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Tape 1                                                                A  180 
           Fashion, PSB Video, Isotank, France, Birthday, How To Be
           Absolutely Fabulous
Tape 2                                                                A  320 
           Magazine, Fat, Hospital, Death, Morocco, New Best Friend,
           Poor, Birth
Season 3                                                              A  360 
           Door Handle, Happy New Year, Sex, Jealous, Fear, The End, Last

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Tape 1                                                                A  390 
           all 13 episodes, from Comedy Central

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Tape 1                                                                A  480 
           Pilot, Miserable, Marty's 1st Date, Dial M For Mother, A
           Little Deb Will Do You, Eyes On The Prize, Every Doris Has Her
           Day, Marathon Mensch, L.A. Jay, Dr. Jay, A Day At The Races A
           Night At The Opera, Uneasy Rider, A Pig A Boy And His Dog,
           Sherman Woman And Child, Sherman Of Arabia, A Song For Margo
Tape 2                                                                A  210 
           Ladyhawke, Siskle & Ebert & Jay & Alice, From Chunk To Hunk,
           Frankie And Ellie Get Lost, All The Duke's Men, Dukerella, I
           Can't Believe It's A Clip Show

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Motherhood                                                            A- 60  
           directed by Quintin Tarentino

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Season 1 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           The One With Two Parts Part 1, The One With Two Parts Part 2,
           The One with the Sonnogram at the end, The one where Rachel finds
           out, The one where underdog gets away, Pilot, The one with the
           thumb, The one with the with George Stephanapolus, The one with
           the monkey, The one with the Mrs. Bing, The one with Twelve
Season 1 - Tape 2                                                     A- 360 
           The one with all the poker, The one with the Stoned Guy, The
           one where Nana dies, The one with the East German Laundry
           Detergent, The one with the blackout, the one where the Monkey
           gets away, The one with the evil orthodontus, The one with the
           fake Monica, The one with the candied hearts, The one with the
           ick factor, The one with the boobies, The one with the Birth
Season 2 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           The one with Ross’ new girlfriend, The one with the breast
           milk, The one with where Mr. Heckles isn’t, The one with Phoebe’s
           husband, The one with 2 ??? and an eggplant, The one with the
           baby on the bus, The one where Ross finds out, The one with the
           list, The one with Phoebe’s Dad, The one with Russ
Season 2 - Tape 2                                                     A  420 
           The one with the lesbian wedding, The one after the Superbowl,
           The one with the prom video, The one where Ross and Rachel... you
           know, The where Joey moves out, The one where Eddie moves in, The
           one where Dr. Ramoray dies, The one where Old Yeller dies, The
           one with the bullies, The one with 2 parties, The one with the
           chicken pox, The one with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding
Season 3 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           The One With The Princess Lea Fantasy, The One Where No One's
           Ready, The One With The Jam, The One With The Metaphorical
           Tunnel, The One With Frank Jr., The One With The Flashback, The
           One With The Race Car Bed, The One With The Poking Device, The
           One With The Football, The One Where Rachel Quits, The One Where
           Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, The One With All The
Season 3 - Tape 2                                                     A  390 
           The One Where Monica And Richard Are Just Friends, The One
           WIth Phobe's Ex-Partner, The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A
           Break, The One The Morning After, The One Without The Ski Trip,
           The One WIth The Hipnosis Tape, The One With The Tiny T-Shirt,
           The One With The Dollhouse, The One WIth A Chick And A Duck, The
           One With The Screamer, The One With Ross' Thing, The One With The
           Ultimate Fighting Champion, The One At The Beach
Season 4 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           The One With The Jellyfish, The One With The Cat, The One With
           The Cuffs, The One With The Ballroom Dancing, The One With Joey's
           New Girlfriend, The One With The Dirty Girl, The One Where
           Chandler Crosses The Line, The One With Chandler In A Box, The
           One Where They Are Ready To Party, The One With The Girl From
           Poughkeepsie, The One With Phoebe's Uterus, The One With Rachel's
           Crush, The One With Joey's Dirty Day, The One With All The Rugby,
           The One With The Fake Party
Season 4 - Tape 2                                                     A  240 
           The One WIth The Free Porno, The One With Rachel's New Dress,
           The One With All The Haste, The One With The Wedding Dress, The
           One With The Invitations, The One With The Worst Best Man Ever,
           The One With Ross' Wedding. Pilot - Director's Cut and bonus
           stuff (1hr)
Season 5 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           The One After Ross Says Rachel, The One With All The Kissing,
           The One With The Triplets, The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, The
           One With The Kips, The One With The Yeti, The One Where Ross
           Moves In, The One With All The Thanksgivings, The One With Ross's
           Sandwich, The One With The Inappropriate Sister, The One With All
           The Resolutions, The One With Chandler's Work Laugh, The One With
           Joey's Bag, The One Where Everybody Finds Out, The One With The
           Girl Who Hits Joey, The One With The Cop
Season 5 - Tape 2                                                     A  240 
           The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss, The One Where Rachel
           Smokes, The One Where Ross Can't Flirt, The One With The
           Ride-Along, The One With The Ball, The One With Joey's Big Break,
           The One In Vegas
Season 6 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           The One After Vegas, The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel, The One
           With Ross's Denial, The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance, The
           One With Joey's Porsche, The One On The Last Night, The One Where
           Phoebe Runs, The One With Ross's Teeth, The One With The Routine,
           The One With The Apothecary Table, The One With The Joke, The One
           With Rachel's Sister, The One Where Chandler Can't Cry, The One
           That Could Have Been
Season 6 - Tape 2                                                     A  300 
           The One With Unagi, The One Where Ross Got High, The One Where
           Ross Dates A Student, The One With Joey's Fridge, The One With
           Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E., The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad,
           The One Where Paul's The Man, The One With The Ring, The One With
           The Proposal
Season 7 - Tape 1                                                     A  n/a 
           The One WIth Monica's Thunder, The One With Rachel's Book, The
           One With Rachel's Assistant, The One With The Engagement Picture,
           The One With The Nap Partner, The One With Ross' Library Card,
           The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs, The One With the Candy,
           The One With The Christmas Armadillo, The One With All The
           Cheesecake, The One Where They Are Up All Night, The One With
           Phoebe's Cookies

