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03/09/2002 Entry: "Enterprise Architectures Conference Day Five Part Two"

I definately hit the wall. I don't think that I was retaining any new information. Oh well. It was still definately worth staying for. Today we had an all day session on Ten Steps to Effective IT Architecture, or something like that. The guy giving the session had a lot of good real world stories, but seem to contradict a lot of the other information presented this week. He really went over the top on governance, which seemed to be the 3rd place theme of the week (after IT being a business partner and enterprise program management).

It's obvious that I still need my 30-60 second "elevator speech". I'm not just sure if I need to put it into SUPERVALU terms or not. I'll probably need to work it out soon, since I have a presentation to give on Wednesday.

So, yeah, I learned a lot. It was fun. The time was definately well spent, and I know that the conference will help my job and career. Right now, however, I'm very very happy to be flying home.

Speaking of flying home, I had another two encounters with security. I got wanded at the main security check point. Then when we got to the gate, we slipped into an area that was poorly roped off. So we got searched again. Not a big deal.

Goodbye Big Easy....

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