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03/01/2002 Entry: "iPod as bootlegging device"

Wired has an article about how you can use an iPod to steal software from Mac that are on display at computer stores. That's not quite bootlegging a concert, but it's a creative use of the device. It's actually too bad you can't use as iPod to tape shows with. I'm sure that you'd be able to get past security very easily with it.

Speaking of shows... Angie and I saw Ben Folds this week at First Ave. Hot solo piano!

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I am really impressed!!!,

Posted by Yoske @ 11/10/2006 11:27 AM CST

You know, he could have easily walked in with a cd-r and just burned a copy that way as well, it just would have been slower.

There's a great thread at /. about it as well.


Of course, now this makes me look like a geek, pointing to Slashdot.

I've seen the iPod in use, and they're pretty cool. Windows compatibility and a 10 GB drive are coming soon.

Posted by Jim @ 03/01/2002 11:19 AM CST

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