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Tape 1                                                                A  184 
           1993 CBS/Fox Release

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Season 1                                                              A  390 
           13 episodes.  See my episode guide for more info.
Season 2                                                              A  n/a 
           13 episodes.  See my episode guide for more info.
Season 3                                                              A  330 
           11 episodes? not catalogued.

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Tape 1                                                                A  360 
           Met Someone, Cold Feet, Mad About You (Parts 1 and 2), Paul In
           The Family, Token Friend, Romantic Improvisations, Out Of The
           Past, Love Among The Tiles, The Apartment, The Billionaire,
           Neighbours From Hell
Tape 2                                                                A  360 
           Swept Away, Sofa's Choice, Maid About You, The Wedding Affair,
           Togetherness, The Last Scampi, Weekend Getaway, The Spy Who Loved
           Me, The Painter, Happy Anniversary, Bing Bang Boom, Murray's
Tape 3                                                                A  300 
           Married To The Job, Bedfellows, So I Married A Hair Murderer,
           Natural History, The Man Who Said Hello, Surprise, Destructive
           Criticism, Paul Is Dead, Same Time Next Week, A Pair Of Hearts
Tape 4                                                                A  480 
           The Tape, The Late Show, Instant Karma, Virtual Reality, Love
           Letters, Storms We Can Not Weather, I'm Just So Happy For You,
           Disorientation, With This Ring (Part 1 and Part 2), The Unplanned
           Child, Up All Night, Home, Till Death Do Us Part, Loyalty,
           Pandora's Box
Tape 5                                                                A  480 
           The Ride Home, Escape From New York, Once More With Feeling,
           The City, Our Fifteen Minutes, Just My Dog, The Alan Brady Show,
           How To Fall In Love, Mad Without You, Purseona, Two Tickets To
           Paradise, My Boyfriend's Back, Money Changes Everything, Cake
           Fear, Up In Smoke (Part 1 and Part 2)
Tape 6                                                                A  480 
           Riding Backwards, Giblets For Murray, Sunday Times, When I'm
           Sixty-four, The Good The Bad And The Not So Appealing, I Don't
           See It, Yoko Said, An Angle For Murray, The Couple, Ovulation
           Day, Get Back, Dream Weaver, Everybody Hates Me, Hot And Cold,
           It's A Wrap, New Sleep Walking PLUS
Tape 7                                                                A  390 
           The Parking Space, New Years Eve, The Glue People, The Sample,
           The Procedure, The Weed, The Award, The Finale Parts 1-3,
           Fertility, Do Me A Favor.  Waiting for repeat: The Test (A
Season 5 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           Dr. Wonderful, The Grant, Therapy, Clip Show, Burt's Building,
           Jamie's Parents, Outbreak, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, The
           Gym, Chicken Man, The Recital, The Handyman
Season 5 - Tape 2                                                     A  360 
           The Penis, Citizen Buchman, Her Houseboy Coco, Astrology, On
           The Road, The Cockatoo, The Touching Game, Dry Run, Guardianhood,
           The Feud, The Birth
Season 6 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           Coming Home, Letters To The Baby, Speed III, Uncle Phil And
           The Coupons, Moody Blues, The Magic Pants, Le Sex Show, The New
           Friend, The Conversation, Breastfeeding, Good Old Reliable
           Nathan, Separate Planes, Cheating On Shiela, Back To Work, The
           Second Mrs. Buchman, The Caper
Season 6 - Tape 2                                                     A  390 
           The Coin Of Destiny, The Baby Video, Fire At Riff's, Mother's
           Day, Paul Slips In The Shower, Nat And Arly, The Finale
Season 7 - Tape 1                                                     A  390 
           Season Opener, A Pain in the Neck, Tragedy Plus Time, There's
           a Puma in the Kitchen, The Silent Show, Weekend in L.A., The
           Thanksgiving Show, The Buried Fight, Win a Free Car, The
           Honeymoon, Valentine's Day, Virtual Reality II, Uncle Phil Goes
           Back to High School
Season 7 - Tape 2                                                     A  270 
           Murray at the Dog Show, Millennium Bug, Separate Beds,
           Stealing Burt's Car, Paved with Good Intentions, The Dirty Little
           Secret, The Final Frontier Missing -  Farmer Buchman

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Season 1                                                              A- 225 
           10 episodes from ABC broadcast. Audio and video problems.
           Getting rid of the tape once they've all aired on Disney.
           Michelle Pfeiffer, Martin Short, Billy Crystal, Garth Brooks,
           John Goodman, Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock, Tony Bennett,
           Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander
Disney Version - Tape 1                                               A  460 
           From Disney Channel off DSS.  17 episodes! Prince, Rick
           Moranis, Heather Locklear, Garth Brooks, Michelle Pfeiffer,
           Pierce Brosnan, Coolio, Martin Short, Paula Abdul, John Goodman,
           Dennis Quaid, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander, Cameo Show, The
           Best Of Muppets Tonight!, The Gary Cahuenga Show, Andie
Disney Version - Tape 2                                               A  150 
           From Disney Channel of DSS. Billy Crystal, Cindy Crawford,
           Sandra Bullock, Tony Bennett, Johnny Fiama Leave Home.  Are there

