McBeath @ 09/19/2003 11:27 PM CST

Just had to add my name to the list.

I had the whole thing on VHS(PAL) which I taped myself.

I moved to Canada from the UK last year and gave all vids away to friends & family before I left ! It's a crying shame Canada is NTSC not PAL.

I would love to have this concert to enjoy again and loads more I'd collected over the years too. Anyone out there with a Dire Straits or Deacon Blue live concert vid or DVD up for grabs, let me know !!

I like the suggestion someone made earlier, of showing the whole thing again on TV as a pay per view, in order to raise funds for good causes, I'd certainly be overjoyed to pay to view it !




Posted by Lulu @ 09/19/2003 11:21 AM CST

Cannot believe there is no DVD for Live Aid...why not re-release it and raise even more cash for current needy causes?

Posted by Louise Pride @ 09/18/2003 01:49 PM CST

I was 8 when live aid aired on a hot summer day in my home town..My parents still have the video on VHS..I would love to have a copy of the concert on DVD...the greatest musical concert of all time and you can't get it anywhere....WE NEED IT!!!!

Posted by Ken @ 09/17/2003 08:17 PM CST

I was 15 and stayed in all day to watch the show,I recorded it on a Betamax at the time from channel5 Wnew Nyc.I still have those recordings today and the Betamax, the recording still plays nice and clear.I would love to see a DVD release. Its about time everyone could get a chance to see the show again, instead of all those grainy copies and bootlegs. Its long overdue and I wished they'd released a recording back then as " highlights" to the show. It could be done,they did it with "No Nukes","Woodstock69/94/99" and "Tibetian Freedom"....Its a welcome release, I hope it comes to be.....

Posted by Larry Jankowski @ 09/15/2003 01:45 AM CST

It can't make any harm to sign for this, huh?
If it's true or not, we'll see...

Posted by Chico Neto @ 09/14/2003 08:33 AM CST

Just to let everyone know that a package of the best moments of live aid is being made available in autumn of 2003.
The highlights include the full Queen set, Status Quo's opening Rocking All Over the World, Madonna, Tina Turner, and a documentary disc highlighting the suffering of people in Ethiopia made by BBC journalists, which prompted Bob Geldof to set up Band Aid and then the Live Aid project.

Posted by martin kendrick @ 09/04/2003 04:28 PM CST

Saw the Live Aid concert at Wembley and will never forget it. So many fantastic moments. I'll join the queue for the DVD as well.

Posted by Alec @ 08/30/2003 10:49 AM CST

Hey i live in New York...i was just 4 years old when Live Aid happened but years later when i was 13 i found VHS footage of it at a friends house. Queen and Freddie Mercury simply stole the show!!!

Freddie was and always will be the king of rock.

I would LOVE!!! to see Queen's 20-minute set, along with all the other acts and Phil Collins trans-atlantic performance on DVD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Release it for gods sakes...

MTV/VH1 whoever has the rights to it: RELEASE IT!!!!!!!

Posted by Mike @ 08/17/2003 03:30 PM CST

I wanna see Bono dancing again ... give us the DVD. PLEASE !

Posted by Willy @ 07/31/2003 03:18 AM CST

In my country "TV GLOBO" the most commercial tv in the world, show this event in little parts. I will be glad to see all those artists singin together. Today will be impossible to make great show like that, we don't need to see N'sync, Cristina Aguillera, B. Spears, scream for something that they don't know. Peace

Posted by Donny Silva @ 07/28/2003 07:32 AM CST

Recently I purchased "The Concert for New York" on dvd and watched it with my kids. Some have dubbed it Live Aid II (a great concert, but not even close to Live Aid). I attended Live Aid in Philadelphia when I was 19 years old and I have vhs video tape of the event that was broadcast on a local channel in Philadelphia during the day and ABC in the evening (ABC butchered it). I would love to have a dvd of the entire show with good sound quality because I don't think they broadcast it in stero. Believe me technology has come a long way in the past 18 years. I would love to show my kids the whole show.

Posted by Meg Fox @ 07/23/2003 05:01 AM CST

We Need this DVD !!!

Posted by Mario Gentile @ 07/08/2003 02:00 PM CST

I was 15 when the historic concert Live Aid took place. I am a massive fan of 1980's music and I loved the concert. I watched the whole show live but unfortunatly did not have a video recorder to record the concert. I would love to be able to buy the DVD of the concert. Bob Geldof says on his website that it would have to be on a number of dvd's to me that is fine and I would be willing to buy as many dvd's as it takes to show the whole concert so please Bob get the show on DVD as soon as possible. Bob says that the music that was played was owned by various record companies and it would be too costly to get the rights to release the DVD why? Knebworth in 1990 was released on video and cd The concert for Bangledesh has been released on LP, CD and DVD so why not Live Aid And Give The proceeds to the starving people of Ethiopia.

Posted by Michael Marshall @ 07/08/2003 04:14 AM CST

Por favor, queremos todos los ochenteros en Mexico obtener esas joyas de videos en DVD┤s. Yo tengo como 9 videos en VHS, pero mal grabados..
Seria un detallazo el que los grabaran en DVD, no importa el precio, pues es un testimonio del mejor concierto que ha habido en la tierra. Ademas la causa fue noble. Incluso las regalias podrÝan ser para Africa.
Gracias y ojala los responsables hagan algo por generar eso.

