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03/08/2002 Entry: "Enterprise Architectures Conference Day Five"

Well it's early... I'm watching the foggy sunrise from bed. Today we have a post-conference session. Still more EA learning. I hit the wall a bit yesterday. I think that I just had enough. I get the point, I just need to do the work. The best thing about the conference has been the confirmationa that I'm on the right track and the company is pretty much on the right track as well. That's been well worth the price of admission. The wrap up 30 minute review yesterday was chock full of architecture goodness. I wrote two SOLID pages of notes. Getting a copy of the presentation will be good.

I've got to get ready to go. I have a bad feeling about travel today. It's rare when there is 100% chance for precipitation, but there is today for Minneapolis. And it's all icky: freezing rain, sleet, snow. Bleh... right as we are supposed to land. Hopefully we make it.

See you all back home!

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