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Season 1                                                              A- 165 
           SP, no commericals. Will fit on a T-160. Pilot, Inappropriate,
           Smoking, The Crisis, Big Day, Lunchen At The Waldorf, Sweeps
Season 2                                                              A  480 
           EP, no commericals.  All of Season 2 on one tape! No This is
           Not Based Entirely On Julie's Life, Goofy Ball, Rat Funeral, The
           Breakup, Shrink, Friends, Bill's Autobiography, Negotiation, The
           Cane, Xmas Story, Station Sale, Bitch Session, In Through The Out
           Door, Houses Of The Holy, The Song Remains The Same, Zoso,
           Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin, Presence, Coda, Led Zeppelin II,
Season 3 - Tape 1                                                     A  420 
           President, Review, Massage Chair, Arcade, Halloween, Award
           Show, Daydream, Movie Star, Stocks, Christmas, The Trainer, Rap,
           Mistake, Space
Season 3 - Tape 2                                                     A  300 
           Complaint Box, Rose Bowl, Kids, Airport, Twins, Office Feud,
           Our Fiftieth Episode, Sleeping, The Real Deal, Led Zeppelin Boxed
Season 4 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           Jumper, Planbee, The Public Domain, Super Karate Monkey Death
           Car, French Diplomacy, Pure Evil, Catherine Moves On, Stupid
           Holiday Charity Talent Show, The Secret Of Management, Look Who's
           Talking, Chocks, Who's The Boss, Who's The Boss Part 2, Secret
           Door, Big Brother, Beep Beep
Season 4 - Tape 2                                                     A  240 
           Balloon, Our Fiftieth Episode (Pop Up Video version), Copy
           Machine, Monster Rancher, 4:20, Jackass Junior High, Sinking
Season 5 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           Bill Moves On, Meet Max Lewis, Lucky Burger, Noise, Flowers
           For Matthew, Jail, The Lam, Clash Of The Titans, Boston, Spooky
           Rapping Crypt, Stinkbutt, Apartment, Hair, Assistant, Wino,
Season 5 - Tape 2                                                     A  150 
           Ploy, Padded Suit, Freaky Friday,  Retirement, New

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Season 1                                                              A  120 
           The Stakeout, The Robbery, Mail Unbonding, The Stock Tip
Season 6 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           The Chaperone, The Big Salad, The Pledge Drive, The Chinese
           Woman, The Couch, The Gymnest, The Soup, The Mom & Pop Store, The
           Secretary, The Race, The Switch, The Label Maker
Season 6 - Tape 2                                                     A  360 
           The Scofflaw, Highlights From A Hundred, The Beard, The Hello
           Kiss, The Doorman, The Jimmy, The Doddle, The Fusilli Jerry, The
           Diplomat’s Club, The Face Painter, The Understudy
Season 7 - Tape 1                                                     A  300 
           The Engagement, The Postponement, The Maestro,  The Wink, The
           Hot Tub,  The Soup Nazi, The Secret Code, The Pool Guy, The
           Sponge, The Gum
Season 7 - Tape 2                                                     A  420 
           The Rye, The Caddy, The Seven, The Cadillac, The Showerhead,
           The Doll, The Friar’s Club, The Wig Master, The Calzone, The
           Bottle Deposit, The Wait Out, The Invitations
Season 8 - Tape 1                                                     A  360 
           The Foundation, The Soul Mate, The Bizarro Jerry, The Little
