First echoes mailing list post

When I talk about being part of the Pink Floyd internet community for a long time… I mean a long time. This is the being of the echoes mailing list, even before I established my domain. And as you can read, this wasn’t the first!

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 12:12:01 PST
From: bear at allston (h.w. neff)
Subject: Administrivia
To: echoes at

hi all.

well, it looks like ‘eclipse’ is not going to come back any time soon.
the story i got is that jco has really bailed out.
i was told that ‘eclipse’ was in imminent danger of being restarted at
a moments notice, but it hasn’t happened and i’ve come to think that
it won’t.
my impatience has won out (no doubt over my good sense 8^)

for the interim, i’ve started the ‘echoes’ list.
it is available as both a realtime feed and a digest, with 1 per day as
the anticipated rate.
initially everybody is in realtime mode.
the subscription/unsubscription process is automated through a mail
server (‘echoserv’) which should have sent you a notification of
for those wanting to change from realtime to digest mode, you must
send mail with the following commands in the body:

       delete {your-mail-address-as-subscribed} echoes
       add-digest {your-mail-addressd} echoes

to bail out all together, just send a “delete” command as illustrated
NB: the delete command will (should?) remove you from both the realtime
and digest lists.
if you don’t do the delete, you will end up on both the realtime and
digest lists.