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03/03/2002 Entry: "A cold, rainy New Orleans Sunday"

I spent the day with my cousin Peter, who graduated from and still works for Tulane. It's a good thing that I went to the health club at the hotel, because we went to Camellia Grill for breakfast. Good, fast, greasy diner food. Sure we had to wait, but the good was wonderful. Peter gave me a tour around the garden district, Tulane, and Magazine Street. The (physical) architecture here is amazing. All of the houses look so interesting. Most are two story, which is kind of different from home. The mansions along St. Charles are incredible. I would love to see inside them all.

We went back to the hotel and picked up I-Sung and drove around again. We were going to go to the zoo and then take a boat trip back to downtown from there, but it was too damn cold! And you know, all I have here is a cotton jacket. So we went to the Aquarium of the Americas to see their amazing displays of fish and frogs. OK, I was a bit creeped out by the frog, but I didn't have to touch any of them. I did get to "pet" a baby nurse shark. That was fun. They had this amazing fish near the seahorses that looks like living kelp fish. I can't remember the name of them now, but they were really really neat. I loved the aquarium. Highly recommended. We parked in the garage for Harrah's. I have no idea why there a casino right in the downtown, but there is.

I'm back at the hotel now, duh. Had dinner here... and I'm just going to watch TV tonight. I can't wait for the season premier of Six Feet Under!!!

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