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02/24/2002 Entry: "Music and misc"

I finally got the change to catalog a whole bunch of new shows I've received. I'm excited about a good sounding New Order shows from the Area One tour. I also got a couple of extremely good sounding U2 shows. I'm not sure if they are ALDs or soundboards, but the sound amazing.

What is really exciting is the amount of new rare Pink Floyd that has been surfacing... and how quickly it is getting distributed. In the past year we've seen In The Beechwoods and the Wall demos. Now, all of a sudden The Final Cut demos surfaced. I just burned a CD of it and I can't wait to listen to it. I buzzed through it very very quickly, and they definately are demos... very similar in quality as the Wall demos. Roger is singing throughout, which makes Not Now John interesting to say the least. Harvested has also just released a soundboard recording of Waters in Chicago 9/9/87, which was the day before I went to my first Floyd-related show.

I don't really understand why all of the activity is occurring the in the Floyd world. New Syd CD, Dave doing an acoustic tour, Roger can't seem to stop touring, the Echoes best-of, and all of the weird stuff surfacing. Are the hoarders just getting tired and giving up the goods? Or is there a new source flooding the market with things. No matter what the reason is, I'm just happy that it's all coming out.

Oh, and if anyone is taping any 2002 Chemical Brothers shows (or has any 2001 Orb shows), please please please let me know.

In the misc world, Saturday I'm off to New Orleans to the Enterprise Architectures Conference. I'm looking forward to it since I've never been to New Orleans, I'll get to see a cousin of mine, and I'm going to be completely immersed in architecture. I'll miss Angie and her first day at a new job. But, like my blog for the WebSphere conference last year, I'm going to try to write as much as possible. This may actually be quite simple since I'll be staying in the same hotel as the conference and I'm going to have high speed access right from my room. $40 for a week seems steep for internet access, however, it's a bargain compared to $229/night for my room.

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