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03/06/2002 Entry: "Enterprise Architectures Conference Day Three"

Another very interesting day. Several reaffirmations. I think that I will have to continue to be an enterprise application architect. I get both sides. I can use knowledge of both domains to excel in each area. That's pretty much what I came away with today.

I met Dana Bredemeyer. Dana's web site has a lot to do with why I am an architect. I spent a lot of time reading his papers and presentations. I so went up to him and told him how much his site help me learn about architecture and make my decision making process easier. I think that he appreciated the feedback.

I should have written this morning, but I had a great view of the sunrise this morning. There was just enough cloud cover over the city that there were all sorts of interesting reds in the clouds. Very nice.

Keep your fingers crossed for me... tomorrow morning they are doing a drawing for either an iPAQ PDA or an iPAQ CD player. I'd take either, but I'd really like the PDA.

Angie's new job is going well, thanks for asking. It think that it will be a good fit for her. She like the people there; that's a big part of the battle.

And one last thing... it doesn't seem like the high speed internet access charges are showing up on my hotel bill... what a shame.

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