           Kicks, The Package, The Fatiuges, The Checks, The Chicken Roaster
           (cut), The Andrea Doria, The Little Jerry, The Money, The
Season 8 - Tape 2                                                     A  330 
           The VanBuren Boys, The Susie, The Pothole, The English
           Patient, The Chicken Roaster (complete), The Absinence, The Nap,
           The Yada Yada, The Millineum, The Muffin Tops, The Summer Of
Season 9 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           The Butter Shave, The Voice, The Serenity Now, The Blood, The
           Junk Mail, The Merv Griffin Show, The Slicer, The Betrayal, The
           Apology, The Strike, The Dealership, The Reverse Peephole, The
           Cartoon, The Strong Box, The Wizard, The Burning
Season 9 - Tape 2                                                     A  300 
           The Bookstore, The Frogger, The Maid, The Puerto Rican Day,
           The Clip Show, The Finale (75m original broadcast), The Finale
           (72m repeat broadcast)
Season 9 - Tape 3                                                     A  180 
           The Clip Show, The Finale.  SP from DSS.  The Clip Show (60m
           version, EP, from DSS)
Tape 1                                                                A  300 
           The Ex-girlfriend, The Pony Remark, The Jacket, The Phone
           Message, The Apartment, The Statue, The Heart Attack, The Deal,
           The Baby Shower, The Chinese Restaurant (cut)
Tape 2                                                                A  300 
           The Boyfriend, The Smelly Car, The Virgin, The Contest, The
           Airport, The Pen, The Fix-up, The Handicap Spot, The Pick
Tape 3                                                                A  300 
           The Junior Mints, The Outing, The Chever Letters, The
           Alternative Side, The Tape, The Chinese Restaurant, The Cafe, The
           Pez Dispenser, The Library, The Parking Garage
Tape 4                                                                A  360 
           The Pilot, The Movie, The Visa, The Keys, The Trip, The Shoes,
           The Old Man, The Subway, The Implant, The Handicap Spot
Tape 5                                                                A  360 
           The Mango, The Puffy Shirt, The Glasses, The Sniffling
           Accountant, The Lip Reader, The Non-fat Yoghurt, The Barber, The
           Masseuse, The Cigar-Store Indian, The Conversion, The Stall, The
           Dinner Party
Tape 6                                                                A  360 
           The Marine Biologist, The Pie, The Stand-In, The Wife, The
           Fire, The Hamptons, The Opposite, The Raincoats, The Bris, The
           Limo, The Bubble Boy
Tape 7                                                                A  360 
           The Note, The Nosejob, The Parking Space, The Revenge, The
           Pitch, The Ticket, The Wallet, The Watch, The Bus Boy, The Red
           Dot, The Seinfeld Chronicles (pilot, syndicated version), The
Tape 8                                                                A  270 
           The Seinfeld Chronicles (pilot), The Suicide, The Good
           Samaritan, The Letter, The Dog, The Truth, The Opera, Bloopers
           (season 4-5)
"Best Of" Seinfeld 100th Episode                                      A  60  
           a 1995 Castle Rock Entertainment release, available only
           though a General Mills promotion.
Bloopers                                                              A- 120 
           4 half hour reels from season 3-6. Some are near broadcast
I'm Telling You For The Last Time                                     A  75  
           from original HBO broadcast live, 8/9/98.

