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03/05/2002 Entry: "Enterprise Architectures Conference Day Two"

So today the real conference started. It definately had a different feel than yesterday. A lot more people. We had lunch with some people from Sprint and Intel. Today was a lot more intense. The common theme seems to be you must have an Enterprise Program Management Office, and you must be interacting in conjunction with your business people. No one is in the IT business. We are all in business. This makes a lot of sense, but isn't the story that we, IT professional, are used to hearing. I know that you can't do technology for the sake of technology, but it's a much more difficult jump to say that we are business people.

Of course with all of the talk today about how much business and how much people stuff we (enterprise architects) need to do, please I would be a better application architect than enterprise architect. Of course, that will probably keep changing each and every day as I learn more and more.

Today we heard from Mr. John Zachman who created the Zachman Framework, which is the de facto standard for enteprise architecture. He was fascinating. He was like the motivation speaker for enterprise architecture. Quite inspiring... OK, I want to do enterprise architecture.

What else... Dharma and Greg is finally back on the air. And I'm going to watch The Mexican on HBO tonight, so I guess I have to go.

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