Posted by Salvador Del Valle @ 07/03/2003 04:40 PM CST

Yes, I agree! I've seen the Ebay auctions too, but hesitate because I want the real thing. I would love to have the DVD release, but wouldn't mind having a CD release as well (was there such a thing ever released?)

Posted by Barry Waters @ 06/22/2003 12:35 AM CST

I would love to see Live Aid on DVD especially since we just past the 15th anniversary of this event. I was a teenage when this concert happened, and would love to see it again. I would definitely buy it if it was to come out as a two dvd set.

Posted by Robin Atla @ 06/17/2003 09:15 AM CST

People have been selling bootleg DVDs of the concert on Ebay, but the quality and playability is questionable. Chalk 1 more vote to put this on DVD.
p.s. -- Pink Floyd did NOT play live aid. David Gilmour joined a few acts, but that's it.

Posted by Warren @ 06/16/2003 05:38 PM CST

Many People hope to get LIVE AID DVD. We need it.

Posted by SeungHoon Beck @ 06/11/2003 05:53 AM CST

I am an dj in germany and i like to give a litle cultur to the young people pleas give it free on dvd

Posted by Dj Kuba @ 05/22/2003 04:40 PM CST

I'm only 19.. however we just dont have that kind of music any more!!! U2 are almost all thats left. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RELEASE THIS THING ON DVD!!! it cant go.. as said above many times whoever has the rights to these recording GET OFF YOUR ASS and share the wealth! Its bloody selfish! Help all those poor in need people!

Posted by Jono Haysom @ 05/21/2003 04:01 AM CST

Concert for Bangladesh has just been released (Jan 2003)on DVD and that was way back in 1972 and I remember that one! - but Live Aid nothing tops it. Please do we have to wait 30 years for the DVD!!!

Posted by Kevin Foley @ 05/12/2003 03:57 PM CST

I think everything is said about it. It's just a shame that it was never released before and we've got no more time to loose JUST DO IT:

Posted by eric gijsbertsen @ 05/10/2003 12:39 PM CST

just do it, it was to much of an important event not too.

Posted by Rich Edling @ 05/10/2003 01:07 AM CST


Posted by JOE BARNETT @ 05/09/2003 04:55 AM CST

Seeing as "The Goodies" has finally made it to DVD there has got to be hope. Come on BBC, if SKY had been around 18 years ago it would of been repeated 3 times a week by now!!!

Posted by mcdaulus @ 05/08/2003 08:56 PM CST

Mmm. Live Aid on DVD. Very needed.

Posted by Cleggy @ 05/07/2003 05:54 AM CST

I was 18 when Live Aid took place. I don't think that it would be possible to have an event like this again. The kids of today have no appreciation of anyone but themselves. I was talking to one of my co-workers about Live Aid, he'd never even heard of it. He's 21. It would be nice to have it on DVD so he could at least understand what I'm talking about. All he knows is Justin Timberlake, Ashanti, and Ludacris. Not great musical talent. This is the generation that we'll be entrusting this country to. Kind of scary don't you think. Besides the sales of the DVD itself would be extraordinary.

Posted by James D. McKinney @ 05/05/2003 12:24 PM CST

It would be so great, to be able to buy the whole concert on DVD. I would love to show my nice what I am talking about.Get some more money for Africa!!!!
Please, please, please

Posted by Claudia Wyle @ 05/05/2003 09:20 AM CST

Live Aid was the best musical event EVER as far as I am concerned. It should be available to all.
Release it on DVD! NOW! NOW! NOW!

Posted by Alexandra te Riele @ 04/24/2003 07:04 AM CST

I sadly missed an opportunity to go to Wembley, like a young fool at the time, decided to work on that day.
after caught the highlights on T.V later that evening I wept like a baby.
I would love to have a second chance at reliving the moment, by purchasing the whole thing on DVD.
I cant believe no one has released this Historic Event to date, as the demand for such a product would be colossal, I would hope also that some of the proceeds would go to the original charity
Whoever has the rights to this materialů.. Get Your Finger Out!!!!

Posted by Tony @ 04/23/2003 07:06 PM CST

Whoever is responsible for NOT releasing the Live Aid event in it┤s entirety on DVD should be fired! What are you waiting for?

Posted by Julio Moran @ 04/04/2003 11:22 AM CST

This historic event should definately be on video and dvd. The amount of artists who performed
(Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath just to name a few) is unbelievable. An event like this should be preserved on tape for everyone to see.

Posted by David Faust @ 03/27/2003 04:33 PM CST

Live Aid is a historic music event that should be available on DVD so all generations can enjoy it.

Posted by Kathleen Farley @ 03/05/2003 01:12 AM CST


Posted by JACQUELINE GUERRERO/MEXICO @ 02/19/2003 02:36 PM CST

I would love to see it all over again on DVD!

Posted by Karen Stone @ 02/18/2003 05:21 AM CST

I attended the London concert with my brother back in '85. I find it amazing that a DVD of this monumentous event hasn't been released. Can you just imagine what the sales figures would be? Not only was it a fantastic musical event, but it just showed what a difference us 'ordinary' people can acheive on a global scale. Come on, whoever is in charge of copyrights or licences, get off your arse and do more for the poor and starving around the world! GET LIVE AID ON DVD! NOW!!

Posted by Andy Gronneberg @ 12/05/2002 08:19 PM CST

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