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01/15/2002 Entry: "Suite/Tron/Star Wars"

Thanks to my good friends at Microsoft Consulting Services, I was able to spend the evening at the Timberwolves game in a suite. Food and drink were comped, obviously. But really, the best part was being in a suite and hanging out with my new enterprise architecture team, other Supervalu people, and my consultant from MCS. Wolves won, but really, like I care.

The Tron 20th Anniversary Edition DVD was released today, but I haven't gotten my copy yet. Finally, I can retire my beautiful laser disk box set.

So to celebrate, I watched the pod race from Star Wars Episode I, loud, in glorious Dolby Digital 5.0 (since I don't have a subwoofer). Amazing sound design. Really. I can't wait until we get a subwoofer. My only question is... Is Jar Jar in every scene?

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