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03/04/2002 Entry: "Enterprise Architectures Conference Day One"

Today I was in an all day session entitled "Creating an Adaptive Enterprise Architecture in Changing Times". It was actually a collection of 9 mini sessions. Some were close to 2 hours, some we did in about 15 minutes. I really learned a lot from the sections entitled "Building the case" and "Selling Management on the need and role of Enterprise Architecture". (I have to give a presentation next week, so there was some good stuff in there that I need to put into my presentation after I finishing blogging.)

The most refreshing thing of the day was the fact that I felt that I understood everything that was discussed. I didn't get bored. I didn't get sleepy. And I didn't feel that the material was beneath me either. It was a great overview of Enterprise Architecture and how business and IT need continuout re-alignment. I think that I might actually end up being a better Enterprise Architect than Application Architect, but who knows. There was a lot of talk today about Enterprise Program Management, which is something that we need to improve upon.

One thing that I really need to do, and have been meaning to do, is come up with a 30-60 "elevator speech" about what Enterprise Architecture is. I'm pretty good with the Supervalu IT strategies, but I need to come to terms with the discipline independently.

Tomorrow is the real first day of the conference with kick offs and everything.

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