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Season 1 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           from USA Networks and not in order.  Mugging, Attraction,
           Distance, Communiation, Nineteen, Rival, Pudding, Affair,
           Wedding, Poetry, Lovenest, Pop, Moving, Kids, Best Man (season
           2), Pilot Redox (cut)
Season 1 - Tape 2                                                     A  300 
           Mounted Cop, Pilot, Gift, Neighbours, Babysitting, Midnight,
           Sisters, Tennis, Pilot Redoux, Charity

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Season 1                                                              A  390 
           Anal Probe, Volcano, Weight Gain 4000, Big Gay Al's Big Gay
           Boat Ride, An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig, Death, Pink Eye,
           Starvin' Marvin, A South Park Christmas, Damien, Tom's
           Rhinoplaty, Mecha Streisand, Cliffhanger
Season 1 Rarities                                                     B  45  
           Jesus vs. Frosty, Jimbo And Ned singing Little Town Of
           Bethlaham, Cartman singing O Holy Night, Tonight Show clip, New
           Years countdown, Anal Probe (original version), Cable ACE Award
Season 2 - Tape 1                                                     A  480 
           Currently taping.  Terrence & Phillip: Not Without My Ass,
           Cartman's Mom's Still A Dirty Slut!, Ike's Wee Wee, Chickenlover,
           Cojoined Fetus Lady, The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri
           Lanka, City On The Edge Of Forever, Summer Sucks, Chef's Salty
           Chocolate Balls, Chicken Pox, Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The
           Fatty Foods, Club Houses, Cow Days, Chef Aid, The Making Of The
           Chef Aid CD, Spooky Fish
Tape 5                                                                A  480 
           Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery, Chinpokomon, The Red Badge
           Of Gayness, Starvin Marvin In Outer Space, Mr. Hankey's Christmas
           Classics, Are You There God? It's Me Jesus, Worldwide Recorder
           Concert, Hooked On Monkey Phonics, The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000,
           Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000, Timmy 2000, Quintuplets 2000,
           Cartman Joins NAMBLA, Cherokee Hair Tampons, Chef Goes Nanners,
           Something You Can Do With Your Finger
Tape 4                                                                A  360 
           Season 2 Tape 2 - Merry Xmas Charles Manson!, Gnomes,
           Prehistoric Iceman  Season 3 Tape 1 - Rainforest
           Smainforest, Spontenous Combustion, Chef's Mama, Jackovsaurus,
           Tweek vs. Craig, Sexual Harassment Panda, Cat Orgy, Melvins,

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Tape 1                                                                A  90  
           Grand Day Out and The Wrong Trousers from laserdisc, A Close
           Shave from PBS.

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